Clinic "Altravita": reviews about doctors

Many create a family not only to live life with a loved one, but also to create a healthy and happy offspring. Unfortunately, the problem of infertility today is quite acute. Many couples for years trying unsuccessfully to conceive a baby. A number of factors lead to a worsening of the reproductive function. This is a bad environment, and poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle. Solve the problem is often possible only by referring to a qualified specialist. It is these doctors who work in the clinic "Altravita".Reviews about the medical institution can be heard at most positive.

Information about the

clinic The institution started functioning only in 2002.Initially, it was specifically for the infertility treatment that the Altravita Clinic( Moscow) was created. The patient's testimonies show that couples who have lost all hope of having a healthy baby come here. Thanks to the efforts of specialists, many patients managed to wait for replenishment. Practically at once doctors provided services in the field of in vitro fertilization( IVF).Already in 2003, the first pregnancy was obtained in this way.

altravita reviews Gives a high enough chance to overcome infertility clinic "Altravita".Reviews about doctors can be heard at most positive. To the misfortune of each patient, the specialists are suitable individually. It often happens that problems with conception are based on psychological constriction, recently experienced depression, difficulties in dealing with a partner. This specialist will perform all the necessary tests, listen to the patient and, in the end, find a solution to the problem.

The management of the medical institution does everything to increase the birth rate. Annually new reproductive technologies are introduced in the clinic "Altravita".Reviews show that over the past few years the number of pregnant women who have used the services of the institution has increased several times. Thus, in 50% of the patients conception occurs already at the first attempt of IVF.At the second attempt, the efficiency rises to 75%.

In vitro fertilization belongs to the category of high-tech medical care. Carrying out procedures of this kind is impossible without appropriate licenses and certificates. All necessary documents have the clinic "Altravita".The testimonials show that every patient, if desired, can get acquainted with them.

Specialists of the

clinic Excellent results are achieved not only due to high-quality equipment. Of great importance is also the experience of specialists. Every day at the medical facility, experienced reproducers, endocrinologists, gynecologists, urologists and andrologists are taking the reception. It helps to overcome both the female and male factor of infertility clinic "Altravita"( Moscow).Reviews about doctors show that the work is really done at a high level.

altravita moscow reviews Many people are trying to get to the reception to Litvinov Vladimir Valentinovich. He is a candidate of medical sciences, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, a reproductive expert with many years of experience. The doctor is a member of the Human Reproduction Association. Vladimir Valentinovich helped to achieve the desired pregnancy for many Russian families. Some patients come from other cities to the clinic "Altravita".The reviews show that out-of-town patients are served under the same conditions as Muscovites.

Aspen Ekaterina Aleksandrovna is another specialist, many of whom are striving to make an appointment. Reproduction, Candidate of Medical Sciences has a work experience of more than 15 years. Most of its activities the doctor dedicated the clinic "Altravita".Aspen reviews have only positive. Ekaterina Aleksandrovna owns all the modern methods of diagnosing and treating infertility.

Regularly receive gratitude from patients and the following specialists: Zorina Irina Vadimovna, Belousova Nadezhda, Oleksya Motorina, Dmitry Vadimovich Tikotsky, Nail Shirtovitch Irtuganov, Vsevolod Yakovlevich Donov, Julia Kovaleva.

How do I get to the clinic?

The medical institution is located at: Moscow, Nagornaya Street, 4A.You can get to the clinic in several ways. Near the metro station "Tula".You need to go to the shopping center "Yerevan Plaza" and take bus number 25 or shuttle bus number 414. You need to leave at the bus stop "College № 38".

You can also get to the clinic from the subway station "Profsoyuznaya".If you leave the first vagoda in the course of traffic, you will be able to get to Nakhimovsky Prospekt. Here you need to take the bus number 44 or shuttle bus number 414.

You can find out information about the medical institution's work by dialing the hot line number 8( 800) 55-81-22.

In-vitro fertilization

The best domestic specialists in the field of artificial insemination work in the clinic "Altravita"( Moscow).The reviews show that the long-awaited pregnancy can be achieved within a few months. Technologies that specialists use in their practice allow one to increase the chances of successful conception several times. Thanks to artificial insemination in Moscow, over 5,000 women could feel the joy of motherhood. This is the merit of the clinic "Altravita".Reviews about IVF show that in 50% already at the first attempt the pregnancy is saved.

altravita reviews of doctors In-vitro fertilization in the clinic is carried out in several stages. Initially, experts examine the health status of both partners in a pair, conduct the necessary tests. It often happens that there is no need for artificial insemination. Men and women are prescribed drugs for the treatment of reproductive organs. Upon completion of therapy, additional studies are performed. There is no purpose to earn on patients the clinic "Altravita" in Moscow. The reviews show that IVF for specialists is an extreme measure. Initially, procedures are performed that help to achieve conception in a natural way.

If the doctor decides that it is necessary to do IVF, the couple begins to prepare for the future procedure. An individual treatment course is developed, which is suitable for a particular couple, and the necessary tests are submitted. The chances of pregnancy are significantly increased if the patient develops several full-grown eggs at once. Therefore, the Altravita Clinic( Moscow) can stimulate ovulation. ECO reviews in this regard is ambiguous. After all, many couples wanting to give birth to one baby get twins or even triplets.

The cost of in vitro fertilization depends on several factors. This is the need for certain procedures in the cycle of IVF, the number of attempts at fertilization, the age of the patient.

Pregnancy management

The conception of a baby is just the beginning of a complex work. If a woman has health problems, previously had a problem of infertility, then the management of pregnancy should also be conducted with special attention. Has the staff of all necessary specialists clinic "Altravita" on Nagornaya. The patients' feedback shows that there is an opportunity to apply for help to an endocrinologist, therapist, immunologist, genetics if necessary. Doctors working in a medical institution are able to provide for all dangerous situations, avoid possible complications.

In the clinic, a pregnancy test for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities is conducted. Deviations in the development of the fetus can be seen at an early stage. This allows you to interrupt pregnancy in the early stages, which significantly reduces the risk of complications for women, and also increases the chances for a healthy conception in the future.

clinic altravita on the mountainous reviews Women who are registered for pregnancy in the clinic "Altravita" have the opportunity to use the services of a dentist, cardiologist, oculist, otolaryngologist, allergist. Bearing fruit is not a reason to forget about one's own health.

There are no queues in the medical institution. Each appointment with a specialist is carried out by appointment. All that is needed for a future mother, is to seek help in the registry.

The cost of managing pregnancy depends on whether the patient has previously had to seek help from a clinic. So, the price of services after IVF will be an order of magnitude lower and amount to 101 600 rubles for single-pregnancy and 111 600 rubles for multiple pregnancies.


All types of diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system are carried out in the clinic "Altravita".Reviews about doctors are more positive. Experts are sure that the correct approach to the female pathology allows to cope with the problem for several months. In this case, the primary reception of a gynecologist is free of charge. The doctor finds out with what complaints the patient has applied to the clinic and prescribes a series of preliminary analyzes. The main activity is the restoration of female fertility.

clinic altravita in moscow reviews In the clinic there are wards of a day hospital of a superior comfort. Here, patients can be under the supervision of doctors after surgery. The clinic treats pathologies of the vagina, vulva, cervix. Both nonessential and serious diseases are eliminated.

Collaborates with the largest laboratory with many years of experience clinic IVF "Altravita".The reviews show that thanks to the latest equipment and the experience of specialists, it is possible to identify pathologies at an early stage, when there is still no question of infertility. After passing the therapeutic course, most families are happy about the onset of pregnancy.

Specialists of other medical institutions often in the identification of gynecological problems send patients to the clinic "Altravita" on Nagornaya. Reviews show that the availability of high-quality ultrasound equipment allows you to carefully examine the uterus and other reproductive organs.

Andrology and urology

Often, infertility is also caused by pathologies of the organs of the male reproductive system. It is not accidental that when a pregnancy does not occur for a long period, both partners should be examined.

Initially, the causes of infertility in men are being investigated. For this, the MAR test is primarily carried out. The study allows you to assess the quality of sperm, determine whether antisperm antibodies are present. The next step is biochemical analysis of sperm, an ultrasound examination of reproductive organs is carried out. In some cases, a pathology analysis allows the analysis of blood on hormones.

Treatment of sexual disorders is also carried out by the clinic "Altravita".Experts' feedback shows that erectile dysfunction, as well as premature ejaculation, can lead to problems with conception. Some members of the stronger sex have to use an individual program to stimulate spermatogenesis. At the end of treatment, the chances of a long-awaited pregnancy are doubled.

The clinic offers such a service as cryopreservation of seminal fluid. Sperm is stored in a clinic in a specially prepared storehouse. The presence of biological material significantly facilitates the procedure of IVF in the future.

Donation of sperm and eggs

Infertility may be due to the lack of function of egg production in women or the birth of healthy spermatozoa in men. The clinic "Altravita" and in this case provides an opportunity to become parents. The couple can independently select the biological material in the clinic's storage for the IVF procedure. And healthy men and women, in turn, can participate in the program and become donors. Thus it will be possible to receive material compensation.

It is worth remembering that IVF with the use of donor material will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Eggs and sperm should be of high quality. To do this, special conditions are created for storing the material. And this requires some financial costs.

Surrogate motherhood

If a woman for any reason is unable to bear and give birth to a healthy baby, the clinic's specialists can offer a surrogate motherhood service. At the same time, the family expects the birth of a native child. Surrogate mother at the genetic level is not connected with the fetus. With the help of IVF, a woman is planted with an embryo, which is obtained by fertilizing the egg with a sperm cell. Biological material belongs to a married couple, who plans to bring the baby to the light.

altravita reviews on the eco The cost of the "Surrogate motherhood" program depends on a number of factors. In single-pregnancy, you will have to pay 2 470 000 rubles, with multiple pregnancies - 3 770 000 rubles. If a couple brings their surrogate mother to the clinic, the service will have to pay only 126,000 rubles.

Reviews about the clinic "Altravita"

About the medical institution you can hear more positive comments. The specialists of the clinic find an approach to each patient, it is possible to solve the most serious problems, to overcome infertility. Becoming parents succeeds those who have lost all hope.

A sperm and egg bank is available. This allows the couple to achieve the desired pregnancy in the event that the diagnosis of "infertility" is put to one of the partners. The only negative is the high cost of services. Although the practice shows that families who have been struggling with infertility for a long time, give any money to finally wait for the birth of the baby.

altravita moscow eco reviews The clinic "Altravita" offers assistance to women who are in a difficult life situation. The reviews show that the surrogate motherhood service remains in demand. Thanks to this technique, many men and women can become parents. Surrogate mother, in turn, receives a generous reward, which can reach 1,600,000 rubles. Throughout the period of pregnancy a woman is under the care of specialists. Regularly given tests that help determine the health of the fetus.

Many positive responses can be heard about in vitro fertilization. With each passing year, technologies are being improved. Chances of successful conception are increasing. If you believe the statistics, over 13 years of work in the clinic there were more than 9000 pregnancies. In 80% of cases, families felt the joy of having a genetically born baby. The remaining 20% ​​is pregnancy using donor biological material. In any case, babies appear to be absolutely healthy. Many families already in a few years ask for help for a re-replenishment.