"Wave", sanatorium of the City Hall and the Government of Moscow: address, reviews

One of the most picturesque areas of the Moscow region - Istra. This place can be called a kind of primordially Russian corner of nature, where you can observe the virgin beauty. The most popular sanatoriums of Moscow region are located here. This picturesque piece of land was inspired not by a Russian poet and artist, moreover, even great emperors came to rapture. To date, these places have preserved their beauty and continue to inspire others to incredible achievements.

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Sanatorium "Volna": location of

Not far from the monastery of New Jerusalem is a boarding house called "Wave".The sanatorium is considered one of the best in this region. The proximity from the monastery and the beautiful nature give the holidaymakers some sense of calm and healing silence. It is behind this natural healing that people come here, escaping from the noise of the city.

General information

Sanatorium "Volna" of the Moscow City Hall is located in an ecologically clean area. The whole territory of the institution is fenced, so strangers can not get here. Holidaymakers are housed in a four-storey building, built on a European model. The service here is also at a high level, all conditions for a good rest and complete recovery are created. Each guest has a comfortable room, four meals a day, as well as a whole complex of specially designed medical and recreational procedures.

The best place to restore strength

The sanatorium is rightly considered one of the best health-improving facilities. Here you can not only improve your health, but also to establish a moral condition, for example, to rest from hard work. It is in this will help the surrounding nature. Most often come here to rest whole families. Special benefit here is for children. Administration with great care has come to the location of the children. There are wonderful playgrounds, swimming pools, there are even teachers who will spend time with children with pleasure and will teach them something new. Not all sanatoriums of Moscow region can offer such favorable conditions of stay.

Services and prices

The cost of all procedures is taken into account in advance in the price of the voucher, so a person counts on a certain amount and gets everything necessary. There is also a rehabilitation course after therapeutical diseases. Such prophylaxis will help to quickly restore the body and prevent relapses. Also included in the price are visits to massage, therapeutic gymnastics, there is a gym with professional trainers. There are activities for active recreation, and also there is a nutritionist who will help to bring himself in shape. All activities are aimed at restoring the physical and moral strength of the guest, relieve fatigue and relax the body. Professional doctors work in the modern therapeutic center, which the health resort "Volna" is famous for. Prices for accommodation from 1650 - to 5750 rubles.per day per person. The cost of the stay depends on the number of people staying in the room and the period of rest.

Treatment base

After the examination, a detailed treatment course will be prepared, which includes a number of procedures, namely:

  • medical baths;
  • special inhalation;
  • treatment of electricity;
  • hydromassage;
  • hypoxic therapy;
  • classes in curative gymnastics, which then can be repeated at home;
  • balneotherapy;
  • a course of massage, aimed at improving the body.

The administration of the institution was concerned not only about the medical measures, but also the leisure of its guests. Free time can be occupied with sports entertainment. In order to enjoy local beauties, you can ride the reservoir on a boat or catamaran. Especially this entertainment will appeal to children.

The institution provides a flexible system of discounts, because everyone can afford to relax in the wellness center "Volna".The sanatorium takes care of its guests in everything. Thus, an adult can get a 30% discount for an extra seat, for children aged 2 to 10 years, a discount to the main place will be 25%, if this additional place, the discount is 50%.

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Infrastructure of the sanatorium "Volna"

Sanatoriums of the government of Moscow are characterized by a fairly developed infrastructure. Wellness complex "Wave" - ​​not an exception. Each guest will feel comfortable and comfortable. So, in the yard is a huge outdoor pool, a length of 26 meters. Also there is a smaller aqua zone, about 16 meters long.

The area around the pool is landscaped, there are sun beds and umbrellas, so you can safely sunbathe and enjoy your vacation. There is a big concert hall in the sanatorium, where a lot of bands give their concerts very often, for guests the visit to all events is absolutely free. Near this hall there is a small bar where you can always enjoy delicious coffee or drink something stronger.

A children's room is equipped with computers, table games, cartoons are broadcast. There is an outdoor children's playground in the open air.

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For adults there is also an outdoor sports ground. In addition, there is a gym, where a professional coach will always help. And there are several such halls. As entertainment, you can play billiards or tennis. There is an office rental service where you can get everything you need.

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Entertainment in the health resort "Volna"

The sanatorium offers visitors to diversify their leisure time by visiting the concert hall where you can listen to good music. It's nice that music from the audience does not reach the rooms, so the guests sleep peacefully. Also, the administration has responsibly approached the organization of evening leisure. You can visit a special evening of relaxation or a theme party. There is a small bureau on the territory where you can choose the excursion to your taste.

Unfortunately, the beach does not have a beach, but it is near the boat station. It is easy to get there, it takes 10 minutes by foot. The lack of a beach of guests does not frighten, because on the territory of the sanatorium there are two luxurious swimming pools.

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Guest Accommodation

The sanatorium includes a building with rooms, a health-improving complex, a clubhouse and a dining room. For the convenience of the guests all these buildings are connected by warm transitions, so you can stay in the boarding house even in the winter season. The maximum number of guests who can take the institution - 200 people. The former sanatorium "Mosvodokanal" - "Volna" offers the following numbers:

  • Single has one room. There is a separate bathroom. The guest is offered a tea set( kettle, cups, spoons, sachets with tea and sugar), there is a TV.The room has a balcony and the possibility to add one more extra bed.
  • Double one-room. Has all the same conditions as a single, only designed for more people.
  • Double two-room suite( junior suite).In the bathroom is a shower, bidet, toilet, washbasin, hairdryer and bathrobes. One room is a bedroom. Another - a living room with a soft sofa, table and TV.In this room you can add two extra beds.
  • Four-bedded room, three-room( junior suite).Has two bedrooms, one living room. It is possible to add two additional seats. Guests are provided with all necessary dishes and other necessary accessories.

The price of the room fully takes into account accommodation, meals, the whole complex of medical procedures and diagnostics, as well as free access to the pool.

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Food in the sanatorium "Volna"

As the sanatorium is aimed at improving, the food here is also special. The meal is on schedule. Each guest is made his own diet, based on his health status. Thus, dietary food does not include the use of harmful or heavy food. Each guest will feel lightness in the stomach and body after a few days.

What do the people who chose the "Volna" sanatorium say?



Guests celebrate several positive moments in the sanatorium - food, good infrastructure and wonderful service for adults and children.

The health resort is open all year round. Here, you can even have fun on New Year's holidays. In summer, there is even more entertainment. Having arrived here, you get to some fairy tale. Amazing nature, excellent service, high-grade rest. Even if you do not order medical procedures, recovery and recovery comes by itself."Wave" is a sanatorium, which you want to visit again and again.

It is located at the address: Moscow region, Istra district, Gidrouzla settlement.