Poxxlin with chickenpox: reviews, instructions for use

Chicken pox is considered a non-dangerous disease. Most often they suffer from children of preschool and school age. Toddlers are fairly well tolerated and rarely face complications.

Adults are much sicker with chickenpox. In the development of pathology, complications often occur. After complete cure, ugly scars on the skin often remain. That is why it is so important to choose the right remedy for the treatment of the disease. Poxxlin is often used with chicken pox. Reviews about it will be presented to your attention. The article will tell you about the opinion that has developed over the given drug from consumers. Also, you will learn how to use the Poxxlin gel with chickenpox. Instructions for use will be described below.

poksklin with chickenpox reviews

What does the preparation consist of?

Why is the Poxxlin gel with chickenpox testimonials positive? All because of its relatively safe composition and convenient form of release. The preparation contains the following components: a mesh copolymer of galactoarabine and polyglucuronic acid, extracts of aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, allantoin, betaine, panthenol.

The composition of the drug does not include skin irritating alcohol and other toxic components. This explains the possibility of using medication in young children.

pox-chicken with chicken pox

Recommendations for treatment: indications

In what cases do physicians prescribe Poxklin gel for treatment? Instruction for use informs that the medication is intended for the treatment of scars and ulcers that are formed due to chicken pox. However, sometimes pediatricians give other recommendations.

So, the "Poxklin" gel, whose composition includes natural ingredients, can be used for insect bites, herpes or lice. It is worth recalling that even if there is evidence before the beginning of the correction, you should consult a doctor and get advice and some recommendations.

instructions for poxillin

Contraindications: is there a prohibition or restriction to the use of the drug?

In most cases, the Poxxlin preparation with chickenpox reviews is good. The medication is well tolerated by children and adults. Most often, there are no side effects from the treatment. However, one should not forget that some people have an increased sensitivity to certain natural components.

So, the above-described remedy is not recommended for allergic reactions. If you once had negative consequences after using this drug, then you should choose an alternative method of correction. The Poxxlin medication is pretty good. The doctor will tell you about them during the consultation.

gel poxcline

How to use the medicine

How is Poxxlin used in chicken pox? The doctors say that the medicine should be applied to the affected areas of the skin. It is better to use disposable fingertips or a cotton swab. You can apply the medicine as needed. As soon as you feel an increase in itching or burning, apply the acupressure medication to the skin.

The preparation has a gel consistency. After purchase, open the bottle and use the back of the lid to pierce the tube. Extrude a small amount of the substance and distribute it over the affected areas. The course of treatment is always determined by a specialist. However, the instruction informs you that you should not use the medication for more than 30 consecutive days. It is worth recalling that the storage period of the opened tube is one month. At the end of this period, the use of the drug may end up being unsuccessful for the patient. It is especially dangerous to use an overdue medicine for children.

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Action of medication per person

You have learned how to apply the Poxxlin gel with chickenpox. The instruction contains information on the action of the drug on the patient's body.

This drug is not absorbed into the systemic circulation. That is why it usually does not cause negative reactions on the part of organs and systems. The drug acts topically. The effect is noticeable immediately after the first application of the drug. The gel has a calming effect. The patient discovers that his earlier itching started to go away. Also, the product slightly dehydrates the skin. Acquired sores heal faster and become less noticeable.

The preparation also has a cooling effect. This is what saves patients who suffer from chicken pox in the hot season. Gel after application on the skin somewhat softens the dermis. This prevents cracking healing ulcers.

puxclin composition

"Poxxlin" with chickenpox: the cost of a life saving product and analog

Consumers and pharmacists say that this medication has a rather high cost. Despite this, the drug is in great demand. All because of actual efficiency.100 milliliters is the average required amount of Poxxlin with chicken pox. The price of this volume is about one thousand rubles.

It should be noted that some manufacturers produce cheaper analogs, for example, the drug "Kalamin".This drug has the form of lotion and costs the buyer about 700 rubles per 100 milliliters.

Reviews about the drug: the opinions of doctors and consumers

Consumers say that the drug has a very fast and effective effect. Already immediately after the application comes the healing of the symptoms of the disease. This is especially true for toddlers who can not tolerate itching and simply comb the ulcers formed. It is worth recalling that such actions can lead to the formation of scars after recovery. Such defects are almost impossible to eliminate without surgical intervention.

Quite often, patients ask the question: "Poxxlin" or "Kalamin" - what's better with chickenpox? "It's rather difficult to answer it. Both preparations include natural ingredients. However, the gel is much more convenient to apply than a lotion that can spill. The form of the gel is convenient for use outside the home. You can always put the tube in a bag and do not worry that the medicine will pour out. As for the cost of these drugs similar to the action, the "Kalamin" is somewhat cheaper.

Doctors say that it is possible to refuse using Poxxlin during chickenpox. He is not able to accelerate the process of recovery. However, long-term treatment with it is much more comfortable than without it. The drug alleviates the painful symptoms of pathology in both adults and children. It is worth saying that doctors do not recommend the use of a medicine to treat a disease in children up to two years.

Customers' reviews suggest that the unopened vial can be stored for three years from the production date. However, when the tube is depressurized, it is recommended that it be used within one month. If not, dispose of the drug. Further storage and use of the medication can be dangerous to the general condition and cause side effects.

poksklin or calamine which is better with chickenpox

Summarizing the

You have read the instructions for using the Poxxlin drug and also learned the main feedback from specialists and consumers about it. It is worth noting that this medication does not fight the varicella-zoster virus, which causes rashes. The drug is intended solely to alleviate the condition of the patient suffering from ulcers located on the skin.

Most often, the use of the above-described drug should be combined with an additional medication. Otherwise, longer use of the drug may be necessary. Despite many positive reviews and a fairly natural composition, before using the gel, you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, you may encounter unforeseen situations. A speedy recovery for you!