The smell of ammonia from the mouth in an adult and a child: the causes

To determine the presence of bad breath from your mouth is very problematic. First, its presence can only be guessed, since the receptors responsible for the sense of smell, quickly get used to the new smells. But the surrounding people can hint at the existing problem.

Unpleasant odor entails not only social problems( for example, it can reduce self-esteem, cause discomfort when communicating with other people), may also indicate the presence of some disease inside the body. Therefore, it is worth taking with full responsibility to such a problem as the smell of ammonia from the mouth.

smell of ammonia from the mouth

The factors that affect the appearance of this odor can be quite different. Here are the main ones that are most often encountered.

Kidney Disease

The odor of ammonia from the mouth can appear if the kidneys are broken - a unique "filter" of the human body, which removes metabolic products. Violation of the kidneys causes a failure in the excretion of metabolic products. The latter are carried along the body, enter the blood, the lungs and become an integral part of the exhaled air.

In passing on the violation of the kidneys indicate such symptoms as changes in blood pressure, swelling, pain in the lower back. Common diagnoses are kidney dystrophy, tubular disease, kidney failure.

The cause of ammonia odor is starvation?

A person who is overly restrictive in eating and drinking, exposes the body to starvation. And this, in turn, negatively affects the work of all organs, including kidneys. The latter lose the ability to process waste products and remove urine from the body. Violation of the functionality of the kidneys is one of the reasons for the appearance of ammonia odor from the mouth. To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to revise your diet and just start eating.

Why else can smell of ammonia come out of my mouth? The reasons are given below.

Diabetes mellitus

People who have diabetes mellitus should take great care of the unpleasant odor caused by the accumulation of glucose, which leads to the formation of ketone bodies - the causes of the described problem. Concomitant signs of diabetes are dry mouth, weakness, the appearance of pigmentation on the body, skin itching. There is frequent urination, constantly thirsty. The body feels a lack of fluid.

Carbohydrate Failure

A protein diet can be a factor in the appearance of odors. Diets, which are based on the rejection of carbohydrates, are accompanied by a smell from the mouth.

odor of ammonia from the mouth of the cause

The lack of body fat and carbohydrates leads to the fact that all of its systems as a source of energy begin to use their own reserves of glycogen and fats. In the process of their processing, ketone bodies are formed, which first enter the bloodstream, then into the lungs. On exhalation, there is an outbreak of bad breath.

Taking medications

Smokammonia from the mouth can be triggered by taking medications. Even the most common vitamins can cause some discomfort. Therefore, you should abandon the provocateur of an unpleasant odor. If the medications you use are vital, you should consult your doctor to correct the ailment.

Risk Factors

A person does not always know about the presence of an unpleasant odor from his mouth. And others can not tell him about it. Scientists have created some statistics:

- 10% - diseases that are associated with ENT;

- 80% - diseases of the oral cavity;

- 10% - the most serious diseases.

odor of ammonia from the mouth of an adult

The unpleasant odor of ammonia from the mouth can be unstable, that is, appear only at certain hours. For example, many patients noted the appearance of an odor in the morning hours, before the meal. With his constant feeling, to avoid negative consequences, you should immediately consult a doctor.


How to check if there is a smell of ammonia from the mouth of an adult? It is best to ask relatives to determine if you have an unpleasant smell. However, many hesitate to ask for help, considering it unhygienic. Therefore, there are ways to independently check for ammonia odor from the mouth:

  • moisten a small patch of skin on your wrist and immediately smell it;
  • put a fleece under the tongue, hold it inside for a few seconds, so that it gets wet, and then smell it;
  • can also help the tooth for cleaning teeth, you can smell it:
  • the most effective way is to consult a doctor who already with full confidence will confirm or disprove the presence of odor.

smell of ammonia from the mouth of the child

Having found out that an unpleasant smell emanates from the mouth, how do you determine that it is ammonia? For this we describe what he most often looks like. It is associated with the smell of urine, ammonia or spoiled( foul) products.

Note that the ammonia smell differs from many others in that it is highly corrosive and specific. Therefore it is very problematic to confuse it with some other unpleasant odor.

Unpleasant smell of ammonia from the mouth of the child

The baby's appearance of bad breath can indicate problems with the liver. This includes cirrhosis, liver failure, chronic hepatitis. In this case, the appearance of an unpleasant odor is accompanied by a general malaise.

Unpleasant odor, manifested against a background of nausea, may indicate the presence of diabetes. Parents should immediately go to the doctor for a complete examination, an accurate diagnosis and the appointment of an effective treatment.

That's why the smell of ammonia from the mouth of a child is dangerous. The reasons can be different.

odor of ammonia from mouth treatment

A chronic condition in which a persistent unpleasant odor develops in a person is called halitosis. Unpleasant smells even after brushing your teeth and using flossing. In 80% of cases, this problem will be solved by the dentist, since the most probable causes of halitosis are gum disease, caries, cracks in the seals.

How can I remove the smell of ammonia from my child's mouth?

Tips from Dr. Komarovsky

If the smell is caused by some kind of disease, then you need to treat it. Often, smells occur without concomitant diseases, so you need to monitor the hygiene of children and adhere to certain rules:

1. The child's tongue should be cleaned every day with a bandage. In children of older age, cleaning is carried out with a special brush.

2. Nutrition of the child should be correct and include all the necessary vitamins.

3. Every day brush your teeth. Children up to two years, clean them with a special silicone brush, and then you can carry out the procedure with a normal children's brush.

4. It is necessary to visit a dentist at least once every six months.

5. It is forbidden up to seven years to eat lollipops and sprinkle the mouth with special nebulizers for fresh breath.

This will help remove the smell of ammonia from the mouth of the child. Komarovsky advises parents to measure the temperature of the child if it detects an unpleasant odor from his mouth. If the temperature rises - you need to immediately go to the hospital, as this indicates the presence of infection in the baby's body.

Unpleasant odor in an adult

Why can a smell of ammonia come out of the mouth of an adult? The reasons are as follows.

The patient's smell is accompanied by various concomitant diseases. Therefore, in order to get rid of the smell, it is necessary to eliminate the disease itself, having undergone a comprehensive treatment under the supervision of a doctor. It is worth noting that alcohol can also provoke an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it must be abandoned at all stages of therapy. If after a full course of treatment an unpleasant smell again began to bother you, you must re-take the tests and together with your doctor determine how to solve the problem.

Smell of ammonia from the mouth: treatment of

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to cure the underlying disease. But there are still cases when the smell is unstable. Then it can be eliminated in the following ways:

  • during the brushing of teeth to pay attention and language;
  • chew the grains of natural coffee.

Preventive actions

To avoid odor, standard measures for the prevention of odor in the oral cavity should be performed:

1. Maintain proper nutrition.

2. To visit every six months a dentist.

3. Monitor your health and treat various diseases on time.

4. Abstain from bad habits.

5. Daily brushing your teeth and taking care of the oral cavity.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

smell of ammonia from the mouth of an adult

It is important to remember that behind such a small ailment there may be a serious health problem. Do not delay visits to the doctor - it is easier to treat the disease at an early stage.

If the odor problem is associated with a dental disease, you need to contact the clinic. The doctor will provide a full-fledged help, and also will tell in detail how to care for the oral cavity and how to properly clean the teeth.

smell of ammonia from the mouth of the child causes

If an unpleasant odor is associated with kidney disease or diabetes, you should go to a consultation with the endocrinologist. He will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of the body and make a course of treatment.

Without the help of specialists, we can not do this, because we can not correctly diagnose ourselves. Do not engage in self-medication, especially independently treat the child. Wrong therapy can harm a baby. Timely contact with a doctor is a guarantee of a speedy recovery.