Abortion at the 10th week of pregnancy: where to do, the consequences

The number of abortions is growing every year. These statistics meet different opinions. Some believe that abortion is murder. Other people say that abortion is better than giving up a child. In each case, the woman makes a decision on her own. Today's article will tell you about how abortion is performed at week 10.The consequences of manipulation and feedback about it will be presented to your attention. Also you can find out about the complications that sometimes arise during the operation.

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Can I have an abortion at week 10?

Russian legislation states that a woman can terminate a pregnancy up to 12 weeks of her own free will. To do this, she needs to pass some tests and sign the relevant documents. After this period, abortion is carried out only on indications. To appoint a procedure, a commission is assembled, which decides on the need for manipulation.

Abortion at week 10 can be done in any medical institution that has the right tools and qualified gynecologists. If you are applying to public hospitals, then you should have a policy and passport with you. In private clinics interruption is performed without documentary red tape, but for an appropriate fee. Note that abortion at the 10th week can be legal and criminal. It is in the second case that there are more complications and consequences of manipulation.

Private clinics

Where to get an abortion for a woman before 12 weeks of pregnancy? If you want to get the service quickly and without additional problems, it makes sense to go to a private clinic. There, doctors will immediately conduct the necessary examinations, and the next day you can be hospitalized and operated.

Here are some addresses of medical institutions in Moscow, whose specialists can help you in this situation:

  • st. Dubinskaya, 68;
  • Seleznevskaya, 11a;
  • Goncharova, 6;
  • Pokrovka, 22a, etc.

You can apply for an abortion in such clinics as "Zdravnitsa", "Ultramed", "Vita".Practically in every locality of our country there are private medical institutions offering an abortion service. More detailed information on the cost and conditions of the operation should be learned from them.

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Government institutions

Where to get an abortion for free? Such manipulation can be carried out in a regular hospital. For this, a woman should contact her precinct gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and give recommendations. After receiving the results of the examination, a woman is hospitalized in a hospital. There she will be from two hours to several days. It all depends on the result of the procedure.

It should be reminded that state clinics conduct free legal abortions. To do this, a woman must have the documents and the results of the preliminary examination. If the doctor does not ask you to sign consent or conduct manipulation without testing, then such abortion is criminal. It entails a number of complications and consequences. Remember this and be careful.

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How to have an abortion at week 10?

This period provides for two options for manipulation. Up to 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, you can still use the medication method. It is considered the safest and the least traumatic. If you do not have time before this time, then you will be offered other options.

  • Aspiration. The use of vacuum suction can reduce the risks of complications. Manipulation involves the treatment of small areas of the mucous membrane of the uterus. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In the absence of complications, the patient can go home after a few hours.
  • Surgical interruption. This method is recognized as the most effective. But it requires the use of general anesthesia. The woman is placed in the clinic for 24 hours for additional observation.

Recall that abortion at week 10 is quite risky. It often has unpleasant consequences, rather than an interruption on shorter terms. Therefore, if you decide to have an abortion, then you need to spend it as soon as possible.

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Complications arising during manipulation of

During the procedure, unforeseen circumstances may appear. Most doctors conduct blind manipulation. Only some medical institutions additionally use ultrasound device control. Consider this fact when choosing the location of the operation.

The most dangerous complication is the perforation of the walls of the genital organ. At 10 weeks, the uterus grows to the size of a male fist. The doctor can not control the depth of penetration of the instrument. With a strong immersion, the curette simply pierces the muscle layer. As a result, internal bleeding occurs. Complication is more common in women with a history of obstetric anamnesis. The outcome of such a situation depends on the competence of doctors. If the doctor time to notice the pathology and perform the operation, the predictions will be good. If untreated, there is a risk of death or complete organ removal.

Also during an abortion, a complication such as damage to the mucous membrane of the cervical canal or cervix can be determined. These conditions affect the course of natural childbirth in the future, since scarring occurs.

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Consequences of abortion

You already know about what methods of abortion, up to what time. If you still lasted up to 10 weeks, what can you expect from the operation? Consider them.

  • Infectious lesions. During an abortion or after it, an infection can be entered into the uterine cavity. Damaged mucous membrane becomes an open gate in front of bacteria. The result of this pathology is the appearance of adhesions, obstruction of the fallopian tubes and chronic endometritis. Thinning machine. With excessive curettage, the inner surface of the uterus becomes thinner. This can lead to organ rupture during subsequent pregnancy or at the time of delivery. More often such a consequence arises because of curettage.
  • Hormonal failure. Abortion at 9-10 weeks of pregnancy can cause a strong imbalance in the patient's body. If the pregnancy is interrupted for 4 weeks, all the hormones quickly return to normal. After 8 weeks, the body is thoroughly tuned for pregnancy. Its interruption leads to a disruption of the hormonal background. From this consequence other pathologies follow: endometriosis, mimes, polyps, insufficiency of the second phase and so on.
  • Psychological consequences. About 60% of women after the termination of pregnancy at this time face psychological disabilities. Such patients feel guilty, they have irritability, anxiety, insomnia.
  • Infertility. A frequent consequence of abortion is the inability to conceive a child in the future. There is such a consequence due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometrium insufficiency, low level of progesterone, inflammatory diseases. Often infertility becomes psychological.

Is it possible to have an abortion at week 10?

Abortion at week 10: reviews of

What do the patients who have been through interruption of pregnancy at this time say? Most women report that they are doing well. After the procedure, the doctor prescribed medication for them, which included antibacterial therapy, the use of immunomodulators and sedatives. There were no negative consequences.

But there are women, for whom abortion at the 10th week has become a nightmare. After the procedure, some representatives of the weaker sex bleed, others faced with thrombosis and the formation of varicose veins. Also there are patients who talk about exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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In conclusion

If you decide to have an abortion, to what time is the procedure performed? The doctor will tell you. Contact a specialist for help as soon as possible. Consider that you will need some time for examination. Do not try to have an abortion at home, especially at this time. The consequences of such actions can be very deplorable. All the best to you!