Plantain lanceolate: description and medicinal properties

Plantain - a perennial medicinal plant, often found along roadsides, on grassy slopes, fields, wastelands, meadows, felling.

Plantain lanceolate: description of

The herbaceous culture is characterized by long( up to 40 cm), slightly pubescent, narrow-lanceolate leaves, united in a basal rosette. On the leaf plate, arched veins( from 3 to 7 pieces) can be clearly seen. Stems erect, leafless, from 10 to 40 cm in height. psyllium lanceolinate description Flowers are plain, collected in a short ear with a cylindrical or ovoid shape. In the flowering period( from May to September), the spikelets are overgrown with numerous stamens.

Plantain lanceolate: medicinal properties

The medicinal properties of such a herbal culture, popularly called "arzhenikom", "rzhanikom", "prank", have been evaluated since ancient times and successfully used in the treatment of many diseases. Plantain is large, lanceolate plantain, found everywhere, characterized by general strengthening, hemostatic, healing properties, are used as an anticancer agent for skin oncological diseases.

First of all, lanceolinate plantain is known as a plant that can tighten wounds. Many knowledgeable people with bruises, scratches, insect bites, apply fresh leaves to the place of damage, previously washed and ground. The result does not make you wait: lanceolate plantain calms down the pain, stops itching, removes the swelling. In conjunction with the decoction of chemist's chamomile, plantain juice can cure wounds that do not heal for a long time. psyllium lanceolate medicinal properties

The stock preparation can be carried out throughout the summer, but the best time for collection is the time before the flowering of the plant. It is not recommended to collect lanceolate plantain( Podorozhnikovye family) along the roadsides;although the culture in such places is often found, it will not benefit, as it is impregnated with automobile exhausts.

For the treatment of wounds, use of dry leaves of the plant is effective, 3 tablespoons of which need to be poured with 2 cups of boiling water, insist for 2 hours and used to rinse the injured places. Also, the medicinal composition can be used in the form of lotions for bruises, abrasions, tumors. To do this, in the infusion it is required to moisten the gauze and attach it to the affected area, fixing the bandage on top. plantain lanceolinate photo

Plantain lanceolate( photo is available in the article) - first aid for nettle burns. To the place of the burn, it is required to attach a mashed plant leaf and observe how redness of the skin and vesicles will literally disappear before your eyes.

Plantain against cough and cold

Plantain lancetolist, characterized by antibacterial properties, because of the content of tonic bitter and silicic acid in its composition, has proven itself in the treatment of whooping cough and colds accompanied by cough. Protecting the mucous membranes, causes a decrease in the urge to cough, separation of sputum, stops the development of the inflammatory process and prevents the spread of bacteria. The simplest salvage is honey juice mixed with honey, which, incidentally, is not prone to mold, which differs from the juices of other crops. Plantain lanceolate can effectively fight inflammatory processes in the throat and soften the irritation of the upper respiratory tract.

This useful tea

Tea from plantain, with regular use, helps in the treatment of female diseases, corrects the condition of the body with whites and too heavy menstruation, is considered an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, normalizes the work of the genitourinary system. There is an opinion that such a drink is able to rid of round worms. To make it with a glass of boiling water, you should brew 1-2 tsp of leaves and insist for about a quarter of an hour. Strain. Drink 2-3 cups a day, and the first cup should be used in the morning, on an empty stomach. A useful tea-drinking can be sweetened with a spoonful of honey.

We treat with plantain

With gastric diseases, allergies, cystitis, anemia, hemorrhoids, colds, pulmonary tuberculosis juice, decoction and infusion of plantain leaves are effective, which has expectorant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. With bleeding gums, infusion on the basis of such a plant requires regular rinsing of the oral cavity. plantain lanceolate family

Fresh juice is used in small amounts( about a tablespoon) several times a day for a quarter of an hour before eating. For sweetness and strengthening the effect, it can be mixed in equal proportions with honey. Such a device normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, relieves cough and temperature. To prepare the juice, fresh leaves of plantain lanceolate should be ground in a mortar, add a little water and heat to a boil. Do not strain.

Plantain root extract is used as a means of preventing the formation of tumors;is used internally for tuberculosis, fever.

Plantain lanceolate has sedative properties, so its use is recommended for irritability, neuroses and sleeping problems. Infusions on the basis of this plant gently reduce high blood pressure while reducing the load on the cardiovascular system.

Seeds of plantain in the treatment of diseases

In the treatment of constipation and chronic colitis, infusion from the seeds of plantain helps: a tablespoon is required to fill ½ cup of boiling water, insist for half an hour, take in the morning and evening hours, along with seeds containing in its composition fatty oils and mucus.

The decoction of plantain seeds has long been used by folk medicine to treat diabetes mellitus, female infertility due to hormonal deficiency, as well as bleeding ulcers of the intestine and stomach and various inflammatory processes accompanied by internal bleeding. plantain great plantain lanceolinate

Recipe for decoction of plantain seeds:

  • 5 gr.seeds;
  • 100 ml of boiling water.

Boil in a water bath for about 5 minutes, cool and take on an empty stomach on a tablespoon once a day. It is recommended to prepare a fresh broth before each use.

Externally soaked in boiling water seeds are used by nursing moms to treat nipple cracks.

Lanstsolilny plantain in cooking

In cooking, plantain lanceolate - an excellent source of organic acids and carbohydrates, is used in the preparation of salads, as an additive ingredient in cereals, mashed potatoes, and beverages.

For a useful light salad, you need to mix the young crushed leaves of plantain, nettle, celery and green onions. To fill with vegetable oil. plantain lanceolinate

No less tasty salad with onions and plantain. For its preparation, it is required to scald the leaves of nettle and plantain with boiling water, chop together with onions, add the boiled egg. Serve with sour cream.