Red ashberry. Useful properties of fruits

Red mountain ash is common in the Urals, as well as in the forests and forest-steppe of Europe. It has long been valued this tree-longevity. It is cultivated both as an ornamental plant and as a food plant. red mountain ash How useful is the ashberry red? Its fruits contain up to 4.8% fructose, 0.7% sucrose, 3.8% glucose, little sorbose, up to 3.6% malic, succinic, sorbic and tartaric acids. From trace elements identified iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and copper. In addition, they have a lot of vitamins, folic acid and carotene. Taking into account all the qualities that the red mountain ash has, its useful properties, modern pharmacology recommends the fruits of this tree to be used as an effective gastrointestinal, multivitamin, diuretic and hemostatic. Also, the ability of a plant to actively release into the environment phytoncides is known. Therefore, earlier the leaves of rowan were shifted by vegetables, and they did not spoil the whole winter. Its branches were thrown into the water for disinfection.

than useful red ashberry Red ashberry. Therapeutic properties used in diseases of the liver and kidneys

In chronic non-calculous cholecystitis, salt diathesis use dried berries. They pre-grind, in 100 ml of water dilute a large spoonful of powder and divide this portion into three meals( after eating).With zhelchekamennoy and nephrolithiasis, tea is treated with leaves of mountain ash. In 3 glasses of water, 30 g of raw materials are brewed. This tea is also drunk three times a day in equal parts.

Red ashberry. Useful properties and use in gynecology

In the climacteric period, as well as in cases of menstrual irregularities, the fruits of mountain ash are taken in the form of a tincture( three times a day in a teaspoonful).Prepare it from 200 g of fresh berries filled with vodka( 1 liter).After 12 days of infusion, the remedy is ready. These fruits help women and with uterine bleeding.

Red ashberry. Useful properties for diseases of the intestines and stomach

The juice of fresh fruits of this tree is used for dysentery. This is a good remedy for hemorrhoids. To this end, you need to take thrice a day two glasses of juice. It is advisable to add sugar and water. Medicines prepared on the basis of berries of mountain ash are especially effective for senile atony of the small and large intestines. Good results of treatment are obtained from digestive disorders. red ashberry healing properties

Red ashberry. Useful properties and cosmetology

Masks from fresh berries are useful for patients with pink acne. Juice of mountain ash should be impregnated with a napkin or gauze and put it on for 15 minutes on the face. This mask is done twice in seven days. To get the desired effect, you need to pass at least 15 procedures. If the juice is too irritating to the skin, it can be diluted evenly with water. You can also add egg white to the teaspoon of the juice. Masks from crushed fruits of mountain ash tone, soften and whiten the skin of the face, have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Only for this berries it is necessary not just to change, but to pour boiling water so that it turns out a gruel, boil for about 10 minutes and apply it still warm on the face. Wash off the mask 15 minutes after applying a moist swab. With the help of fruits of mountain ash - their juice - warts can also be removed. It is enough to lubricate them several times a day, so that they disappear forever.