How to make dill oil at home?

Dill is a plant whose medicinal properties were known for a long time. Scientifically proven that the plant itself, just like oil, has pronounced antiseptic, expectorant, diuretic, laxative properties. That is why it is simply irreplaceable in the treatment of a variety of diseases.

Feature of essential oil

Dill oil, obtained from the ground parts of this plant, has unique qualities, because it:

  • calms the nervous system;
  • stimulates and normalizes the functioning of the digestive system;
  • restores and softens sensitive skin.

Depending on the type of production, dill oil is extracted from seeds or ground green parts of the plant, however the principle of its production remains unchanged. Isolate it from the pre-dried material. Outwardly it is fluid, light, liquid, completely colorless or with a slight yellowish tinge, but not always perfectly transparent.

dill oil The smell of dill oil does not always resemble the smell of dill itself, but it retains a certain freshness. In its basic notes clearly felt some spice, sweetish shades.

The action of essential oil

Dill oil is used in a variety of areas, but more often in cooking. As a healing agent, it was known in ancient times. With dull oil, gladiators rubbed themselves, going out into the arena to add strength and calm down.

dill oil In modern medicine essential oil is used to eliminate stress and mental stress. In addition, it helps to gather your thoughts, increase your efficiency. The healing effect of the oil largely depends on which part of the fennel it is from. More expensive oils are obtained from the green of dill. They normalize digestion and appetite, eliminates spasms and soreness, remove flatulence and fermentation in the intestines. Homemade dill oil has a diuretic effect, relieves puffiness, facilitates the flow of endocrine and infectious diseases, removes slags.

Therapeutic properties of

The oil prepared on the basis of dill, helps to eliminate such diseases:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • disorders of fat metabolism;
  • dry cough;
  • allergy;
  • headache;
  • gout;
  • lung disease.

dill oil at home This remedy is widely used for the disinfection and healing of skin. In addition, it is used as a preventive against various kinds of viral diseases. You can use oil not only externally, but also inside. Oil is effective when a person is disturbed by constipation. It also helps to cope with spasms that can occur with diseases of the intestines and stomach.

Composition and production of essential oil

Fruit of dill contains many essential oils, and often it is obtained from this part of plants. However, the green part of dill also contains a lot of oils. The oil extracted from the greenery of the plant is characterized by a spicy aroma and more softness, and that is why it is used in cosmetology.

how to make dill oil at home The composition of the dill oil is rather unstable. In many respects it depends on the period of fruit harvesting and many other factors. The product consists mainly of terpenes, as well as carbon, which gives it a fairly stable and spicy flavor. Dill oil at home by steam distillation is difficult to obtain. For this, a steam distillation method is used. Before carrying out the distillation, the raw material is dried, since it must necessarily be light, liquid, and completely transparent.

Scope of application

Essential dill oil has anthelmintic, laxative, antiseptic, antimicrobial effect. This remedy helps to eliminate muscular overstrain, heals rashes, and also moisturizes the skin. It is prescribed for such conditions:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • gout;
  • dysfunction of the heart and kidneys;
  • cold;
  • high blood pressure.

Dill oil, just like fennel itself, is considered a very good remedy for lactating women. It increases the production of milk, and is also used for violations of the menstrual cycle. Essential oil is used inside and for grits. In the composition of this remedy there are substances reminiscent of estrogens. Oil also increases the production of its own hormones in the body, so it will benefit women at any age.

homemade dill Rubbing with dill oil is used as a relaxing and soothing means. When carrying out a massage, it should be rubbed into the back of the head, whiskey, shoulders, neck. If you perform a massage twice a week, you can cope with insomnia.

Essential oil is widely used in dentistry - as a bleaching agent for teeth. You can use this product as a freshener, including it in the various rinses. Apply oil and to repel insects, as well as to clean the air in the room.

How to make essential oil yourself?

Many people are interested in how to make dill oil at home, so that it turns out to be of high quality and useful. To make it, you need to pour 1 tbsp.rastolchennyh seeds of dill to the top with vegetable oil, insist a week in a dark place, periodically mixing the seeds. Then the resulting product is filtered through cheesecloth and squeezed well. Keep it in the refrigerator for 2 years. Dill-seed oil at home can be made in another way. To do this, you need to wash the leaves and seeds thoroughly, dry them on a towel. Grind the raw material in the meat grinder, squeeze the juice from the green mass through gauze. The resulting juice boil on low heat, until it decreases in volume by 2 times. Boil the vegetable oil and allow to cool. Then mix the butter and dill juice in equal proportions and let it brew.

Knowing how to make dill oil at home, you can prepare a quality, natural product that will have all the required healing properties.

Contraindications and applied dosages

Contraindication of the use of oil based on dill is pregnancy at any time. Very carefully it is used for the treatment of children under 3 years. It is important to know not only how to make dill oil, but also how to apply it properly.

how to make dill oil Essential oil, prepared from dill, is applied as follows:

  • inhalation;
  • are aromatized;
  • aroma oils;
  • for massage;
  • inside.

Because it does not apply to aggressive oils, 2 or even 3 drops can be taken internally. However, it is worth remembering that you can take essential oil only with honey and not more than 3 times a day. The product has a rather sugary flavor, and for taking a bath you can use no more than 4 drops. For carrying out of massage it is possible to add in a cream or other agent of 2-5 drops of oil.