Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry( Moscow, Michurinsky Prospekt).Complex dental treatment

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry is one of the top best dental clinics in Moscow. What did he deserve such popularity among patients?

A bit of history

Founder and president of the Boston Institute Konstantin Ronkin received his first dental education in St. Petersburg in 1980, then continued his activities in the United States, continued to study, and then opened his clinic and institute where Russian dentists came to study. Later came the idea to open an institute in Russia, where not only did dentists improve their qualifications, but patients also consulted. Soon there were so many that the founders of the institute decided to open a clinic similar to its American DreamSmileDental, which holds leading positions in Boston.

Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry

The clinic is unique in its approach to the patient, caring not only about his teeth, but also his health in general. The setting is so relaxing that the patient, when coming here, forgets about the upcoming medical procedures with teeth. But the main pride of the clinic is high-class specialists, ready to perform even the most difficult work at the highest level. The Institute offers comprehensive dental treatment, which includes all methods available today.

Prosthetic dentistry

The list of basic dental services that the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry boasts includes prosthetics of teeth by all modern methods. These are removable dentures:

  • Acrylic - the most common type of prosthesis among the elderly population, and also the most affordable.
  • Nylon - more expensive, but made of more advanced material, flexible, but durable, look natural.
  • Bugelnye - prosthesis with a metal base, the clinic uses only made of modern materials and robust construction.

Michurinsky prospekt

And, of course, non-removable dentures:

  • Ceramic crowns - provide an aesthetic appearance.
  • Crowns made of zirconium dioxide amaze with its naturalness due to the high-quality material.
  • Metal Ceramics - combines durability and beauty.
  • Bridges - replace one to four lost teeth in a row.
  • Implantation is a reliable way to replace lost teeth.
  • Tabs - a worthy alternative to seals.


The Boston Institute( Michurinsky Avenue in Moscow) and its specialists believe that any self-respecting clinic should provide oral hygiene services. What is the importance of the hygienist's work? After all, every day a person watches the cleanliness of his teeth with a brush and paste. It is proved that this is not enough for complete purification, 40% of bacteria and plaque remain in the oral cavity and provoke the development of caries, plaque and other concomitant diseases. Therefore, today many patients of dental clinics undergo a procedure of hygienic purification, which costs less than caries treatment. In addition, it gives an excellent aesthetic effect, the teeth look noticeably whiter and more well-groomed, and their natural appearance even forces many to refuse bleaching.

Pediatric Dentistry

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry does not neglect children. The main task in working with small patients is bite correction. If this is necessary, parents should bring their child to the clinic before the age of five, until the permanent teeth are cut. Why do children have an incorrect bite? This may be due to genetic predisposition, as well as the important role played by the choice of nipples and bottles for feeding( it is better to choose orthodontic) and the duration of their application( it is better to abandon them for up to a year).

Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry reviews

For treatment in the clinic, a variety of removable plates are used, which are strictly applied to individual indications( with a tongue flap, logopedic problems, extension of the dentition, etc.).Functional orthodontic devices are used that correct the work of the jaw muscles and eliminate the pressure of the cheeks, tongue, and lips on the developing teeth. It is possible to use modern soft constructions of trainers and LM-activators. For older children( 10-12 years) provides for the installation of braces.

Implantation of teeth

Implantation is performed with complete absence of the tooth by inserting a metal implant into the gum and jawbone and attaching an artificial crown to it. Implant later gets accustomed to the bone, teeth become like native. This method is also used with a complete loss of teeth of the whole series. Unlike removable prostheses, such do not deliver any discomfort in wearing, do not require special care and can last for a lifetime of a person. The only factor frightening the patient is a long and painful implant insertion operation into each dental hole.

Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry Moscow

Fortunately, there was a new method of installing this type of prosthesis - all-on-4.It requires installation of only four implants, on which the entire structure with artificial teeth is attached. Usually, dental implant operations are performed using local anesthesia. Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry offers the use of general anesthesia for special cases. This applies to people with an allergy to anesthesia, severe emetic reflexes, nervous system disorders and mental illnesses, and if serious surgical intervention is required( bone marrow transplantation).Plastic surgery is performed with a lack of bone tissue and the need for its build-up. To restore it in the side sections, the procedure of sinus-lifting is applied.

Bite Correction

For adults of the Boston Institute( Michurinsky Prospect) who want to fix the bite, the fastest and most effective method is orthognathic surgery. It allows you to perform the necessary manipulations - correction of the length of the jaw, setting it in the desired position, changing the size of the chin. The result is correction of the bite and symmetry of the face, which means that the appearance of the patient improves.

Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry prices

Opponents of such a radical method can use braces that are offered here in a large range depending on individual indications:

  • without ligatures,
  • ceramic,
  • lingual,
  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • sapphire.

If necessary, use kapy and elainer.


Proper diagnosis of the disease is the key to successful treatment. In dentistry, we can not do without modern hardware research, which allows us to see the full picture of the disease. Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry( Moscow) uses such research methods:

  • X-ray. Allows you to look into areas that are inaccessible to the eye. Without it, no operation is possible. Contrary to popular belief, X-rays are harmless to humans, the proportion of radiation received is negligible and does not affect the body.
  • Panoramic snapshot. It allows to estimate the whole scale of the disease, in some cases acts as the only way to make a correct diagnosis.
  • Image of a tooth in 3D.The most modern method - computer tomography, gives a complete picture of the condition of the jaws.
  • Teleradiogram.

Gum treatment

dentist therapist orthodontist

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry gum surgery carries them with great professionalism. These include:

  • Vestibuloplasty. Separation of the mucous membrane of one part of the oral cavity and fixing it in a new place. It is used to treat gum repression( soft tissue reduction due to excessive tension between the teeth and the inner surface of the cheeks).Such a pathology can lead to tooth loss.
  • Gingivectomy. It is used for pathological proliferation of the gingival papillae, formation of the gingival pockets, their deformation, for improving oral hygiene, aesthetic appearance, treatment of neglected periodontitis, gingivitis. It is performed by excision of the gingival wall of the periodontal pocket.
  • Splinting. Connecting the teeth with a tire to eliminate their mobility( due to periodontitis or other diseases) and to fix orthodontic operations.

Teeth treatment

complex dental treatment

In the treatment of caries, periodontitis, pulpitis will help the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, reviews of which speak for themselves. The clinic provides services for the remineralization of teeth - strengthening of enamel with mineral components, which increases strength and resistance to diseases. Acts as a preventive measure. Before the beginning of treatment, a thorough diagnosis of the disease, analysis of the tests, an individual approach is selected. If necessary, treatment is carried out under anesthesia or under sedation( a state of half-dormancy, which preserves the patient's opportunity to answer questions of the doctor, is used in conjunction with local anesthesia).


Despite the use of modern technologies in dentistry and painless procedures, many people are afraid to go to the clinic, ignoring the development of the disease. As a result, the tooth is destroyed to such an extent that the only possible way is to remove it. Another indication for the operation is a cyst. Modern methods allow it to be removed while retaining the tooth. Surgical operations at the Boston Institute are conducted by high-quality surgeons, as well as with the participation and supervision of specialists such as a dentist, therapist, orthodontist, so the result is impeccable.

Aesthetic dentistry

The main pride of the Boston clinic is the aesthetic transformation of teeth. It is the dentistry of the future, based on the latest trends and research. Popular veneers today are represented by several types:

dentistry of the future

  • Hollywood veneers. These are very thin porcelain plates, which require minimal preparation of the tooth. They are attached to the front side of the tooth with special glue.
  • Ceramic. Plates made of ceramics half a millimeter thick help to correct uneven teeth, unaesthetic color and other defects.
  • Composite. They are applied in simple cases, for example, cleaved. When used on the entire surface of the tooth do not give a natural effect.

In addition, the clinic successfully used long-known laser bleaching, chemical and modern endo bleaching( intracanal).

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry has a price corresponding to its status( premium), the cost of services is calculated individually for each patient, taking into account the complex of procedures required by a particular person. Consultation of an American dentist in the clinic costs from 10,000 rubles, the reception of a Russian specialist - from 4,500 rubles. After the examination of the doctor, the services necessary for the patient are determined.