Sage: useful properties and contraindications for use

sage useful properties and contraindications

Sage is known to mankind since ancient times. If you create a kind of hierarchy, then it will take the first step. Still Hippocrates advised to accept a sage to the patients, speaking that he brings health and keeps beauty. Varieties of plants are great, but the most useful and miraculous is considered to be meadow sage, useful properties for women are simply incalculable. Why for ladies? Because it keeps the skin young, it helps with most of the female diseases and, according to legend, it is even capable of bewitching a loved one.

Sage plant: useful properties and contraindications

What is so useful about this miracle plant? Its advantage is difficult to overestimate - a wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The plant has the ability to stop bleeding and has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Still a sage is good at restoration of immunity. Taking an infusion from this plant, many viral diseases can be prevented. In addition, a huge amount of useful vitamins and microelements contained in it, is simply necessary for our body every day.

sage useful properties for women

Salvia, useful properties and contraindications: how is the plant used?

It is used in folk medicine for the treatment of inflammations, both external and internal. In this case, you should prepare an infusion of a tablespoon of a dry plant and a glass of boiling water. All this must be insisted for a couple of hours and filtered. Now you can take the mixture inside or wash the wounds, and still infusion contributes to the rapid disappearance of bruises. By the way, sage is an excellent remedy for eliminating many problems associated with the oral cavity. Flux, periodontitis, an unpleasant smell - all this will disappear pretty quickly, you just need to rinse your mouth with the infusion of this wonderful plant. With a cold and cough, the herb of sage is very useful. Its use will help to eliminate the symptoms of ailments faster, and the treatment will be more effective. If you take a warm infusion of 3-4 glasses a day, the runny nose will be much easier than with the medication and special medications. And after the flu, sage will help to remove the remains of phlegm from the lungs and bronchi, which will prevent re-infection. Trouble insomnia - take a glass of infusion. His sedative action will help the body to relax, and you forget all the problems and sleep peacefully. Here such has a salvia useful properties. And he has contraindications, as with any other medicine.

Who should not take sage?

herb sage application

Like any medicine, if it is taken inappropriately or exceeds the concentration of infusion, sage can become a poison. So be very careful when preparing the mixture. And yet, do not take sage infusion during pregnancy and while the woman is breastfeeding. You also need to be careful of people suffering from various allergies.

Summing up

So, like any medicine, sage has useful properties and contraindications for use. However, if you use it strictly for the purpose, then he is able to create real miracles with our health. It was not for nothing that Hippocrates praised him so.