Clinical Hospital in Yauza: address, specialization and reviews

Getting high-quality services is an important condition when choosing a medical facility for many people. The clinical hospital in Yauza, the opening of which was held at the end of 2015, offers Moscow residents and its guests health care. And also qualified high-tech medical care of the European level.

Clinical hospital in Yauza: address and location of

The capital of Russia is a big city. In the center of Moscow, at ul. Volochaevskaya, house 15, building 1, is a clinical hospital on the Yauza. The patients' comments speak of its indisputable service advantage in the form of its own parking, which is of no small importance in the crowded capital city. The clients of this private medical institution are entitled to free use. clinical hospital on the Yauza

It is convenient to get here with the help of municipal passenger transportation, metro stations( "Ploshchad Ilyicha", "Rimskaya"), stops of public land transport are within walking distance.

You can make an appointment by phone or in electronic form. The institution has a call center, whose employees will help you to find out information about the register of medical services, their current cost, and give information about the qualifications of doctors. Here citizens' appeals are registered.

The clinical hospital in Yauza has a convenient work schedule: patients are admitted daily, from 8am to 20pm. The clinic has an emergency room. Its services can be used around the clock.

Staffing of the hospital

For the successful functioning of the institution, the qualitative achievement of the tasks facing it requires a team of professionals. The clinical hospital in Yauza, in the person of its management, took care of the selection of a team of highly qualified doctors and medical personnel. clinical hospital on yauze reviews

Many long-practicing doctors of the hospital combine daily medical work with scientific work. The title of professor was awarded to 4 doctors, doctors of medical sciences - 9 people. More than a third of the medical staff has the title of candidate of medical sciences. These achievements make it possible to enrich and make more reliable assistance at the level of ordinary residents of the capital.

The management of the clinic takes care of the upgrading of the entire staff. For this purpose, doctors are sent for internships to leading domestic clinics and abroad. No less useful exchange of experience takes place during consultations and operations brought to the hospital by highly qualified doctors.

Scientific research, participation in specialized conferences, symposia, including international ones, allows doctors to keep abreast of new methods of treatment, share their knowledge. clinical hospital on the opening

Specialization direction of the Moscow hospital

The clinical hospital in Yauza is a medical facility in which patients can receive the full range of medical services: from qualitative diagnostics to high-tech treatment. Provision of services is possible for all family members, regardless of their age, including in a hospital.

Patients are attracted by a wide range of medical and laboratory directions, which is available at the clinical hospital in Yauza. Reviews about the work of hemocorrection departments, radiation diagnostics, centers of arrhythmology and spine surgery are only positive. The use of modern equipment, advanced technologies and methods of treatment makes it possible to achieve significant results in curing complex diseases.

The most demanded patients are therapy, surgery, immunology, cardiology, dermatology, pediatrics, dentistry. Other, more specific, narrow directions give an opportunity for comprehensive examination and detection of poorly diagnosed ailments. clinical hospital on yauze eco reviews

Taking care of women's reproductive health in the

hospital The research laboratory for genetic research, maternity and reproductive health department - this is what the clinical hospital in Yauza has. IVF, reviews of which leave grateful patients, guarantees a high percentage of birth of healthy children after the artificial insemination of the mother. The scientific potential of the hospital, modern equipment, attraction to the work of specialists with world renown make it possible to solve complex issues in the field of reproduction.