How to relax the muscles of the neck: ways to relieve tension, exercises and recommendations of specialists

If you have a long time the body is in an uncomfortable position, with a long work sitting, with and ignorance of how to relax the muscles of the neck, it begins to overextend and hurt. These negative consequences lead to spasms, spinal cord disorders and even mental disorders.

In the article we will talk about how to relax the muscles of the neck.

how to relax the muscles of the neck

Connecting bridge

In the eastern teachings one can find the statement that the neck is a kind of bridge between the body and the mind. So they say because four of the six senses are in the head. It is the head that calculates the direction of bodily movements.

In Chinese medicine, there is a reflexogenic energy zone in the cervical collar region that is responsible for brain activity and hand movement. Weight of the head is from four to eight kilograms. It is held by seven small cervical vertebrae, amorrhiziruyuschihsya cartilage. But there are as many as 32 cervical muscles, holding the head upright, promoting movement and protecting it. In this area there are four main arteries, the eight largest nerves, and also the spinal canal. Through them, blood supply to the head, thoracic part of the body and upper limbs is realized, and nervous activity is regulated.

how to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders

When the muscles of the neck and collar zone are overloaded, the functioning of the vessels and nerve endings is disrupted, the muscles do not receive the required amount of blood for them. As a result of this, headaches occur, and a certain stiffness appears in the shoulder girdle. The tension of the neck muscles leads to the premature appearance of wrinkles of the nasolabial and forehead, swelling on the face, pinched nerves in the spinal cord, which causes radiculitis, the work of other organs is disrupted.

Relieving tension from the trapezius muscle

There are different ways to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Let's start with the simplest exercises. To relieve tension from the trapezius muscle, first pull the chest forward, then lift the shoulders to the ears and let them fall, loosening the muscles.

Before learning how to remove tension from the neck, learn to hold your head correctly. Pull the back of the head in such a way as if the head hangs on threads attached to the crown of the head. Chin at the same time picking up on yourself. This position is another way to relax the muscles of the head and neck. Also, you can get rid of the bad habit of bullying or, conversely, to lower your head. In addition, the correct position of the head contributes to optimal breathing and support of beautiful posture.

Relax your shoulders and pull the crown upward. Feel the vertebrae around your neck stretch. You can neatly and slightly turn your head. Then put your head on your chest. Try to get your chin to the clavicle. Slowly turn the head to one side and the other, tilt it back so as to try to reach the lower part of the neck. Return to the position when the crown is suspended from the thread.

Remember the position of the neck and head during the day and repeat the exercise, and try to keep your head straight.

Gradually you will learn a new habit, so that health as a whole will be strengthened. This exercise will not only help people who just have a tired neck. With the help of it you will learn how to relax the muscles of the neck with osteochondrosis. Gymnastics as a whole contributes to this. Just all exercises should be performed with extreme caution.

how to relax the muscles of the neck with osteochondrosis

Exercises Relieving pain from the back

Having learned how to relax the muscles of the back and neck by training, you can sometimes get rid of the pain in these areas. But, when going to gymnastics, you should first remove the unpleasant sensations. Otherwise, exercises can ultimately increase pain. Sit on the edge of the bed, the surface of which does not bend. Lie on your back and lift your legs. Find a position where the muscles of the back will be most comfortable, and stay in that position for a while. Getting up, try not to strain your lower back.

Exercises Relieving pain from the neck

To get rid of neck pain, do the following special exercises:

  1. Slowly tilt the head forward until it stops, and then tilt back.
  2. Slowly turn the head into one, and then to the other side as far as possible.
  3. Bow head alternately to the shoulders.
  4. With his hands on his forehead and resisting, his head is tilted, fixing this position for a few seconds;then, putting his hands on the back of the head, also overcoming resistance, head overturned.
  5. In the hands take dumbbells up to two kilograms and keep your hands lowered, while slowly raise and lower your shoulders.

Exercises with breathing

The air is drawn into your mouth and, holding your breath, tilts your head. Then they raise and lower their shoulders several times. They return to their original position and exhale. Exercise is repeated two more times.

Hands clenched into fists, pull forward, bend the knees slightly and with an inspiration make a circular motion with their hands. On exhalation, the arms are bent at the elbows, pressing them on the sides. Exercise is done three times.

Sit in a pose in Turkish. Hands put in the lock on the back of the head. The head is lowered by inhalation and raised on exhalation. The slopes are repeated ten times.

how to relax your back and neck muscles

Do not change the pose, do the head tilt. On inspiration - inclination, on exhalation - the starting position. Repeat the slopes ten times in one direction and the other.

Relaxation of

Relaxation sessions are extremely effective. Do them daily, and soon you will easily learn how to relax the muscles of the neck. Ways to relieve stress are effective not only for the neck, but also for other parts of the body.

For the session, choose calm and pleasant music, dress in comfortable clothes and lie on your back.

Relaxation is good for breathing exercises. Breathe freely and calmly, but after exhalation try to hold your breath a little. Do not overdo it. When performing the exercise, it is very important that breathing remains free and you can continue to relax.


how to relax the muscles of the head and neck

Masseurs know well how to relax the muscles of the neck. But those who have pain, can easily make themselves a massage themselves.

To do this, you must first stand up and straighten your back, put your hands on your neck from behind and do stroking movements from top to bottom. Gradually you can add a little intensity and effort. If there are spasms on the neck, you will feel painful sensations. Too much pressure can not be.

Then we transfer the hands to the forearm zone, without stopping the massaging movements. Trapezius muscles need to be seized in any case, even if you are concerned about pain in only one place on the neck. Usually the muscle tension is along the entire length. So do not be surprised if you feel a painful sensation on your forearm when you massage.

After this zone, go to the nape, at the junction of the neck and head. Since in modern life many people move little, spasms in this part are not uncommon. Often surprised, discovering in this area of ​​stiffness and tension.

How to Relax Neck Muscles Ways to Relieve Stress

After this, they return to the neck and pay attention to it, and then go back to the nape. Find the indentations at the base of the head and massage them. At the end, the scalp is massaged.

Massage is performed by stroking, squeezing, patting and vibrating movements. If you were looking for a way to relax the deep muscles of your neck, then this is the way that will help you.


In addition to exercise, do not forget about other methods that help how to relax the muscles of the neck. We describe them.

  1. If you train a press, do not gain weight and follow your posture, this will significantly reduce the burden on the back and will make the muscles stronger. The head will be easier to hold in a vertical position and not let it bend forward.
  2. With sedentary work on, lean towards the table close. Equip yourself a comfortable place, do an hour's break to change the position of the body.
  3. Let's rest the muscles of the neck so that it does not swell from an immutable position.
  4. Even in the process of doing simple exercises for the neck.
  5. Do not press your ear against the shoulder with the handset.
  6. Do not comb, throwing your head back too much.
  7. The neck can get sick due to an uneven mattress or a very large pillow, or because of an uncomfortable posture at night. It is best to pick a hard mattress and a small pillow for sleep.

how to relax the deep muscles of the neck


To not keep yourself stressed, take a walk in the evening in the park. Take a warm, relaxing shower and drink herbal tea with honey. Then the dream will be healthy. And the neck will rest well.