"Phosphoglive" or "Essentiale" - which is better? The drug "Phosphogliv" is more effective than "Essentiale"?

Unbalanced nutrition, a desire for a better state of the environment, bad habits, overeating and, of course, infectious and viral diseases with a mass of drugged antibiotics and other medicines inexorably quietly kill the vital organs of each person. And most of all the blows fall on the natural filter of the body - the liver. It is to the share of this body that the fate has fallen, involving the processing of all harmful substances. They, in turn, unfortunately, have the ability to accumulate and lead to quite serious malfunctions and diseases.

phosphoglue or essential oil which is better

In the arsenal of physicians today, a sufficient number of drugs that can restore functional disorders of the liver. These include: Essentiale, Essliver, Rezodlut, and Phosphogliv. Useless pacifiers or a real panacea? How to understand and not make a mistake when choosing? What is better to give preference?

All these drugs belong to the group of hepatoprotectors - drugs, the action of which is directed to the protection and restoration of the liver. Which drug should be preferred, which will be more effective - the capsules "Phosphogliv" or "Essentiale"?What is better to maintain the body, what criteria should I pay attention to when choosing?

This is exactly what will be discussed later.

phosphoglue is more effective than essential oil

Indications for admission

First of all, you should consider the indications for taking these medications.

These hepatoprotectors are among the most popular today. It is these medicines that doctors prescribe for the treatment of diseases such as hepatosis, cholestasis, cirrhosis, cystic fibrosis, liver damage of a toxic nature and infectious, cholangitis. Also, these medications can be prescribed as maintenance therapy for dermatological problems.

But which of the drugs to choose - "Phosphogliv" or "Essentiale"?What is best for an effective immune cell-restoring liver cell? It all depends on the severity of the patient's condition and the form of the disease. In any case, appoint a similar medicine only in the competence of a doctor who will assess the overall picture of health through a series of analyzes.

Features of the

composition No less important is the composition. The main active component of the drugs are phospholipids.

In addition to the preparation "Phosphogliv" is glycyrrhizic acid. Its chemical structure is almost identical to the natural hormone of the adrenal cortex, which must be taken into account when taking high doses, since side effects can severely undermine the state. However, "Phosphogliv" is no worse than "Essential", and when taking the recommended doses, the risk of serious consequences is minimized. Therefore, it is important that the dosage is set by the doctor.

Essentiale Essliver Resolute Phosphogliveless useless dummies

In this regard, the drug Essentiale is more sparing and safe. This fact is confirmed by appropriate clinical studies. Hence we can draw a definite conclusion as to which preparation to choose - "Phosphogliv" or "Essentiale", which is best suited for each specific case.

Admission Practice in Children and Adults

It is worth noting that these medications are not prescribed for children under 12 years of age. Due to the presence in the "Phosphogliva" glycyrrized acid capsules are prohibited for admission during pregnancy. At the same time, the safer drug Essentiale is widely used to maintain the condition of pregnant women during the period of severe toxicosis and with other indications requiring the participation of hepatoprotectors.

Dosage and dosage regimen

There is an opinion that the "Phosphogliv" is more effective than "Essentiale".This can be judged only by the dosage of the active substance in the composition of these medicines. And here is also a plus for the second drug. It should also be noted that there are fewer peroxidation products in this medicine than in such capsules as "Phosphogliv".Essentiale is our health with minimal negative consequences. And this is proved by a number of studies in the development and testing of the drug. Capsules "Essentiale" - this is an excellent option for those patients who are vitally important for the intake of phospholipids in high dosages.

phosphoglue essential our health

The standard recommended dosages for the drugs in question are 2 capsules three times a day.

Side effects of

It should immediately be noted that pronounced side effects are indications for dose adjustment or complete withdrawal of the drug. When receiving "Phosphogliva" the following symptoms may appear:

  • allergic reactions: rash, cough, conjunctivitis, difficulty breathing;
  • disorders of the digestive tract: nausea with vomiting, dyspepsia with eructations and bloating;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system: edema, increased pressure.

Essentiale has side effects such as stool softening, abdominal discomfort and allergic reactions due to intolerance of individual components.

The main differences between

preparations As to which drug to choose( "Phosphogliv" or "Essentiale"), which is better suited for the treatment of each individual disease, only a qualified expert can give an objective assessment. It should be remembered that self-medication - this is not the best way to help your body cope with the disease, rather - a direct way to harm. Therefore, a doctor's consultation regarding the taking of a medication is mandatory. All the information given above is for informational purposes only.

phosphoglue is just as good as essential

However, after considering the main differences between two popular representatives of drugs of the hepatoprotector group, the following can be distinguished:

  • preparation "Essentiale" is safer and can be used during pregnancy and in large doses;
  • hepatoprotector "Phosphogliv" has a greater number of side effects, because it has a more saturated composition.

Otherwise, these medications are interchangeable and are analogues in this drug group of medicines.