Where is the Center of Endocrinology located in Moscow? Endocrinology centers in Moscow( responses)

If you are a resident of the capital, it is necessary to know where the Center of Endocrinology is located in Moscow. A huge number of different toxic substances in the air negatively affects the human body, which is why it is necessary to constantly check for the appearance of various diseases of the endocrine system.

in Moscow the endocrinology center

What is the endocrine system, why is it so important?

In the human body, there is a system that regulates the work of internal organs with the help of hormonal action, and it was called endocrine. With its help, it is possible to regulate the work of almost all the components of the body, adapt them to the changes in the external environment and keep them in a consistently good condition. But there are a number of external factors that can negatively affect this structure, which is why the Endocrinology Center is needed in Moscow, because in this city such an impact can be very strong.

This system not only actively influences the activity of all existing organs, but also is responsible for the stable state of homeostasis. The endocrine system works in tandem with the immune and nervous, together they control the development and growth of the body, the reproductive function of man, mental activity, and also responsible for emotional reactions.

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Center of Endocrinology in Moscow

What if you notice a disruption in the endocrine system?

Symptoms of disruption of this system can be considered bad state of health, emotional incontinence, difficulties with reproductive function, nervous diseases, the appearance of various eruptions on the body, etc. If you observe any changes in your condition that you are worried about, immediately contactto your therapist, and already he will send you after the initial examination to the endocrinologist, if he finds a reason for this.

You can pass the therapist and immediately go to a specialist. If you live in Moscow, the Endocrinology Center is the best solution, because it is here that professionals work their own business, who have a great experience and practice. Do not delay with an appointment with a doctor, as this may subsequently lead to serious health problems.

endocrinology center in Moscow

Center under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The endocrinology center in Moscow under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plays the role of the leading medical and diagnostic institution in this field. It is here that information from the whole country on the clinical and fundamental endocrinology that is subjected to careful analysis. Hence the management of the regional profile centers, which also deal with the treatment of patients.

More than 40 doctors and 120 candidates of sciences work in the center, academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences work. Thanks to a large number of scientific figures, the center has the opportunity to constantly develop new and existing directions in endocrinology. In the 2000s it was reconstructed, a new complex appeared, which was given to the children's department.

Center of Children

Children's department

The Children's Endocrinology Center in Moscow was opened in 1961 and soon it acquired the status of an institute. It is the first specialized clinic in the territory of the Russian Federation, where endocrine diseases are diagnosed in children and adolescents, and then - their treatment. Recently, treatment with genomic markers, as well as recent advances in pharmacology, has been widely practiced here.

One of the priority tasks that the institution sets for itself is to help children in the formation of a timely path of physical development by treating existing diseases of the endocrine system. In parallel, the Endocrinology Center in Moscow is engaged in the creation of preventive programs designed to prevent the emergence of ailments of the endocrine system. Those who already have the disease of this type will be able to undergo in the center courses on psychological adaptation in society. There are families where children suffer from completely different endocrine diseases, in the center they will be helped to adapt to each other.

Moscow Scientific Center of Endocrinology

Institute of Diabetes

The Center of Endocrinology in Moscow also has in its subordination the Institute of Diabetes Mellitus, which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this disease. The institution is one of the leading in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is here that ultra-modern techniques that have no analogues abroad are used. One of them is the method of system diagnosis and further treatment, according to which all patient consultations are conducted in one medical institution.

You can go through the best quality diabetes treatment in Moscow, the Endocrinology Center uses the principle of maximum organ protection, so the chances for a full recovery are very high. Minimizing injuries and avoiding amputations of the limbs - this is the goal that most physicians must set for themselves when forming a curative program for patients. According to experts, the disease can be cured or at least suppressed if it is timely to seek help.

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Endocrinology Center in Moscow, reviews of which are mostly positive, is ready to accept patients with diseases at various stages. Some former patients of the institution note that doctors very scrupulously approach the treatment questions and prescribe the necessary procedures only after the person agrees. The attitude of doctors to a positive result makes the patients strive for complete or at least partial recovery.

Doctors after all necessary medical procedures continue to observe their patients for a long time, which allows them to track the dynamics of their condition in time. Among the negative moments patients allocate not cheap cost of treatment, however, many admit that they are ready to give any money, just to get rid of their diseases.

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One of the directions on which the endocrinology center in Moscow specializes is ECO( in vitro fertilization).Some couples suffer from endocrine system diseases that prevent them from having children. Especially for them in the institution was created the department of assisted reproductive technologies, which deals with infertility treatment with the help of ultramodern medical techniques.

Family couples are offered a choice of more than 10 IVF programs, which they can use for artificial conception of a child. In the event of any difficulties, you can rely on highly qualified assistance, experts simply will not be able to let you go home, leaving the situation to the mercy of fate.

Private centers

If you live in a city like Moscow, the Scientific Endocrinology Center can be really a better place to treat the related diseases. The address of this medical institution is as follows: st. Dmitry Ulyanov, house 11. The nearest metro stations are "Akademicheskaya" and "Kashirskaya".

However, there are other institutions specializing in endocrine diseases. However, all of them are much less popular due to the high cost of treatment, as well as a high percentage of errors in the diagnosis.

Patients of other medical centers dealing with diseases of the endocrine system note that they are most often referred to treatment management using traditional methods. In rare cases, truly innovative methods are offered that yield positive results. Also, patients note that after treatment, specialists stop watching patients, while the disease can return at any time. Therefore, those who suffer from diseases of the endocrine system, prefer to be treated in public institutions.