Brazilian diet for weight loss for 7 or 14 days

One of the most beautiful women are Brazilians. They are distinguished by dark skin, thick hair, thin waist, long legs and luxurious thighs. A lot of models come from Brazil amazing with its beauty on the most famous catwalks of the world. However, their seductive lines were not only due to genes, but also a special diet. The Brazilian diet, which we will consider today, will allow a short time to say goodbye to several kilograms of excess weight.

Brazilian diet


The standard length of weight loss is 2 weeks. Although there are weekly and monthly variations. The Brazilian diet does not belong to the strictest. However, there are some limitations. One of the basic rules, as, indeed, and with any other special diet, is to drink plenty of fluids. And it means simple water, not coffee, tea, and so on. The diet refers to one of the types of protein. Therefore, get ready, that the amount of carbohydrates here is noticeably limited. Contraindications, of course, are primarily pregnancy.

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The Brazilian diet assumes the following rules:

  • is often, but little by little;
  • completely eliminate spices, spices and alcohol;
  • also can not eat floury, fatty and fried;
  • the last meal is not later than 19.00;
  • vegetables and fruits consume as much as they want;
  • calorie reduction leads to a decrease in the stomach, but gradually and without causing harm to health;
  • all products are inexpensive, therefore to the big expenses the diet will not result.

What you can and can not eat with the diet

brazilian diet reviews

Having decided to go on a diet, you will have to forbid yourself to eat chocolate, spices, fatty meat or fish, fried, spicy, smoked and, of course, to consume alcohol for a while. But low-fat fish, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, poultry, sour-milk products, nuts are allowed.

Food is steamed, boiled and baked dishes. Thanks to this, it is evident that the Brazilian diet will not allow the body to starve.

Menu for the week

Consider an approximate diet for one week. Of course, you can change the menu. However, one should be guided by those general restrictions that are imposed on food. Those who need to lose just a couple of extra pounds, fit the Brazilian diet for 7 days. The two-week regime should be adhered to by those who want to get rid of 5-6 kilograms, and the monthly one - to forever forget about 10 kilograms and more. But whatever period you decide to adhere to, remember the need to drink plenty of water.

Monday. For breakfast, a fruit and any non-fat sour-milk product is eaten. We drink juice for a snack, lunch consists of fish with vegetables, a snack - from fruit, and for dinner we drink a glass of yogurt and eat apples.

Brazilian diet 14

Tuesday. The day begins with kefir. Then we eat grapefruit, we have lunch with chicken breast with vegetables. The second snack consists of 200 grams of cottage cheese, and dinner - from one apple.

Wednesday. For breakfast we eat yogurt, then drink orange juice. Lunch consists of 2 eggs and raw vegetables, lunch - from vegetable salad, and dinner - from a glass of kefir.

Thursday. Breakfast consists of fruit of your choice, then you can eat half of the broom. For lunch, cook fish with vegetables again, eat half a barrel for a mid-morning snack, and for dinner we eat an apple and drink it with juice.

Friday. In the morning we drink kefir, have a snack with juice from apple and carrots, and for lunch we make chicken fillet with vegetables. The snack consists of a vegetable salad with cabbage, cucumber and herbs, and dinner - from a glass of yogurt.

Saturday. The day begins with a grapefruit, continues with one apple. For dinner we prepare a salad with a boiled egg. For a mid-morning snack we eat cottage cheese, and for dinner - fruit salad.

The Sunday diet repeats the first day of the diet.

Brazilian diet for 14 days reviews

If the Brazilian diet includes 14 days, then consider the menu option for the next week.

Monday. Breakfast - an egg and a cup of coffee.

The snack is an apple.

Lunch is a boiled egg.

Snack is an apple.

Dinner - an egg and green tea.

On Tuesday - food is the same as on Monday.


Breakfast - 2 eggs and coffee.

The snack is an apple. Lunch - beef meat, spinach.

Snack is an apple.

Dinner - eat an egg, drink green tea.

Thursday. Breakfast is an egg.

Snack is an apple. Lunch - fish with vegetables.

Snack is an apple.

Dinner - 2 eggs, hard boiled.


Breakfast - boiled egg and coffee.

Snack is an apple.

Lunch - vegetables with 2 eggs.

Snack is an apple. Dinner - fish with vegetables.

Brazilian diet for 7 days

On Saturday we eat all the same, only lunch is replaced with beef meat with cucumber.

Sunday also resembles the rest of the days, except for dinner, which consists of chicken fillet and vegetables.


For one week it is easy to remove up to five kilograms of excess weight. Each subsequent week the weight will go harder, on average, three kilograms. Due to the fact that the diet includes protein, the weight is lost not at the expense of muscles, but just fat deposits. Light carbohydrates and dairy products contribute to better bowel function. And vitamins and trace elements, in large quantities included in the diet, will help the hair, nails and skin to remain in excellent condition.

Even considering that each serving should not be more than 200 grams, the feeling of saturation comes quickly, and the Brazilian diet for weight loss will not allow to starve.

Advantages of

Brazilian diet menu

So, why choose this particular diet?

  1. Without harm to health, an excellent result is achieved.
  2. Small, but frequent portions of the stomach decreases, due to which in a few days there is much less want.
  3. Diverse food.
  4. According to dieticians, frequent meals five times a day and more is the basis of a safe diet.
  5. Many Latin American celebrities are moving to the masses is the Brazilian diet, reviews of which all have only positive. Yes, it's not surprising. After all, they look great.

How to get out of the diet

Not every woman thinks about the fact that the most important thing in any diet is not herself, but the right way out. After all, if you go back to normal food right away, or even worse - to "celebrate" the end with a plentiful lunch or dinner, the result will not just go to "no."Weight can even increase even more.

During and after a diet, it is very important to do sports, otherwise the skin may hang and stretch marks will remain. Thus, regular jogging, exercising in the gym, swimming, etc. will be beneficial for weight and health in general.

A daily contrast shower will also cause the skin to tone up. If in some places there are problems, it is advisable to make special masks there.

And more, more water. It is very useful in the morning to add lemon juice to it. Two liters a day is enough to satiate the body.

Disadvantages of

The Brazilian diet menu has something that not everyone will like. For example, it involves drinking coffee. But not everyone loves this drink. By cons, as in the case of other special diets, it can be attributed to the fact that it is not recommended to use it frequently. Once in six months, as a rule, it is enough.

Variation of the diet from Adriana Lima

Famous model of Adrian Lim had time to try many diets. But in the end she chose the Brazilian diet. At the same time, she uses it in her own way.

For breakfast, the model prefers muesli with raisins and honey, an omelet of proteins and coffee without sugar, for lunch - chicken with vegetables. The snack consists of fruit salad, and dinner - from the vegetable.

In addition, the girl likes to run in the morning, and 3-4 times a week doing boxing. To stay in shape, Adriana advises a lot of sleep, drink water, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. She also loves honey, which strengthens immunity.


Brazilian diet for weight loss

So, the standard is the Brazilian diet for 14 days. The feedback of those who sat on it is usually positive. Some women manage to lose up to 10 kilograms in two weeks. Although this is rather an exception than the rule. After all, weight quickly goes only in the first days of the diet. Then with each kilogram it is necessary to struggle, as the organism gets used to such mode. But the result also depends on the weight of the woman, the constitution of her body and many other parameters.

The main thing is that the body is not weakened, the more diseases of the digestive tract. Then no negative effects of the diet will not be observed.