Gynecology in Samara: reviews, addresses

All women with health problems will benefit from gynecology in Samara. Specialists of high qualification, many families are responsible for the birth of healthy children.

What is treated by the medical center "Nauka"

Center for more than 10 years, today it is a multidisciplinary clinic. Everything began with a laboratory, to which doctors of different specialties joined in the course of the work. The modern clinic has the ability to cure or improve the state of health in all diseases developing in the sexual sphere of men and women.

gynecology in Samara

You can get help with sexually transmitted diseases, with endocrinological disorders, urological problems, and also cope with infertility. An important direction of the clinic's work is help with a pathological pregnancy.

Gynecology in Samara in the clinic "Science" is well known to women of all ages.

Multiprofile center "Volga"

This organization has excellent gynecology in Samara, which operates as a female consultation. Here, a woman and her partner can undergo a comprehensive recovery, using services for the treatment of almost all diseases. There are specialists in gynecology and urology, cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology and other specialties. Modern dentistry is working.

gynecology in the samara of the address

A distinctive feature of the center is the possibility of carrying out genetic examination or establishing a relationship. You can establish paternity. Studies are carried out within the framework of forensic examination, the conclusions are of legal force.

The center is located at: ul. Physical culture, 98.

Center "Sana LTD" in Gaya, 36

The strength of this center is the latest diagnostic equipment, the ability to pinpoint the violation of the functions of a particular organ. This gynecology in Samara constantly holds promotions and offers discounts, uses in its work a lot of physiotherapeutic and "manual" techniques, including different types of massage.

gynecology in samara reviews

The mammologist-oncologist constantly consults here.

The center has been operating for more than 15 years, during which time a tremendous practical experience has been accumulated.

Clinic "Calling"

A medical company with such a talking name has tremendous capabilities. Here, assistance is provided to both adults and children, vaccinations are carried out, certificates and sick leave sheets are issued.

Local gynecology in Samara is characterized by an integrated approach to the problem of women's health. At any visit to the gynecologist, not only general clinical studies are performed, but also the degree of purity of the genital organs is detected, and oncomarkers and sexual infections are detected. This approach allows you to immediately determine the level of health and choose the best medical tactics.

best gynecology in Samara

The clinic performs vaccination against cervical cancer, this progressive technique has saved many lives. At the gestational age of up to 6 weeks, medical abortion is performed, which spares the reproductive system of the patient. Erosion of the cervix is ​​treated by radio-coagulation, which allows a woman to recover in a short time.

"Mother and Child" on Enthusiasts, 29

Extracorporeal fertilization is performed here, giving more than 55% of the effectiveness. The first "children from the test tube" were born in this clinic in 1991.Since then, the center has been active, giving people the opportunity to become parents.

This center assists all women: from girls to old ladies. There are excellent children's gynecologists, coping with the problems of forming a healthy reproductive system.

private gynecology in Samara

Every woman who comes here gets help from a personal doctor, which is available 24 hours a day on the phone.

Surprising speed of surveys. Diagnosis of miscarriage is performed for 2 visits, and the cause of infertility is established for 1 day.

In this clinic there are no days off, doctors work on holidays, there is no need to ask to leave work. The ECO program is covered by compulsory health insurance.

Many couples will benefit from this gynecology in Samara. The addresses of other clinics of this specialization are also presented in our article.

"He and she" at Leninskaya, 147

The medical center specializes in sexually transmitted diseases.

Genital infections are always sick in pairs, and in men, the pathogen is usually "asleep", and the women undergo a full phase of development. A man may not know that he is sick - he does not feel anything.

This topic is very delicate, the doctors in this case think primarily about the safety of the family. Anyone who has encountered an unpleasant problem can benefit from gynecology in Samara. The responses of the cured patients suggest that the center supported them at the most difficult moment.

The peculiarity of the clinic is the desire to cure the patient completely. Perfect laboratory diagnostics makes it possible to detect even fragments of microbial bodies, so treatment is carried out until the genital tract is sanitized.

Both conventional methods of influence and innovative approaches are used. A psychologist is working to correct personality disorders. To treat chronic inflammation, millimeter therapy is applied, which affects the biologically active points.

In difficult cases, treatment is organized in profiled clinics in Israel and Germany.

International medicine - Medical On Group

The office of the international clinic is located at: ul. Karbysheva, 63. This is perhaps the best gynecology in Samara, using the latest world scientific achievements. Here, all diseases of the genital sphere will be treated, they will get rid of erosions and polyps.

gynecology in samara clinic science

Undesirable pregnancy is prevented in the best way. So, the latest novelty is the hormonal contraceptive Implanon, which is a thin silicone tubing up to 2 mm in diameter. The drug under local anesthesia is injected into the forearm on certain days of the menstrual cycle. After implantation, the probability of conception is excluded in 99% for as long as 3 years.

If an unwanted pregnancy does occur, sparing methods of its interruption are used, including physiological medical abortion.

Which clinic is better - public or private?

Today, there are no special differences in the quality of assistance, there is some difference in the price of services. Practically any private gynecology in Samara renders services under the OMS program. All medical institutions, regardless of the form of ownership, are required to pass accreditation, during which national standards are complied with.

Many private clinics have the right to register a sick leave sheet and various certificates.

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Residents of Samara from all state clinics often prefer hospitals in the medical university. Many advanced techniques are used here. Thus, endoscopic gynecological interventions are performed, in which a cut is not required.

All that is needed to preserve the health of women throughout their lives - take an examination at the gynecologist at least 2 times a year. Many states have minor initial signs, which pass unnoticed in worldly vanity. Inspection from a specialist will avoid long and painful treatment. Ideally, a woman should be observed at a gynecologist from childhood, the habit of a healthy lifestyle is preserved forever. During the menopause, doctor's advice and adequate medications will help maintain the attraction until the very late age.

Opinions of women

Clinics formed with the participation of specialists from a medical university receive good reviews of women. So, "Science" is clearly on the first place in the city on the quality of diagnosis and treatment. The institution "Sana LTD" positively characterizes the high quality of services in the Medical On Group. Negative feedback was received by Aelita-M, Volga and Florovo Clinic.

It should be noted that women primarily assessed the quality of care, financial issues were of secondary importance.