How to increase the lower pressure? What products increase the pressure? How to increase the lower cardiac pressure?

For some reason it is believed that the danger is only an increase in pressure, with its upper index. The fact that hypertension can cause complete paralysis, everyone has heard. The commercials tell you which drugs to take to stabilize the indicators, how to behave properly, if they are not normal. There is practically no information on how to increase the lower pressure, although lowering the lower pressure is accompanied by the same symptomatology as the upper one, and the danger to vital activity is no less.

What is pressure?

Pressure is an indicator by which you can see how much the heart moves blood through the vessels at the time of contraction and during relaxation. The upper indicator is called systolic, the lower one is called diastolic. Depends on the work of the heart from its condition and vascular tone.

Symptomatic of depression of pressure

The pressure decrease is accompanied by the same symptoms as the increase, namely:

  • headache;
  • with nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • is often an emerging weakness.

With a sharp rise, a fainting can occur. Significantly worse health and after eating - due to the fact that with increased work of the stomach oxygen in the blood "is not enough" to the brain and the heart. Especially hard is for those who have a large gap between the upper and lower index, that is, a very low lower pressure.

Causes of low low pressure

The main reasons for which the low pressure indicator is consistently low are:

  • kidney disease;
  • suffered from cardiovascular disease.

It can fall off sharply with:

  • intoxication of the body, which occurred when exposed to poisonous compounds;
  • during an infectious disease;
  • when bitten by an insect;
  • for allergic reactions;
  • during a shock caused by various causes, including nerve

Causes a significant decrease in lower pressure physical activity. At the time of the greatest stress, the athletes repeatedly recorded a state in which the dialistic pressure decreased to almost zero. The systolic pressure was normal or increased.

Once preventive measures are taken, the condition is normalized and the pressure is leveled. But it is necessary to know how to increase the lower pressure in extreme situations.

Pressure increase medication

When finding out which tablets to increase the pressure, it should be borne in mind that most drugs increase both upper and lower pressure. Therefore, if there is no immediate threat to vital activity, it is better to simply observe and control the condition( especially if the person is an old age).

As an emergency aid, in cases when the patient can perform swallowing alone, the drugs from the group of beta-blockers are used: "Concor" or "Coronale".Help prevent the loss of consciousness drug-inhibitors, such as "Isoptin" or "Myocardis".If emergency care is required and the injured person can not swallow the pill, the injection of "Mexidol" will raise the lower pressure.

And yet it is better to take medicines not symptomatically, but methodically, especially when a person is aware of his disease.

"Glycine", which dissolves under the tongue at bedtime, normalizes the lower pressure for a month.

If you undergo a course of treatment, including the use of drugs that are used to provide emergency care, the pressure will stabilize for a long time. The dosing will be calculated by the cardiologist, taking into account the physique of the patient and his age.

Pressure-stabilizing products

For those whose lower pressure often falls, it is necessary to revise the food intake and introduce products that stabilize the pressure.

Which products can the pressure increase? Those that help maintain the water-salt balance needed to normalize the pressure index. The main ones are vegetables and fruits. Of vegetables, only the onion is not suitable, since it binds the water and irritates the gastric mucosa and gastrointestinal tract. Effectively raises the pressure of celery juice, while it has a calming effect. Dairy products are especially useful cheese. It has the perfect combination of fat and salt.

Stabilize the pressure of herbal teas. It is very good to drink tea, brewed in equal parts immortelle, sea buckthorn and yarrow. You can add to this composition and tansy. Herbal collection is purchased at the pharmacy in ready-made form or prepared independently. Such tea is drunk before meals, twice a day( half an hour before a meal).

There is a time-tested prescription from the arsenal of traditional medicine, which will help increase the lower pressure.

It is necessary to twist a lemon with a peel in a meat grinder( or grate), add to this mass juice from a pair of leaves of aloe, a few kernels of a walnut and a spoonful of honey. If you take the mixture before bed, then you can not think about how to increase the lower blood pressure.

When is it necessary to raise the lower pressure?

The big gap is bad, but if the general state of health does not suffer, then it is not necessary to urgently increase the lower pressure without secondary symptoms. However, it must be borne in mind that the differences between "normally feel" and the hypotonic crisis are small. It is enough that the lower pressure drops by 5 units - and the blood supply in vital organs( heart and lungs) may be impaired.

Those who have had a heart attack or stroke often have a picture when the systolic pressure is 160, and the diastolic pressure is 70. And the state of health is normal. If the lower indicator falls even more, there will be a threat to health. In such cases, it is not recommended to drink tablets - the upper indicator will jump. How to increase the lower cardiac pressure to avoid a crisis? This will help tincture eleutherococcus or ginseng. You can take them from time to time, but it is better to drink daily for a month. In no case should drugs and tonic that help increase the lower pressure, take in the afternoon! This can lead to insomnia, cause nervous excitement. Then it will be necessary to treat not hypotension, but hypertension.

What else will help normalize the lower pressure?

If the pressure falls periodically, then it is worth considering a long-term medical
program, which can help to normalize the condition.

It will include:

  • special diet - what products can increase the pressure, we have already found out;
  • exercises that are desirable to perform in the fresh air;
  • vitamins and minerals: selenium, potassium, vitamin B complex;
  • preparations, which were prescribed by the attending physician.

A bit about sports activities

For those who have a lowered lower pressure, an active lifestyle is not contraindicated, but they must take into account some of the nuances.

Walking in the fresh air, breathing exercises, exercises for the muscles of the chest are welcome. But no lifts and weights! These physical activities are contraindicated.

It is not recommended for those who have a tendency to drop the lower index, contrast shower. It worsens the condition of blood vessels.

Self-treatment is also dangerous with a drop in pressure, as in its increase.