Coughs throat from the inside, cough and runny nose: what to do, how to treat?

Even mild perspiration in the throat can develop into serious problems, especially if you ignore this symptom and do not take action. The danger of the situation is that if your throat is scratching, something like tickling or even scratching is felt from inside, it is easy to take for an ordinary cold and try to recover yourself. However, intrusive and unpleasant sensations in the larynx can be associated not only with colds, it is worth to carefully consider this symptom.

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What should I do if my throat feels from the inside?

Unpleasant and intrusive sensations in the larynx can not always be described unambiguously. It may be more like tickling, burning, or a rather painful sensation, in which it is difficult to speak and impossible to swallow. If your throat is scratching from the inside, you first of all need to listen carefully to yourself - are there any other symptoms that will help you make a preliminary diagnosis.

If you have not only the Pershit in your throat, but you also have a runny nose, the temperature has risen slightly, then a common cold is quite possible, which takes place in a couple of days. However, if the temperature exceeds 38 degrees, there is a febrile condition( chills, joint and muscle pain), tears and other symptoms, then a doctor is needed, first of all you need to see a therapist. It is this doctor who will determine whether it is worth sending you to other specialists, or whether he will diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

itchy throat from the inside what to do

The sore throat - what is this symptom?

If your throat is scratching from the inside, then the cause in most cases are inflammatory processes. The tissues of the mucous membrane swell, become painful, there is a desire to clear your throat, as if some foreign object in the throat prevents you from feeling comfortable. Contrary to the widespread misconception, these unpleasant sensations testify not only to the common cold. What does obsessive and unpleasant tickling in the larynx indicate?

This may be:

  • neurotic impaction;
  • ENT diseases( pharyngitis, tonsillitis);
  • is an allergy symptom;
  • reflux esophagitis;
  • increased throat sensitivity.

As you can see, the range of possible problems, accompanied by a feeling of scratching or tickling in the throat, is quite large. That is why it is better to seek the help of specialists, especially if the examination of the therapist did not reveal any signs characteristic of the common cold. It will take not only a more thorough physical examination, it will be necessary to pass the appropriate tests.

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Neurotic Persecution in the Throat

It also happens: the therapist and the otolaryngologist unanimously assure you that you are healthy, the analyzes convincingly prove it, but the throat is still scratching from the inside. What to do in this case and to which specialist to go? Perhaps these are neurotic manifestations caused by spasm of the larynx. The symptom is often referred to in fiction as a "lump in the throat", perspiration may be accompanied by a sensation of strangulation on the neck, lack of air. In psychiatry, there is such a thing as a "hysterical coma in the throat".It should be understood that this concept has no appraising or derogatory meaning.

Symptom worsens during periods of mental anxiety, fear, and if neurotic disorders are large enough, a person may not even realize that he needs the help of a neurologist or psychiatrist. Depressive manifestations are often directly related to hormonal problems or a violation of the blood circulation of the brain, it is treated medically and is not a symptom of mental illness.

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ENT diseases

What, in common parlance, is called a cold, in practice can be an infectious disease of ENT organs, and often not only the larynx suffers. Lachrymation and runny nose, it itches the throat from the inside, and the ears hurt - such a set of symptoms is typical for sore throats with complications. As is known, sore throat is not a cold, it is a bacterial infection that primarily affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

Laryngitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis are the three diagnoses that are most often diagnosed when a person is treated with complaints of a scratching sore throat. You can treat these diseases with raspberry jam and herbal decoctions, but this is very long and fraught with complications. With infectious diseases of ENT organs antibacterial drugs and symptomatic treatment are combined, which should bring relief to the patient.

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Another common reason, because of which it itches the throat from the inside and the runny nose does not allow to breathe normally - this is an allergic reaction. Sensitivity of the immune system to stimuli of various kinds can manifest itself both periodically and on an ongoing basis. The problem is that detecting an allergen can be quite difficult, for this, multi-stage allergens are performed, plus to all else, this is not a cheap process.

The most effective treatment in this case is to eliminate the allergen and try not to contact it. If this is some kind of food product, it can be quite a bit to adjust the diet. It is more difficult, if we are talking about a substance, the presence of which does not depend on the patient.for example, a seasonal allergy associated with the flowering of various plants, the so-called "hay fever".It is characterized by swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, rhinitis, perspiration in the throat. In this case, the symptomatology is stopped by taking antihistamines, they temporarily depress some of the functions of the immune system and force the body not to react to the presence of an irritant.

Reflux esophagitis

It is difficult to guess, but digestive problems can cause similar symptoms. During reflux, the contents of the stomach in small amounts can rise up the esophagus and irritate the mucous membrane of the throat, including.

Different types of gastrointestinal diseases, accompanied by reflux phenomena, are not always so pronounced that you can diagnose yourself. To treat perspiration in the throat, caused by reflux esophagitis, can only be done by eliminating the underlying disease.

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Hypersensitivity of the throat

In some cases, the larynx may have a particular sensitivity due to professional characteristics or as a result of hormonal changes. People who, according to their duty, have to talk or sing a lot, are often paid with an overstrain of the vocal cords. This opens the gate for infection, and as a result, an inflammatory process can begin, accompanied by a tickling or scratching sensation in the throat.

If the throat is scratched from the inside during pregnancy, it can be due to changes in the hormonal background. A pregnant woman may be vulnerable to all of the above dangers, so this symptom can not be ignored, you must always consult a doctor.

Symptomatic treatment of

If your throat is scratched from the inside and cough does not make it possible to breathe normally, you must first correctly diagnose, on the basis of which the medicamental treatment of the disease is prescribed. It is important to remember that unpleasant sensations in the larynx are not a disease, but just one of the symptoms. However, this does not mean that there is no remedy capable of eliminating the perspiration in the throat and at least temporarily relieve the state of health, especially since the inflammatory process can make it difficult to eat.

A warm drink with emollient bactericides is good. Honey, raspberry jam, lemon - these simple remedies can really make you feel better. Lozenges and lozenges are sold in the pharmacy, which can partially or completely remove the symptom. For example, lollipops, which contain lidocaine, local anesthetic, completely relieve pain in the larynx, which allows you to eat quietly.

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Folk remedies

Folk remedies are used first if the throat is scratched from the inside. How to treat this symptom with simple and accessible methods? Already listed honey, raspberry and lemon - this is only a small part of the arsenal of folk healers. Such an exotic product, like rose petal jam, is a powerful bactericide, it can be taken in small doses throughout the day, slowly dissolving in the mouth.

You can gargle with broths and infusions of medicinal herbs. To do this, in equal parts used medicinal chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, you can add a small amount of oak bark. Two tablespoons of chopped herbs are poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted warm for half an hour, then the infusion is filtered. It is desirable to use the infusion in a warm form after eating, and then at least half an hour after rinsing nothing to drink, so as not to wash off the medicinal substances.