Reviews: "Methionine".Instructions for use, composition and description of the preparation

"Methionine" is a drug with a hepatoprotective effect. The drug contains an amino acid, the presence of which is vitally important for humans. This substance is not produced by the body and enters it with food. When the body lacks the amino acid methionine, the instruction, the reviews recommend taking the drug "Methionine", in which it is contained. Methionine Reviews

Composition and Form of Release

The active ingredient L-methionine is involved in the synthesis of choline, in the absence of which phospholipids and fats are processed with impairments, and in the liver neutral fat accumulation takes place. The drug is available in three forms - tablets, syrup, capsules.

Pharmacological action

The drug reduces the negative impact of destructive factors( radiation, immune, toxic, viral).

Active component helps the body produce sulfur-containing amino acids and promotes their metabolism. L-methionine is able to regulate the production of creatinine and epinephrine, it makes active some hormones, enzymes, proteins and vitamins such as ascorbic and folic acid, as well as vitamin B12.The active substance is also useful in that it speeds up the process of removing lead, mercury and cadmium from the body.

As the reviews show, "Methionine" enhances the body's ability to withstand the negative effects of radiation, supports it when performing heavy physical exertion. The level of the active component is reflected in the nails, hair and skin. According to their condition, it is possible to judge whether methionine is sufficient in the body of the amino acid, which contains sulfur, which is necessary for skin health, growth of strong nails and beauty of hair.

The use of the drug by patients with atherosclerosis leads to a reduction in the amount of cholesterol and an increased content of phospholipids.

Amino acid supports the normal life of a person."Methionine" for weight loss reviews describe as a means that copes well with its task. The active component strengthens immunity, promotes better digestion of food. methionine user manual

The amino acid present in the composition of the drug can not be substituted. Without it, normal growth and maintenance of nitrogen equilibrium is impossible. Due to its presence in the body, less neutral fat becomes.


"Methionine" instructions for use, the reviews recommend taking when there are pathological processes in the liver that occur with fatty infiltration of hepatocytes. The drug is indicated for therapy in the following cases:

  • dystrophic liver damage;
  • poisoning of the body with toxins;
  • hepatitis of toxic etiology;
  • hepatosis;
  • cirrhosis.

For preventive purposes, the drug "Methionine" is prescribed for toxic liver damage associated with the ingestion of chloroform, arsenic, benzene and alcohol into the body.

It is possible to implement complex therapy with the use of this drug. Treatment for them, based on an integrated approach, is conducted with diabetes and atherosclerosis. It is necessary at a low level of protein, slow growth of children.

As testimonies testify, "Methionine" is prescribed for pregnant women with toxicosis. In such cases, the drug is included in the list of drugs needed for complex therapy. The same approach is used for problems with the placenta and protein deficiency. methionine user manual

The drug is popular among bodybuilders. At high physical loads, Methionine is taken to rapidly remove ammonia from the body. It is known that when the protein breaks down, ammonia is formed, so athletes help their body to remove this substance faster.

Application of "Methionine"

According to the information specified in the manual, adults are recommended to take 500-1500 mg of the drug. For children, the dosage is determined according to age. Very small children( under the age of one year) are prescribed 100 mg of the drug. Those who are 1-2 years old are prescribed 200 mg of the drug, 3-4 years - 250 mg. Age 5-6 years allows you to use 300 mg of medication. After seven years, 500 mg of the drug are allowed. These single doses should be taken 3-4 times every 24 hours.

Judging by the information, which contains instructions and testimonials, "Methionine" is drunk before eating. It is important that the interval between taking the drug and food is from 30 minutes to an hour. Usually, doctors prescribe therapy with a course of 10-30 days. It is possible to use another scheme that involves the use of the drug for ten days with a break for the same time and repetition of the course.

Duration of therapy "Methionine", as well as dosage, when bearing a child depend on several factors and are established by a specialist individually. Even taking into account the naturalness of the active ingredient, the absence of harm to the body and the normal course of pregnancy, in rare cases, the action of L-methionine causes some changes - coagulability increases, which threatens the formation of thrombi, resulting in possible loss of the child. Therapeutic dose to a pregnant woman can be prescribed only by a doctor who treats her. methionine instruction reviews


Recommended for familiarization before taking Metionine medication instructions for use, price, reviews. It is worth paying special attention to cases in which it is forbidden to drink medicinal product. From contraindications the instruction allocates:

  • the raised or increased sensitivity to components of a medicine;
  • hepatic encephalopathy;
  • is a hepatitis of viral origin;
  • severe renal failure.

In case of renal failure, it is allowed to be treated with the drug, the exception is only its severe form. It is important to treat these patients with extreme caution, since there is a risk of increasing the level of residual nitrogen in the blood.

"Methionine" is often used in a complex way, combining it with other amino acids necessary for the body. Such a technique is needed in order to eliminate the imbalance of amino acids. Violation of the balance can trigger damage to the cells, of which the liver and other organs are composed.

Side effects of

When taking Metionine, instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs are important, just as the study of possible negative reactions of the body. Basically, the drug is well tolerated. Adverse reactions are very rare. Among the possible negative manifestations are seizures accompanied by nausea followed by vomiting. This is mainly because of the specific characteristics of the drug( taste, smell).If the patient has such a response to the body, the doctor can recommend replacing tablets and syrup with capsules. methionine for weight loss reviews

In case of an overdose, as the reviews and instructions show, there is a change in blood pressure, there are manifestations of disorientation and the appearance of tachycardia. In cases of excess doses, symptomatic treatment is indicated.

Some patients may respond to an allergic reaction.

Special instructions


alternatives For pregnant women, the drug is prescribed as a part of complex therapy to eliminate the negative manifestations of toxicosis. As the reviews show, "Methionine" is combined with folic acid with vitamin B12.It is important to adhere to the individual dosage prescribed by the specialist."Methionine", taken in excessive doses, can become a factor that increases blood clotting.

Features of the application of

During the period of therapy, the maintenance of the amino acid balance is more important, so their ratio should be balanced. The lack of balance and the presence of a large amount of amino acid methionine in comparison with the level of other amino acids can cause damage to the structure of the cells of the organs. methionine price reviews

Price, analogues

Before treatment with the drug "Methionine" price, reviews are always carefully studied by patients. The most common version of the drug( tablets with a content of 250 mg of active substance, 50 pcs.) Can be purchased for about 99-137 rubles.

If a drug is to be replaced, the doctor may recommend Acimethion or Banthionin. A good effect also has such means as "Meonin", "Atinon".A similar action is possessed by "Amethionol".Replacement of the drug can be performed by switching to the reception of "Thiomedon".


"Methionine" is not suitable for all pregnant women, so it is not the most popular option. In reviews there is no mention of the development of side effects, usually treatment is normal.

Leave their feedback and bodybuilders. In their opinion, as a result of taking the drug with a two-week course, ammonia is best excreted from the body. This course is implemented by athletes once a few months.

As is known, "Methionine" is used for weight loss. Reviews of those who lose weight are not always positive, which is due to the uncontrolled use of the drug. The dose of the drug should always be selected by the doctor, then the extra pounds will go away, and the body will not be harmed. The best result can be obtained with proper nutrition and increased physical activity. methionine instructions price

Always consult a doctor, since even the most harmless drug can lead to serious health problems. The use of "Methionine" should be carried out under the supervision of a physician and strictly at a certain dosage.