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Not every nature is given a beautiful nose: often various deformities, congenital or acquired as a result of injuries, give the owner of this body a lot of grief. Get rid of a number of defects allows surgery to correct the shape of the nose - rhinoplasty. The best surgeon in Moscow, whose craftsmanship is honed to jewelry perfection, is sometimes able to restore the shape of the nose even with its complete absence.

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Rhinoplasty: indications for use

Rhinoplasty is an operation that allows you to correct the shape and size of the nose, as well as restore its respiratory function. It is performed to patients after they reach 18-20 years of age( by this time the formation of nasal tissues is completed) for a number of medical and aesthetic indications.

The aesthetic indications are:

- the patient's desire to increase or decrease the size of the nose;

- the patient has a desire to correct the defects in the shape of the organ( curvature, hump, etc.);

- there is a need to correct the shape or direction of the tip of the nose;

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- the operation needs to correct the asymmetry of the organ.

Medical indications are:

- injuries;

- difficulty breathing;

- congenital pathologies.

The data of the group of indications are in close relationship. Plastic surgery solves both aspects of the problem - aesthetic and medical: the nose acquires a beautiful shape, the patient becomes easier to breathe.

Operation is contraindicated if:

- patient is under 18;

- patient is suffering from diabetes mellitus;

- he had serious health problems at the time of the operation( blood clotting disorder, cold or flu, exacerbation of chronic diseases, critical days, etc.).

On the types of rhinoplasty

In modern medicine, there are three types of rhinoplasty of the nose:

- Closed, which produce intranasal incisions, the skin, cartilage and bone tissue are separated, after which corrective manipulations are performed. Traces of the operation heal in a couple of days.

- Open. A complex and effective method of correction, in which an external cut is made in the narrow part of the partition. Sometimes it is conducted in several stages.

- Secondary. It is performed to eliminate mistakes made by the surgeon during the previous operation, or to fully satisfy the patient.

Features of treatment: preparation for surgery, carrying out, subsequent recovery

Preliminary examination is performed for patients. Two weeks before surgery, they are recommended to give up drugs that affect the quality of blood clotting( aspirin, cough medicine).One day before the rhinoplasty, it is necessary to arrange a discharge day, on the day of the operation, no food or drink should be taken.

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Usually the operation lasts approximately 1-2 hours. In accordance with the chosen method, local or general anesthesia is used. Finally, the nasal passages are tamponed and gypsum is applied.

After the operation, patients spend up to 3 days in the hospital. After removing the tampons in the first days, some nasal congestion can be observed, which should not be frightened. Approximately from the 6th to the 10th day, swelling will begin to subside. During the first week, patients are not recommended to take hot food. On the 3-5th day you can take a cool shower, you must maintain dry bandages.

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The dressing is completely removed after 7-10 days, and patients completely return to normal life. In the future, they should protect their noses from traumatic situations.

During the 4-6 weeks of the postoperative period, one should refrain from wearing glasses. Carrying out cosmetic procedures is possible after three weeks. The resumption of sports is possible after the completion of a 2-3 month rehabilitation period.

Possible complications of

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex types of facial plastic surgery. Patients should treat the surgeon's recommendations very responsibly. Otherwise, there may be complications:

- smokers may have hematomas under the skin of the eyes, which during the first weeks pass;

- in patients with reduced immunity inflammation of soft tissues is possible;

- there may appear hypertrophic scars - in patients with a pronounced individual inclination.

The end result of the operation is estimated after 6-10 months.

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How much does an operation cost?

How much does rhinoplasty cost? The clinic, in which rhinoplasty operations are performed, always puts information on the cost of services provided on its website. This is usually primarily interested in patients when they think whether they need rhinoplasty. Prices for this plastic surgery in Moscow are very different, they depend on both the amount of work and the level of skill of the surgeon.

Based on the results of a study conducted in 2014-2015, the average cost of rhinoplasty in Moscow is 150-200 thousand rubles. They will help to find out what rhinoplasty is in Moscow, reviews at specialized forums. On such resources, former patients of plastic clinics share their experience. From the information received at the forums, we can conclude on who, in the opinion of the public, is the best rhinoplasty in Moscow. And reviews of these people can be trusted, because they are guided by their own impressions.

Who can be trusted with rhinoplasty: the best surgeon in Moscow

The outcome of the surgery for correction of nose defects depends on the patient's health and beauty. To carry it out, you need the highest professionalism, the jeweler's scrupulousness of a specialist.

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Moscow is a recognized center of plastic surgery. Services for the implementation of rhinoplasty are offered by the best plastic surgeons in Moscow, using advanced technologies that use the latest technology in their work.

The wealth of offers on the nose plastics market is often the reason that complicates the choice of a specialist. How to choose a doctor who can be trusted with rhinoplasty? The best surgeon in Moscow - what is he? How to distinguish a true master from a beginner?

Everyone knows that professionalism is forged by practice. As the best plastic surgeons in Moscow testify, for the acquisition of experience, raising the level of qualification, a specialist needs to conduct thousands of operations, actively practicing for 8-10 years.

When choosing a specialist, it is recommended to focus on the following criteria:

- level of education;

- availability of necessary qualifications and experience;

- the nature of specialization;

- quality of portfolio;

- content reviews of former patients;

- the cost of services.

It is very important for the surgeon conducting rhinoplasty to be aware of the anatomy of the ear, throat and nose, just as a surgeon who conducts operations for male plastics needs a deep knowledge of andrology and urology.

Patients should be aware that the activities of the best plastic specialists in Moscow are strictly controlled by the OPREH( Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons), of which they are members. Membership in OPEC is definitely considered a sign of the quality of services provided by plastic. To find out whether a doctor is a member of OPEC, you can be on the Internet or with the secretary of the organization.

Alexanian Tigran Albertovich. The revolutionary procedure of operations

This specialist has developed a unique method, in which rhinoplasty is performed. The best surgeon in Moscow on reviews of former patients became a laureate of prestigious awards: "Grace VIII", Russian Beauty Award, Aurora beauty &health in the nomination "The best plastic surgeon" by the end of 2014.Tigran Aleksanyan is the author of a unique, sparing nose correction technology, which minimizes the rehabilitation period, reduces the possibility of negative consequences and ensures an attractive result.

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In plastic surgery, the radical actions of the surgeon lead to damage to the ligaments, deformities, scarring. In this case, it is impossible to hide the fact of surgical intervention. Dr. Alexanian Tigran Albertovich proved that rhinoplasty can be carried out almost without blood and trauma! Minimally invasive technology of Dr. Aleksanyan is characterized by accelerated rehabilitation, excludes scarring. Avoiding traumatization of the tissues of the face and vessels, the surgeon ensures the preservation of the natural elasticity of the skin and the mobility of facial expressions.

Features of


The bloodless technology of Tigran A. Aleksanyan( at the stage of soft tissue detachment and resection) is distinguished by a number of features:

- the incisions do not affect the large vessels, the less the swelling decreases;

- a deep detachment of soft tissues and periosteum( double planning), which preserves the lymphatic system and microcirculation of the blood;

- by using thin precision technologies, excessive intervention is excluded, which allows preserving the integrity of areas of the nose that do not need correction;

- by applying a closed method( without the production of significant cuts of columella), the appearance of deforming scars is excluded, which prevents the asymmetry of the nasal passages and ensures a high aesthetic result;

- the operating cavity is washed with special anesthetic and blood-resuscitating solutions, minimizing swelling and removing small fragments of bones and blood clots.

In addition, Dr. Alexanian is most attentive to the post-operative rehabilitation of the patient:

- high quality fixing materials are used in the clinic, guaranteeing comfort for the patient during the rehabilitation period;

- the use of physiotherapeutic procedures is actively practiced to relieve pain, swelling, restore blood microcirculation( lymphatic drainage, laser, ultrasound, etc.).

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The revolutionary bloodless technology of Dr. Aleksanyan allows to preserve the impression of the natural natural beauty of the patient's face.

Rhinoplasty is rightly considered the pinnacle of plastic surgery: the nose is a part of the person who is key in assessing a person's appearance. Competently to conduct the most complex operation and to achieve as a result of a harmonious combination of natural beauty and health of the operated organ, not every surgeon can. Therefore, you can only entrust your nose to the best specialist.