"Mebsin Retard": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Means for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are now presented to consumers in large volumes. Shopping pharmacy chains offer to purchase a wide variety of drugs. Most of them have the same action: spasmolytic. So is the Mebsin Retard tool. Instructions for use, price, analogues of this drug and its description will be presented in the review.

Mebensin retard

Characteristics of the medicine: formulation, composition

The drug "Mebsin Retard" is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company. Its international name is Mebeverin. The preparation is in the form of tablets for internal use. The active substance of the capsules is mebeverine hydrochloride. One tablet contains 200 milligrams of the main component. Also present in the formulation and additional compounds. It beckons, sucrose, cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate and ethyl cellulose.

In one package there are 3 spikes of tablets of 10 pieces each. You can buy the medicine in the pharmacy network without a prescription. It will cost about 300 rubles per packing. Some pharmacies sell blisters one by one. Take the composition is recommended only after reading the instructions. It is better to consult a doctor beforehand for advice.

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Mebzin retad instructions for use price

Indications for treatment

In what pathologies and diseases does the patient prescribe Medsine Retard? The use of the drug is advisable in the following cases:

  • chronic pain in the gastrointestinal tract caused by a spasm of smooth muscle;
  • increased gassing( in combination with carminative agents);
  • feelings of discomfort in the intestine, which appears due to organic diseases( spasms of secondary origin);
  • irritable bowel syndrome in adults and children after 10 years.

The drug is sometimes used for prophylaxis. It can be prescribed to eliminate spasms before diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions and after them.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

Do not use Mebsin Retard with increased sensitivity to its components. Due to the fact that the medicine contains glucose and lactose, the medication should not be taken to persons with lactase deficiency and elevated blood sugar levels. In such situations, you need to pick up a similar in action, but different in composition of the medicine. For children under 10 years of age, the drug is contraindicated. It would be advisable to give babies "Mebsin Retard" in the form of a suspension. But the manufacturer does not provide for the release of drugs in this form. The period of pregnancy and lactation is a prohibited time for the use of the Mebsin Retard antispasmodic.

Among the side effects of the therapy the manufacturer identifies:

  • allergy( rash on the skin, face swelling, itching);
  • disorders in the work of the nervous system( headache, migraine, blurred consciousness);
  • malfunctions in the digestive tract( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation).

If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the symptoms described, you should stop treatment as soon as possible. Contact your doctor for the appropriate advice. In mild cases, it is sufficient to cancel the drug. More severe situations require washing the stomach and using symptomatic therapy.

Mebensin retard application

"Mebsin Retard": instructions for use

You already know the price of the drug. For the course of treatment, it is enough to buy just one pack of medicine. Dosage and duration of use are determined by the patient's symptoms and age.

The daily dose of the drug is 2 tablets. This portion should be divided into two meals( in the morning and in the evening).It is necessary to drink medicament with sufficient amount of pure water. The preparation is not crushed beforehand. The capsule shell allows to obtain a prolonged action. In case of missing one dose of the drug, it must be taken additionally with the following."Mebsin Retard" can be taken long enough. It does not accumulate in the body and does not worsen the work of neighboring organs. Nevertheless, as soon as you feel better, you need to lower the dose and adjust the regimen. The recommended period for self-treatment is not more than one week.

With the use of large portions of medication, it is theoretically possible to increase the excitability of the central nervous system. However, even in the case of an overdose, the reactions proceed easily or even unnoticeably. If they become aggravated, consult a specialist.

mebzin retard instruction price

Action of medication

What other information does the MebSin Retard medication contain? The price you already know. It is also worth knowing about the way this spasmolytic works.

Mebeverin acts on smooth muscles. It removes spasms from the digestive tract, while not reducing the intestinal peristalsis. The drug works selectively and has a prolonged action due to the preservation of the integrity of the capsule shell.

The mode of taking and dosing of the medicament is calculated taking into account the safety. The medicine is tolerated well by all patients. However, for children under 10 years of age, the drug is not prescribed because of the high content of active ingredient in the capsule. Studies were carried out on the mebeverin suspension, marketed under other trade names. For children, this form of medicine was safe and effective in treating intestinal diseases.

mebcin retard reviews

Reviews about the medicine

We learn what consumers say about the medicine "Mebsin Retard"( the instruction, the price is presented to your review in the article).Users report that the medication is quite effective. Half an hour after the first dose, its positive effect becomes noticeable. Almost immediately, spasms in the abdomen disappear, the general condition is normalized. A person can return to the usual rhythm of life without any discomfort.

Due to the fact that the medicine has a prolonged effect, it can be taken twice a day. While many other antispasmodics do not last more than four hours. Consumers report that the capsules are convenient to store. You can always take them with you to work or travel. The drug does not require specific storage conditions.

There are reviews and not very flattering about the Mebsin Retard drug. Some patients remain unhappy with the medicine. In most cases, this is due to the occurrence of side effects. Therefore, before using this product, like any other drug, you should carefully study the instructions. Pay special attention to contraindications and adverse reactions. Even if the drug is appointed doctor, this does not guarantee you no negative effect. Be attentive to yourself and your health during the treatment period.

mebzin retard instructions for use price analogues

Possible substitutes for

What should I do if I can not take the described remedy? In this case, it advises to choose the substitutes for the "Mebsin Retard" preparation instruction. Analogues of the drug are complete and relative. In the first case, the same active ingredients are included in the formulation. Relative analogues are means having the same action, but having a different composition. As an analogue the doctor can offer you the following medicines:

  • "Duspatalin";
  • "Papaverin";
  • "No-shpa";
  • Drotaverin;
  • "Aspazmin";
  • "Meverin";
  • "Trimspa" and so on.

When choosing an analogue, remember that you need to consider your individual characteristics. Attention is drawn to the presence of contraindications and the likelihood of side effects. Also, doctors always try to find the drug that is most convenient for the user to use.

mebcin retard instruction analogs


MebSin Retard is an excellent remedy for pain relief in the intestine area. It relieves spasms, makes digestion. But the drug can not be taken with the syndrome of "acute abdomen" without the appointment of a doctor. If you suddenly feel bad, there was a strong spasm in the area of ​​the intestine, then you should call an ambulance. Before the brigade of doctors arrive, do not take any medications, including "Mebsin Retard".Their use can show a blurred clinical picture. As a result, specialists will not be able to correctly diagnose. Have a good health, do not be ill!