Dried raspberry leaves: useful properties and contraindications

raspberry leaves useful properties and contraindications

Almost everyone knows that you can cope with colds, flu and fever with raspberries. Absolutely unpretentious plant loved us with an amazing taste of berries, as well as their beneficial effect on the body. But the medicinal qualities are possessed also by leaves of a raspberry. All adherents of alternative medicine should know useful properties and contraindications. After all, the period of ripening of berries is very limited, and the possibility of using leaves of the plant for medicinal purposes makes it more valuable for us.

Raspberry leaves: medicinal properties

It turns out that the leaves of the plant have little to do with berries. Naturally, we are not talking about culinary features, but about healing properties. Almost identical composition of useful substances: mineral salts, a large amount of vitamin C, organic acids, flavonoids contain both berries and raspberry leaves. Useful properties and contraindications have been studied to date completely, since they have been using the plant for medical purposes for quite some time. Even traditional medicine does not deny the mild antipyretic and diaphoretic effects on the body of a sick person. In raspberry there is a substance called "Salicylate".It has a similar tablet of aspirin action. Therefore, it is impossible to combine the intake of these medicines, otherwise the temperature of the body can sharply and greatly decrease.

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than useful raspberry leaves What are the benefits of raspberry leaves, in addition to antipyretic effect? Due to the fact that the composition includes tannic and astringent substances, decoctions are successfully used in case of disruption of the intestine. Take a decoction or tea recommended for bleeding( as an expectorant), as well as to remove intoxication. In addition, the enzymes included in the composition, allow to strengthen the protective functions of the organism on the eve of various epidemics of a viral nature.

raspberry leaves medicinal properties However, it should be noted that you need to be able to properly prepare and use the leaves of raspberries. Useful properties and contraindications to the use of decoctions from the leaves of the plant are not the same. Compared with medical properties, cases that rule out raspberry are fixed in a modest list: individual intolerance, chronic constipation and pregnancy before the 8th month. When a pregnant woman is already preparing for childbirth, decoctions of raspberries( provided that the treating doctor has not banned) can be taken to maintain the tone of the uterus and stimulate labor.

To preserve the maximum amount of useful substances in raspberry leaves, they need to be collected after May 20 and complete the collection process on June 10.The grass is dried in the shade in the open air, and then put in paper bags. Prepare the decoction in this proportion: 2 tbsp.l.for 2 stacks.water. When the broth boils, it should be insisted for about three hours, then take in a strained form half the glass 2-4 times a day.

Apparently, many drugs from the pharmacy are able to replace the usual raspberry leaves. Useful properties and contraindications to the use of decoctions and teas from this curative plant are simple and allow using them even when treating young children.