Creams and ointments - treatment of herpes folk remedies

Herpes is a viral disease, so active that 90% of all mankind is exposed to it, and in most people it does not necessarily have visible manifestations, for several years simply existing in the body. Up to a certain point, the virus is suppressed by the immune system, but sooner or later it makes itself felt very clearly. And immediately the question arises - how to cure herpes and remove its symptoms: bubbles on the lips, closely located to each other, causing unpleasant and painful sensations of burning and itching.

Herpes is a rather insidious disease that can manifest itself on the mucous membranes of the most unpredictable places of the body. However, the most common manifestation of this ailment is a rash, called in the people by a fever or a cold on the lips. The main thing to remember is that even before the treatment of herpes with folk remedies or traditional medicines, it is necessary to understand the reasons for its sudden development and manifestation.

Firstly, this can contribute to a seasonal decrease in the activity of the body's immune system, most often occurring in the spring and winter, during periods of avitaminosis. Secondly, the development of the virus is triggered by diseases that reduce immunity - colds, flu or sore throat. Thirdly, herpes develops due to hypothermia or overheating, severe emotional disorders or poisonings. In addition, the disease can become noticeable in women during the onset of the menstrual cycle, prolonged physical exertion or prolonged exposure to the sun.

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It should be remembered that the cold on the lips is extremely contagious, very easily transmitted from person to person through kisses, general utensils or the use of one lipstick.

Begin the treatment of herpes folk remedies should be combating bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse or excessive coffee consumption. As soon as you feel unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the lips, painful flaking or burning, do not touch the site of infection with your hands, so as not to spread the virus all over your body. The bubbles arising on the lips can not be combed or squeezed out, and also stay in the sun for a long time.

Traditional treatment of herpes in most cases involves the use of various drugs based on natural components. The best results are shown by fir oil, which needs to be lubricated with infection spots on the lips as often as possible - best every 2 hours. Good effect on the virus tincture of propolis - it cauterizes forming bubbles, and after it is applied emollient cream with natural ingredients, best with infusions of chamomile or mint. Some people, who often suffer from herpes, recommend that herpes remedies be treated with folk remedies with the help of earwax, extracted from the ears by a cotton swab, which must be lubricated by the affected areas of the lips. Equally effective is the use of the Kalanchoe juice - it is best to squeeze it out of fresh leaves and use it fresh.

Some methods used by experienced "patients" are quite radical and painful, but such treatment of herpes folk remedies has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. For example, you should take a teaspoon and put it in hot tea, just brewed and strong. When the spoon warms up, it must be applied to the diseased lips.

If the virus begins to develop due to the body's hypothermia, it can be overcome with the most common table salt - several of its grains can be applied to colds several times a day and in the very near future to expect a cure.