Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy? Possible reasons

Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy accompanies us in the workplace, in transport and even at home in the evenings? This question is acute for every modern person, because sometimes you want to do so much, but it turns out so little. Having noticed this state, we can not understand in any way what is the reason. This is no wonder, because they can be several. But first things first.

Artificial prolongation of a light day

If a person can not understand why they always want to sleep and do not have the strength, first, one should take a close look at their own way of life. Moreover, in the 21st century, people were able to extend their light-day as much as possible. Artificial light, as well as radiation from the screens of monitors of mobile devices act on the retina of the eye, which leads to disturbances in the rhythm of sleep. Therefore, if you do not know why you always want to sleep, the reasons can lie on the surface. You just have a bad rest at night, and your dream can not be called full. Remove from your bedroom computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Form the habit of not using electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed. If this is not possible, at least, do not go to bed far into the night.

Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy

Chronic lack of sleep

Some people think that they are subject to everything in this world, they can take on extra work and sleep very little at night. In this case, the cause of chronic lack of sleep also lies on the surface. If a person, asking himself the question of why he always wants to sleep during the day, looks at the total time of his night's sleep, it will not be so difficult for him to track down the cause of his condition. Our body is very thin, but at the same time perfectly adjusted mechanism. The biological clock that works in the brain is responsible for the daily cycles.

And if for a night's sleep every day, suppose, only five hours, at first with drowsiness it is possible to struggle with the help of caffeine and power engineers. But very soon the body itself will go into a drowsy state, because he needs to somehow compensate for the lack of rest. We have already dealt with some reasons, indicating why you always want to sleep. Treatment in this case is not necessary. Just stop raping your body. Take an off-schedule day-off and rest from the heart. And even better - add an extra hour and a half to the daily night's sleep. Why do you always want to sleep and do not have strength

Influence of food

Some people are used to eating abundantly and hearty, taking the first, second, compote and various pastries in the canteen at work. And then the co-workers gave them homemade stuffed cabbage. In this case, do not be surprised why you always want to sleep. The reasons can be exactly in a hearty high-calorie meal. As soon as you take food, you immediately begin to sleep.

The fact is that the digestive organs for food processing now need increased blood supply. Blood flows are redistributed and tend to the gastrointestinal tract, thus depriving the brain. That is why the nerve cells of the brain for a certain period, while there is an intensive digestion of food, are forced to function in an economical mode. Conduct an experiment and next time be content only with soup during lunch break. Probably, the usual drowsiness will not come.

Winter period

Of course, people could not be like bears that lie on a long hibernation during the entire winter period. However, the causes of winter sleepiness are mainly in the climatic features of the season. Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy accompanies us during the dull winter days? In fact, the cold winter air is discharged and contains much less oxygen than the body needs for normal life. During this period, the light day is diminishing, and even the sun glances from the sky somehow unwillingly. In the apartments, the air becomes dry due to the central heating switched on at full capacity. That's why regular airing is necessary, especially at night. Why do you always want to sleep reasons?

Food in winter also has its own characteristics. We no longer consume as much seasonal vegetables and fruits as in the summer, preferring to replace vegetable food with meat and pastries. This trend is especially important in times of critical frost, when the body needs additional calories. However, a certain bias in diet and insufficient intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can cause beriberi. If the winter is in the yard, and you already guessed why you always want to sleep, and there is no strength to fight with these symptoms, try to take a course of multivitamins. Do not forget about how oxygen is important at this time, so try to be out in the fresh air. If the body feels that it receives less oxygen and important nutrients, it begins to slow down the metabolism, which leads to constant fatigue. And, as we already know, the lack of oxygen and vitamins leads to a decrease in brain activity, which means an increase in drowsiness.

Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy? The influence of the

rain In addition to the fact that there is a fairly long period in our country, when winter prevails, all other seasons are often accompanied by prolonged rains. As we already know, bright light and sun contribute to activity and wakefulness. However, not only the lack of bright lighting can explain increased drowsiness. In rainy weather, atmospheric pressure sharply decreases, as does the concentration of oxygen in the air masses. And we already know what the "oxygen starvation" leads to. Why do you always want to sleep what to do?

Taking medications

We continue to identify the causes associated with increased drowsiness. Do you take soothing drugs, antidepressants or allergy medications? Then do not be surprised why you always want to sleep. What if the medicine can not be canceled? Unfortunately, the potential side effects are prescribed in the instructions. You just have to wait until the treatment is over. Also, you can talk with your doctor about the existing problem and try to replace the drug with a similar medicine that causes less sleepiness.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy

Before the overwhelming number of women preparing to become mothers, the problem of severe drowsiness is acute, especially in the first trimester. Why do you always want to sleep during pregnancy? Let's figure it out. Women who carry a child under their heart, constantly complain of lethargy, fatigue and malaise. In the first trimester, the body becomes accustomed to hormonal changes and rebuilds to new rhythms of work. At the head of the female hormonal background is capricious progesterone. Avoid this change is impossible, because it is hormones that help in the successful bearing of the fetus. Therefore, to constant sleepiness, you just need to get used to it, it will come to naught, as soon as the body completely rebuilt. Why do you always want to sleep during pregnancy?

Do not forget about the enormous costs of domestic resources of a pregnant woman. The body sends all its forces to restructure the work of organs, as well as to ensure the normal life of the developing embryo. Getting used to a new state, stress, new emotions, expectations, fears and experiences all this affects the emotional background and leads to quick fatigue for the future mother. That's why you always want to sleep a woman. And by the middle of the day her condition can only be compared with a broken trough. Therefore, during the gestation of the fetus, it is better to adhere to a clear regime and spend an hour or two on a serene day's sleep. The organism will certainly thank you.

Influence of motion sickness

If you notice that you are constantly sleepy in public transport, even if you slept well the night before, this is also not surprising. Scientists say that in everything the reflexes that we were endowed with in infancy are to blame. Parents constantly rocked us so that we fell asleep and developed this amazing habit. According to psychologists, this habit does not disappear anywhere even in adulthood and we are sleepy for long trips in cars, trains or on a bus.

Constant stress impact of

Do not forget that sleep helps to reduce the impact of psychological stress. Therefore, if you do not know why you always want to sleep and weakness appeared, but at the same time live under the influence of negative emotions, with constantly increasing pressure and heart rhythm disturbance, consult a doctor for the appropriate recommendations. Probably, you just need to prescribe medications to normalize blood pressure or sedatives. It is not necessary to delay with this, because sometimes drowsiness people mistakenly write off their own laziness. But if a person is physically and emotionally healthy, then the constant craving for the pillow disappears. Why do you always want to sleep during the day?

Lack of interest in the work of

Have you noticed how people often yawn at a time when they are unbearably bored? Anything that does not interest us can easily lead us to sleep. But if work is uninteresting, then there is nowhere to go. All the time will want to sleep. On an unloved work a person does not feel motivated to develop and improve skills. In addition, without seeing any gaps in life, people in the evenings often seek consolation at the bottom of the glass, thereby relieving tension and dissatisfaction. This is a very common misconception. Better than alcohol, you can cheer up from walking, playing sports, meeting friends and listening to good music. In the event that interest disappears to the very existence, it is difficult to confine oneself to one doctor's recommendations. It requires a complete reorganization of the way of life and a profound analysis of what is happening.

Why do you always want to sleep, and lethargy appeared? The causes of the pathological nature of

In fact, many diseases are pathological in nature. Avitaminosis, anemia, insomnia, hormonal changes and even depression go hand in hand with serious ailments. In the event that you notice chronic drowsiness and tried all the familiar methods to eliminate it, but it still does not disappear, consult a doctor for a complete examination. Many of us seldom conduct diagnostics, and the presence of serious diseases is written off as banal fatigue. Serious pathologies significantly deplete the body's internal resources. Cancer tumors, autoimmune lesions, allergic processes, neurological diseases - all this requires modern and quality therapy under the supervision of competent specialists.

Absence of a constant mode

Irregular mode, a dream from time to time lead to infringement of internal balance in an organism. It's no wonder, because the body never knows how long it will be allotted to it. Such interruptions are especially sinned by people of creative professions who have a free work schedule, as well as people who are overly burdened with duties. In a joke, workaholics say that they are immensely sorry that only 24 hours a day. With a non-permanent sliding schedule, people who work in shifts are forced to put up. All this is wrong for the body, and if you care about your own health, think through the daily routine in any case. Why do you always want to sleep treatment

How to affect the increased drowsiness?

We found out a lot of reasons that can cause a regular desire to sleep. If you are a person who is worried about the question, why you always want to sleep and lethargy, what we are going to do right now. Before removing the cause, it is necessary to determine its source. But there are some general recommendations that all our readers can use.

So, for the cause! First, set a clear sleep schedule and remove all foreign devices from the bedroom. You have to normalize the regime and sleep enough time. Understand that in your desire to have as much time as possible in a day, pushing the work back to a later time, lies the downside. You simply reduce your own productivity, from constant lack of sleep, feeling lethargic during the day. In addition, sooner or later the organism will rebel, and this state will result in something more serious. If you can not find the required 8 hours for a night sleep with a busy schedule, you can use a short 20-minute daytime sleep as compensation. Do not forget about the proper balanced diet and regular nutrition of the brain with oxygen, so more often go out into the fresh air.

Vacationers in holiday homes and sanatoriums are happy to saturate their body with oxygen with the help of special healthful oxygen cocktails. You can learn from their experience, especially since now it is not a problem to purchase such a cocktail in the city. Now you have learned everything on the topic: "Why do you always want to sleep and lethargy," the reasons have been revealed, the measures of resistance are well-informed. Do not forget to follow our advice, and if you can not overcome drowsiness, see a doctor for help.


Cheerfulness during the day can be "provoked" by morning 10-minute charging. Choose for yourself an optimal and simple set of exercises, which necessarily include aerobic and breathing exercises. During the day try to lead a mobile lifestyle. If you have a sedentary job, take half your lunch break for walks in the surrounding area. In this case, ideally to get to work on foot or by bike.

However, if this is not possible, jog in your spare time. Hypodinamy is the scourge of the modern intellectual. It provokes slowed blood circulation, which affects all internal organs, including the brain. Choose a company of friends for a weekend in the park and do mobile sports. This will improve mood and will be of invaluable benefit to the body.