A nursing mother has a sore throat - what should I do? Than to treat a throat at thoracal feeding

It is known that after the birth, until the woman's body is fully restored, he is very susceptible to all sorts of viruses and catarrhal diseases. If a nursing mother has a sore throat, then first of all you should think about how to help, so as not to harm the baby. There are a lot of ways. Now we will consider them.

Breastfeeding treatment

Than to treat a throat at thoracal feeding? This question should be approached with great responsibility. Since the mother's milk contributes to the development of the child's immune system, improper treatment of any disease can lead to the fact that useful substances not only enter the small organism in a reduced amount, but can also cease to be produced naturally.

a nursing mother has a sore throat

When the throat of a nursing mother hurts, what can be treated, and what is not? First you need to consult with the therapist, but in no case do you take yourself for solving this problem.

Whatever the effectiveness of pharmaceutical preparations, such as tablets, medicine, spray, it should be remembered that they basically consist of chemical elements that, together with milk, can penetrate into the children's body. The result of such treatment can be:

- the emergence of hives of varying degrees;

- chemical poisoning.

It is also possible that drugs will adversely affect the functioning of children's organs, such as the heart, kidneys or liver.

If a nursing mother has a sore throat and treatment with any medications is contraindicated, then what should I do? The answer is simple - to be treated with decoctions of medicinal plants. But this too can be a very blatant mistake. Even at the decision to recover such method it is necessary to consult with the expert.

sore throat in nursing mom than treat

But when the throat of a nursing mother hurts, what should I do not to harm the baby? It is best to begin treatment with the slightest symptoms. The most simple and optimal options are:

- gargling;

- the use of a large amount of liquid;

- creating around him all the necessary conditions for recovery. Rinse

Rinse can be attributed to the best option. Since it not only positively affects the mucous throat and relieves inflammation, but still does not enter either the blood or the milk of a nursing woman.

You will need a solution;

- 200 milliliters of boiled water;

- salt, preferably sea salt( 1 tsp);

- 2 drops of iodine;

- 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda( this is optional).

sore throat in nursing mom what to do

Many experienced specialists recommend gargling to both mothers and children with the drug "Furasol" or furatsilinom. They can be purchased in the form of a liquid ready for use, or in the form of powder, tablets and make the solution yourself.

Herbal infusions

It is very good to rinse the larynx with medicinal broths. For their preparation you will need chamomile, a string( or calendula).

Also an effective broth will come from the following herbs:

- chamomile;

- St. John's wort;

- mint;

is the root of the althea.

These components should be mixed thoroughly in the same proportions. After that, 2 tablespoons of the collection should be poured with boiling water( 500 ml).Infuse the broth in the thermos for about 9 hours. Rinse the larynx three times a day until the unpleasant sensations completely pass.

Of course, it's best to alternate these rinses.

In addition, it will be useful to keep the throat warm, for example, wrap it with a wool scarf.

Folk remedies

When your lactating mother has a sore throat, you can try to cure it with folk methods. The most popular of them is in boiled milk. In it should be added a small piece of butter and a teaspoon of natural honey.

Natural honey( 1 tsp) with garlic( one tooth) is considered effective.

Than to treat a throat at thoracal feeding

You can chew a piece of propolis throughout the day. But in this case, you need to be careful. Although this product has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, it can cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

Than to treat a throat at thoracal feeding? In this case, to make a final decision, it is worth consulting with the doctor.

What if I have a runny nose and a sore throat in my nursing mother? I would like to note that these symptoms are the first signs of a viral disease. Many women worry that during treatment can harm a child and that in this period it is better not to breastfeed a baby. But this is a very big mistake. Since the virus enters the body a few days before it shows up. During this time, a small organism fully adapted to it. And already strengthened immune system it should cope independently.


A nursing mother has a sore throat, fever, cough, runny nose - what should I do? With these symptoms, the following recommendations should be followed.

It is necessary to make steam baths, and also inhalations. The temperature should be brought down by antipyretic drugs that contain paracetamol and are allowed in use during breastfeeding. It is also worth taking such remedies against any viral symptoms that are resolved by women breastfeeding.

red throat in nursing mom than cure

It is necessary to drink a lot of warm liquid, as in any viral disease the body is dehydrated, which, in turn, negatively affects lactation.

Instruction for a nursing woman

When is the red throat in a nursing mom, what to treat and what to do?

  1. Rinse routines every hour.
  2. Inflammation of the larynx will help to remove inhalation using eucalyptus essential oil.
  3. Milk with butter will also become an indispensable tool.
  4. You need to try not to overcool and constantly wrap your throat with a warm scarf.
  5. In order not to irritate the mucous membrane, do not eat salty and hot food.
  6. Trying to talk is not very loud, so as not to strain the vocal cords.

How to communicate with the baby when you are sick?

What if my lactating mother has a sore throat and other symptoms? In this case, you should adhere to some rules:

  1. Since all such ailments are most often transmitted by airborne droplets, being near the baby, it is best to use bandages that need to be changed every couple of hours.
  2. Try as often as possible to do a wet cleaning and ventilate the premises. Such activities are deadly for any viral infections.
  3. Despite the fact that my mother fell ill, there is no need to protect the child from walking in the air. After all it can make even someone from the household.
  4. In no case should you stop breastfeeding your baby. At the slightest virus disease in milk antibodies which protect the child from a virus infection are developed.


What to take from the throat during breastfeeding? Most often recommend the drug "Grippferon".It is effective in treating and is tolerated in the use of women breastfeeding.

runny nose and sore throat in nursing mom

With the sore throat, the following drugs will perfectly cope:

- "Geksoral".

- "Iodinol".

- "Strepsis.

The temperature can be knocked down by the tablets "Paracetamol" and then when it rises more than 38 degrees. Up to this indicator, the problem of wiping with acetic solution will perfectly cope.

Cough will help get rid of such drugs as:

- "Thoracic Elixir".

- Gedelix.

- "Tussamag".

In case of a runny nose, plant-based drops are recommended - Pinosol. And to moisturize the mucous membrane is best suited sprays, the basis of which is sea water. For example: "Aqua Maris" or "Salin".

In order not to harm neither the baby nor yourself, do not take unfamiliar drugs in large doses.

It is also not recommended to exceed the dosage of the drug prescribed by the doctor. Since the side effects can only worsen the health.

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, medical advice can not be ignored.

Be attentive to yourself!

So, the throat of a nursing mother hurts. Than to treat a similar malaise? At first glance, everything seems simple, but if you look at it from the other side, it's not at all like that. After all, ill-considered and improper treatment can harm two organisms.

First of all, you can not ignore the initial symptoms. Since the result can be a chronic disease or, worse, the development of a bacterial complication.

If you choose the wrong method to cure a catarrhal disease, then it is very likely that this will lead not only to the appearance of an allergic reaction in the baby, but also to the weakening of its immune system. The latter, in turn, is fraught with the disease of the child with the same illness as that of the mother.

a nursing mother has a sore throat

During breastfeeding the baby gets everything he needs with milk, but with the slightest violation of the diet that the mother adheres to, everything affects his body. With improper treatment, useful substances come in a reduced amount. At the same time, the production of maternal antibodies, which are protected by a small, still not fully strengthened organism, also decreases.

Consequences of

If you ignore the slightest signs of pain in the throat, then it can turn into such diseases:

  • Angina, which is characterized by inflamed and reddened tonsils, possibly a purulent plaque. Also in this case, the appearance of high temperature is not excluded.
  • Laryngitis. It occurs as a result of hypothermia and can carry a viral nature. It spreads to the larynx, epiglottis and vocal cords. When improper treatment passes to the trachea and promotes dry cough.
  • Pharyngitis( inflammation of the back wall of the throat).It is characterized by coughing, more often dry, runny nose, hoarseness in the throat and fever. The origin of it can be both viral and infectious.
  • Candidiasis. Fungal disease of mucous throat. He is prone to severe itching, bubbles on the surface, erosion, covered with a curdled coating.