Mexidol reviews as a perpetual domestic nootropic preparation

Relatively recently, a new drug for the treatment of strokes appeared in the Russian market - Mexidol reviews about which, as a very effective medicine, began to appear on the Internet. What is this medicine?

Mexidol Description:

Medical preparation "Mexidol" is a domestic development and belongs to the group of nootropic, that is, improving metabolism( metabolic processes) in the brain. Acting directly on the brain cells, mexidol protects them from hypoxia( oxygen starvation), preventing death as a result of ischemia. Simultaneously, the drug helps the neurons to assimilate as much oxygen as possible from the blood flow, raising the threshold for the generation of convulsive impulses in the brain. As a result of this influence, the person quickly restores the memory and skills lost as a result of a stroke or transient ischemic attack, increases cognitive abilities of the brain( remembering, reproduction, speech), as well as resistance to various stressful situations and intoxications.

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Medicinal drug "Mexidol" is used in ONMIK( acute disorders of cerebral circulation of hemorrhagic and especially ischemic nature), in acute period after the suffered craniocerebral trauma, with atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, epileptic disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.

For the drug Mexidol, reviews from doctors sound and in the sense that the drug showed itself particularly well when the acute phase of withdrawal was caused by alcohol or drug withdrawal. In these cases, he quickly extinguishes the neurological symptoms( sweating, chills, tremors of the limbs), and also favorably affects the patient's mental-mnestic state, eliminating anxiety, depression and relieving craving for the substance that caused the addiction.

Despite the fact that the active substance of the medicine belongs to a rather wide group of nootropics, the mechanism of its action is unique, therefore, the analogues of Mexidol are not so frequent. Of the closest to him, both in terms of chemical structure and the action being performed, you can call "Mexican", also produced by the Russian medical association. The other nootropic drugs have only a similar systemic effect, but the chemical structure is completely different. Quite often the question "mexidol analogues" can be answered, that it is a drug "Mexicor".But this is not true. The latter exerts an effect primarily on the myocardium and is effective in infarctions and manifestations of coronary heart disease( ischemic heart disease) and is a cardiologic drug, and not nootropic, although to a small extent it has such an effect.

From doctors using "Mexidol" reviews about the drug are positive - it is non-toxic, so it is difficult to overdose, has few side effects and is well tolerated by patients. From the people themselves, treated with the drug Mexidol reviews sound, mostly with gratitude. The medicine really helped many to literally stand up after heavy "brainstrokes" and it is easier to transfer the associated memory and speech disorders, and also to recover faster. And only a few drug-treated Mexidol reviews about him were left as not well tolerated. They noted dry mouth, drowsiness and slight retardation, mainly at the beginning of the drug, which quickly passed later.

Given the powerful therapeutic effect combined with maximum safety and minimum manifestations of minor side effects, it can be said that the drug "Mexidol" is indeed a very promising and high-quality domestic drug.