'Groprinosin' preparation, instructions for use

The drug "Groprinosin" is released in the form of tablets with the active ingredient - inosine pranobex( 500 mg each).The drug is included in the clinical and pharmacological group of immunostimulating agents that have an antiviral effect.

The drug "Groprinosin" stimulates the function of macrophage cells, promotes the formation of mediators of immunity - interleukins. Increases the number of antibodies, positively affects the inducers of the immune response.

The reception of the drug "Groprinosin", the instruction indicates, is easily tolerated, since it is low-toxic. Tablets have no contraindications to use by people who have reached advanced age, suffering from attacks of angina pectoris, disorders in the circulatory system.

Timely appointment with inosine pranobeksa can significantly reduce the incidence of infection by a virus-type infection, reduce the duration of the disease, ease its course.

Clinical studies have established that the inclusion of this pharmaceutical in the complex therapy of infectious inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin is accelerating the process of recovery;when lesions Herpes simplex causative agent, intensive healing of the painful area is observed, which proceeds much faster than in the treatment with traditional methods. It was noted that the occurrence of complications in the form of new vesicles, edema, erosions is reduced, and relapse of the disease occurs less often.

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Pharmacokinetics characterized by a good absorption of the drug "Groprinosin."The instruction contains data that the components of the drug are rapidly metabolized, with the possible appearance of uric acid crystals that are excreted by the kidneys. In the body there is no accumulation of decomposed residues of the drug.

The preparation "Groprinosin" is prescribed:

  • in immunodeficiency conditions caused by a viral infection;
  • for diseases caused by the Herpes simplex virus;
  • with sclerosing panencephalitis in subacute phase.

The dosing regimen provides for equal intervals of time between tablet doses ranging from 6 to 8 hours.

For adults, the physician chooses a daily dosage of 3 g to 4 g of pranolobe inosine, dividing it into several doses.

The drug "Groprinosin" for children who have reached the age of 2, is prescribed by a doctor, based on the need for 50 mg of active ingredient per 1 kg of baby's weight. This number is divided into several methods.

At the discretion of the doctor, the child's dosage is increased to 100 mg per 1 kg of the patient during acute infectious diseases, increasing the multiplicity of tablets up to 4-6 times.

The course of treatment with the medicine "Groprinosin", the instruction warns, is designed for 5 days. The doctor can prolong the use of pills if the disease is severe. It is possible to re-appoint this pharmaceutical product after 8 days of interruption. It is recommended to drink tablets with water.

Side effects are sometimes manifested only in the first days of taking the drug. The digestive system can react with a decrease in appetite, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. Other disorders in the body are manifested by increased levels of uric acid, allergies.

There are a number of contraindications to the use of the drug "Groprinosin".The instruction contains information that it is not possible to prescribe tablets with inosine pranobex:

  • with gout;
  • with urolithiasis;
  • with arrhythmia;
  • for children under 2 years of age;
  • during pregnancy, because safety is not established;
  • when lactating( breast-feeding infants), because safety is not established;
  • with individual intolerance to one of the components of the remedy.

When prescribing this drug, patients suffering from hyperuricemia, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of uric acid in the body.