The frosty caucasian. Reviews

The Caucasian hellebore grass is a small plant belonging to the family of buttercups. Its short, branched, multi-headed and creeping rhizome is colored brown. The plant has a large number of radical large leaves. As a rule, their number varies from two to four, and in the winter they do not perish. In the spring period, flowers appear on the plant, consisting of five to six petals, which have greenish-brown-yellow, carmine-red or purple tones. The fruit of this herb has the appearance of numerous leaflets with oblong seeds.

In the recipes of folk medicine, roots and rhizomes of plants are widely used, which are very poisonous. Their composition is rich in cardiac glycosides, steroid saponins, fatty oils, dezglikogel, and also korelborin K and corellarin P. roots. The plants contain alkaloids, protoanemonins and raununculins.

Preparations containing a hellebore caucasus, whose reviews indicate its successful use for obesity of severe form, should be used only after consultation with a specialist. The principle of action of such drugs is based on the normalization of serotonin metabolism. The use of the Caucasian hellebore is also effective in various violations of blood metabolism having serious degrees. Specialists may be prescribed drugs that include medicinal herbs in their composition and in the chronic form of the disease that causes heart failure. The Caucasian frostbite, testimonials of which testify to its excellent therapeutic effect on the body, allow to obtain a quick result having a lasting effect.

Thus, the use of medicinal herbs allows you to normalize metabolism and weight. The roots of the plant are able to have a choleretic, diuretic, and laxative effect. They purify the intestines and release the urinary tract from the sand. The Caucasian frostbite, whose reviews testify to the effectiveness of its reception for getting rid of tumors, is prescribed for the course of treatment for myomas and fibromas, mastopathies and polyps, breast cancer and prostate adenomas. Experts recommend healing herbs for various diseases, as well as poorly healing and purulent wounds, ulcers of trophic type and psoriasis. There have been cases of a positive effect in getting rid of alopecia.

Frosty Caucasian, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases of the osseous system, is prescribed for pathologies of joints and osteochondrosis. Included in the composition of the healing plant glycosides contribute to the improvement of the heart muscle, as well as to prevent fragility of the vascular walls and the lack of a chronic type.

The influence of medicinal herbs is also noted on the nervous system. Its use is recommended for neuroses, insomnia and epilepsy. Using hellebore allows you to purify the body of toxins and toxins, as well as radionuclides and other harmful substances. At the same time, the protective forces of the body increase and get rid of excess weight. Normalization of the mass with the use of medicinal herbs, according to numerous reviews of patients, does not cause a violation of the elasticity of the skin and the formation of hanging folds.

Frosty Caucasian, contraindications for the use of which must be studied before use, are not recommended for:

- pregnancy;

- breastfeeding;

- individual sensitivity of the patient to glycosides;

- infant and senile age category of the patient;

- an individual intolerance to a natural product.