Center Almazov, St. Petersburg: address, departments, doctors, reviews

The Almazov Center( St. Petersburg) is a federal medical research institution. It rightfully takes the leading place in the list of the largest scientific and medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

The Almazov Center( St. Petersburg) provides its patients with high-tech and specialized medical care. Particularly rapidly developing FGBU FMIs them VA.Almazova in recent years. There is a gradual opening of new scientific units. To date, the Center includes 6 research institutes. More recently, patients began to take in the newly constructed building, and also earned a new perinatal center.

The scope of this clinic is constantly expanding. From conventional cardiology, the Almazov Center( St. Petersburg) has become a multidisciplinary, well-equipped large institution.

Founder of

Vladimir Almazov was the source of the Center. This famous Russian cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, academician, professor of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, graduated from the 1st Leningrad Medical Institute named after ak. Pavlova. For 47 years of his life, Almazov trained highly qualified personnel. He was an employee of the Pavlova, whose diploma he himself received. From 1971 to 1997Almazov was in charge of the clinic of the department of therapy. It was her development in the form of a multidisciplinary medical institution.

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diamond cardiology center Which were originally part of the Almazov Center? There were only five of them. Among them there were departments of cardiology and endocrinology, intensive care, as well as hematological and therapeutic. It was the founder of this institution that laid the foundation of the scientific school of cardiology. It also served as a base for the emergence of the Federal State Standards and Meteorological Service of the Federal Space Agency. V.A.Almazov.

General Director of

Today the Center of Almazov( St. Petersburg) is headed by Evgeny Vladimirovich Shlyakhto. His post was successor and follower of the Russian scientist in 2001, after Almazov left. Shlyakhto is a well-deserved figure in the sciences of Russia and an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The General Director, who heads the North-West Center of Almazov, was elected President of the Russian Cardiological Society, and is also the chief cardiologist of St. Petersburg and the entire North-West District.

In his post, this outstanding Russian scientist made a significant contribution to the solution of practical and theoretical problems of organization of the institution, to the development of revolutionary methods of treatment and diagnosis of vascular and cardiac pathologies. And today the Almazov Medical Center conducts intensive research in the field of translational medicine, dealing with problems of molecular diagnostics, providing high-tech care to patients, creating materials that have biocompatibility, etc.

History of development

The state budget federal research institution of the Ministry of Health of Russia, whichand is the Center, was founded in 1980. His organization was caused by an extreme need due to the increasing scale of morbidity,as well as the disability of the population caused by pathologies of the circulatory system.

The first institute of cardiology was opened in Moscow. The initiator of his appearance was Academician EI Chazov. After this, a new Leningrad Research Institute appeared, which was originally considered the Institute of Cardiology of the RSFSR.Almazov headed it.

The city administration handed over to the institute a cardiovascular dispensary, as well as a hospital with a capacity of 300 beds. In addition, budget funds were allocated for the repair of the clinic.

Ministry of Health of Russia The Center was tasked with the global task of improving the existing and creating the newest methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various cardiovascular pathologies. This would strengthen the health of the population, reduce morbidity and mortality of Russians.

The cardiological center, named after Almazov, had a remote service in its structure. Its specialists took over the phone, and also analyzed the electrocardiograms transmitted to them by the townspeople. Thus, patients received the help of highly qualified specialists.

How else developed them. Almazova Cardiology Center? On its basis, the departments of ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, emergency cardiology were opened. Also, a block was created in which intensive therapy was carried out.

The Almazov Center, whose doctors were only highly qualified specialists, already in the first years of its activity was able to perform very complex research and development work. In this institution a collective of like-minded people has formed, laying the foundation of the newest scientific and clinical school.

From the first days of its existence, the federal center Almazova began research activities aimed at creating high-quality domestic medical devices. And already in 1983 the laboratory of clinical physiology of blood circulation released a portable cardiac monitor called "Inkart".

In 1987 the department of cardiac surgery was established at the institute. This allowed the specialists of the Center to move to a higher level of rendering medical assistance to the population. The Institute rented premises located in the building of the 4th city hospital.

In 1991, another stage began, predetermining further improvement of the organizational structure of the Center. Almazov came up with the initiative to unite the scientific and therapeutic units of the institution. This would allow accelerating the results of introducing the latest techniques into practice. And such unification occurred. Previously, disparate units turned into NGOs - scientific and clinical departments.

In 2004 the institute received permission from the Ministry of Education of Russia, which gives him the right to create a Dissertation Council. Thus, the Center's scientific staff began to defend their candidate and doctoral dissertations directly within the walls of the clinic.

To date, this institution of the Ministry of Health of Russia is one of the leading centers in the country where cardiosurgical and cardiological care is provided to the population, and applied and fundamental research is being carried out. Also there training is carried out to improve the skills of specialists and scientists.

Construction of new buildings

In the eighties, the fact that the institute does not receive proper development due to the limited space available for it became obvious. That is why in 1987, a task was given to design a modern clinical complex capable of receiving 480 patients. In addition, the building provided for a polyclinic department. It was designed for three hundred and sixty visits per shift.

diamond medical center According to plans, the construction of the building was to be completed in 1992. However, due to lack of adequate financing, the construction was frozen for almost 10 years.

A new stage in the fate of the unfinished building began in 2001. It was then that preparations were made for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg, and the building became an object on the list of those whose erection should be completed.

The new clinico-polyclinic building was inaugurated in the autumn of 2006. In addition to its main offices, the largest blood transfusion station in St. Petersburg is located.

In 2007, the Government of Russia issued an order that indicated the need to create state perinatal centers. Almazov Medical Center included one of them. The perinatal center in St. Petersburg began receiving patients as early as 1.11.2010.


The largest Russian Northwest Federal Research Center provides assistance to its patients on a paid basis. He also accepts compulsory health insurance policies.

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The Almazov Center invites Russian and foreign residents to:

1. Multislice computed tomography. In this largest medical center, there are three new multislice tomographs at once. One of them is in the CCP( clinico-polyclinic building).This is the Almazov Center, ul. Akkuratova, 2. The other two tomographs are located at different addresses. One of them is at Parkhomenko Ave. 15. The treatment and rehabilitation complex is located at this address. Another tomograph conducts the diagnosis of patients on the street. Mayakovskogo, 12. This is the address of the RNGI Polenov.

2. Magnetic resonance imaging. Almazov Medical Center has two such devices. The first of these is the ultra-high-carbon modern magnet - located in the PDA, and the second, the high-floor magnet - in the Perinatal Center.

3. Radioisotope diagnostics. This study is the most modern way of radial imaging. This method is based on the use of chemical elements labeled with radionuclides. Radioisotope diagnosis allows us to evaluate not only the functional state of human tissues and organs, but also to check the receptor status and cellular metabolism.

4. Laboratory diagnostics. The Almazov Medical Center has modern apparatuses produced by the world's leading manufacturers. Thanks to automatic analyzers ABBOTT, Becton Dickinson, Radiometer, Beckman Coulter, Roche and the use of branded reagents in them only, laboratory diagnostics by specialists of this institution are performed at the highest level.

5. Functional diagnostics. The department for the provision of these services is located in the clinic and polyclinic complex. It conducts surveys by experienced highly qualified specialists on the most advanced medical equipment.

6. X-ray diagnostics. This branch is also located in the CCP on the street. Akkuratova, 2. It is also in the Perinatal Center near the clinico-polyclinic complex( 2a Akkuratova Street).These offices are equipped with digital, state-of-the-art equipment, through which X-ray diagnostics are conducted at the highest level. Such equipment gives a minimum dose of radiation, which is especially important when examining small patients.

7. Endoscopic diagnosis. This direction occupies a special place in the study of the state of the gastrointestinal tract. From other methods, endoscopic diagnosis is distinguished, above all, by direct eye examination, rather than by evaluation of indirect symptoms.

Use of unique complexes

The center of Almazov reviews reviews of patients who have been diagnosed and treated in it, usually receive positive results. And this is not accidental. The Center is the only medical institution in the North-West region of the Russian Federation, where doctors use the robotic surgical complex "Da Vinci".This is a whole system of devices, which consists of three parts. Its design includes an operating console equipped with 4 working manipulators, a control panel and a dashboard. During the operation, the robot copies the movements of the doctor. The specialist is also the operator and sits behind the control panel.

Mechanical "hands" of the complex repeat the movements of the fingers and hands of the surgeon. Such a system serves to improve the quality of the operation and maintain the effectiveness of the doctor, who is less tired and keeps his work for a long time.

The Center's ophthalmology department is equipped with the most secure and modern laser of the German company Carl Zeiss. With its help, patients undergo high-quality operations.

Unique equipment is installed in the endocrinology department. There is a system that allows to conduct round-the-clock control in the blood glucose.

Structure of the

clinic by the Severo-Zapadniy Medical Research Center named after A.Ya. Almazov is a high-tech and specialized assistance to sick people.

In the structure of the clinic there is a hospital that can accommodate 1357 people, a consultation and diagnostic center, and a Perinatal Center with 166 beds. Approximately 36,000 people receive timely medical assistance each year. More than 170 thousand apply for a consultation in the diagnostic center.

Structure of the main building

In the northern zone of the Specific Park, which is located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, the main building of the Almazov Center is located. This is the main clinical building of the country's largest scientific and medical center. The building is adjoined by a huge park area, which is used for rehabilitation of patients and for their walking. Here the specialists of the Center conduct classes with patients on physiotherapy exercises.

center of diamond saint petersburg

The park zone is remote from the noisy motorways of the city and is isolated from other functional facilities of the clinic.

Construction of the main clinical complex was conducted in separate stages. The first of them was completed in 2006. As a result,

was commissioned: a consulting and diagnostic department;
- administration offices;
is a blood transfusion unit.

At the second stage the clinic received at its disposal the following blocks:

- hospital;
- operational;
- medical and diagnostic.

The third stage involved the commissioning of a positron emission tomography department with a cyclotron.

cardiology units All of them are located in the main building of the center and receive patients with the following problems:

- with acute and chronic forms of heart ischemia;
- pathologies of the aorta, as well as its branches;
- acquired heart defects;
- diseases of the pericardium and myocardium;
- pulmonary thromboembolism;
- with diseases caused by pulmonary hypertension;
- with congenital heart disease in adults.

center of diamond doctors According to the reviews of patients who received treatment in the cardiology departments of the clinic, they were closely and with understanding the highly qualified doctors of the Center. At the same time, assistance was provided at a rather high professional level.

Perinatal Center

This structural unit of the Almazov Clinic began its work on 1.11.2010. The Perinatal Center became the first medical institution of this type in the North-West Federal District. Here is a specialized obstetric, neonatological and gynecological care for women. To achieve its high quality allows the use of the most advanced medical technologies.

Perinatal Center deals with:

- improving reproductive health of women suffering from extragenital pathologies;
- surgical correction of congenital malformations of the newborn and fetus;
- diagnosis and treatment of infants with perinatal pathologies;
- introduction into practice of the most modern medical and diagnostic technologies, as well as organizational forms of therapy and rehabilitation;
- assisting those women who have a high risk of pregnancy.

Family branch

In this structural division of the Perinatal Center, highly skilled professionals provide women with maximum comfort and safety. All this is a priority in the work of the birth department.

In the case there is:

- five maternity rooms;
- emergency and planned operational;
- office for blood transfusion;
- three reserve chambers in which functional beds are installed.

diamond center maternity hospital Almazova Center has the most modern maternity hospital. Here, equipment is installed that allows for gentle delivery. New modern beds have comfortable mattresses and a lightweight transformation mechanism. They allow women to take the most comfortable position in the 1 st and 2 nd stage of labor. In the halls where babies are born, there are children's resuscitation tables and equipment, with the help of which there is emergency care for newborns. There are also cardiotocographs, which allow monitoring the heart rate of the fetus, as well as uterine activity. The perinatal center also has equipment that monitors the hemodynamic parameters of the mother.

In the department patients are provided with psychological relaxation, for which inflatable balls, massagers and showers are used.

The work of this department is focused on family birth. The husband or other accompanying person must take part in them. According to the patients, the partner birth is very good for the psychological contact of the spouses. Keeping confidence and calmness, the husband supports his beloved. This helps her to relax and quickly overcome stress. A partner can be present either at particularly acute moments of childbirth, or throughout their entire length. In doing so, it will help to take a woman a comfortable position during the fights, and also apply massage techniques that reduce pain. To prepare for such a process, a woman and her partner must first be trained in preparatory courses.

Anyone who decided to visit Almazov Center, the phone of the necessary department can find out on the official website of the clinic.