The medicine 'Celestoderm'( ointment).Instructions. Indications. Contraindications

The medicine "Celestoderm"( ointment) refers to the means possessing glucocorticosteroid activity. The active ingredient is betamethasone. Ointment "Celestoderm B with Garamycin" as the second active substance contains gentamicin. This component is an antibiotic with a fairly wide spectrum of activity.

The "Celestoderm" cream is indicated for congenital adrenal hypoplasia and insufficiency. Indications include shock( hemodynamic, endotoxic, anaphylactic), thyrotoxic crisis, thyroiditis, rheumatic carditis( acute).Means "Celestoderm"( ointment) the instruction recommends for hypercalciemia as a result of malignant neoplasms, lupus erythematosus, at the stage of exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis.

Indications include scleroderma, pathology of connective tissue, inflammation in soft tissues, joints, periarticular lesions( traumatic, gouty arthritis, bursitis, osteochondritis, osteoarthritis, fibrositis, tenosynovitis, tendonitis, myositis, Bechterew's disease).

The drug "Celestoderm"( ointment) recommends the instruction for nephrotic syndrome, bronchial asthma, for the prevention of graft rejection reactions.

The drug is used for Leffler's syndrome, berylliosis, sarcoidosis, aspiration pneumonitis. Assign the drug for edema of the brain( metastatic, postoperative, traumatic), neurodermatitis, eczema( coin-like, atopic, child), diaper rash. An agent is used for dermatitis( bullous herpetiform, radiation, seborrheic, solar, exfoliative, simple, atopic, contact, and also on the lower extremities against a background of insufficient blood supply).The agent "Celestoderm"( ointment) is shown for psoriasis, colloid scars, nests of baldness, itching( anogenital, senile).Assign a medication for erythema( multiforme exudative), erythroderma, mushroom mycosis, pemphigus and other skin lesions.

The preparation "Celestoderm"( ointment) recommends the instruction for Crohn's disease, anemia, colitis( ulcerative nonspecific), aphthous stomatitis( recurrent), thrombocytopenia in adults( secondary and idiopathic).Indications include acute childhood leukemia. Recommended ointment "Celestoderm" with lymphoma( non-Hodgkin's, Hodgkin's), cancer in the prostate or mammary gland, with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

The drug is used for ophthalmic diseases. In particular, the indications include corneal ulcer, allergic conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, chorioretinitis, iridocyclitis, diffuse choroiditis. Recommended ointment for retrobulbar neuritis, as a prophylaxis in newborns distress syndrome. The drug is shown for tuberculous meningitis, tetanus( in combination with antimicrobial drugs).

The medicine "Celestoderm"( ointment) instruction does not allow for use in HIV infection, systemic mycoses, hypersensitivity. Do not prescribe the drug with active forms of tuberculosis, simple herpes( oral cavity, eye, including), chickenpox, other viral diseases. It is not recommended "Celestoderm"( ointment) with exacerbations of duodenal ulcers or stomach, gastritis, peptic ulcers of the digestive system, diverticulitis, fresh intestinal anastomoses, esophagitis. Do not prescribe the drug in the period after vaccination, with congestive heart failure, arterial hypertension, diabetes, thrombophlebitis. Contraindications include Izenko-Cushing's disease, myasthenia gravis, osteoporosis, severe disorders in the work of the kidneys or liver, hypoalbumism.

The drug is used topically. It is advisable to apply a thin layer of ointment. Depending on the severity of the pathology apply the drug once or three times during the day.

The use of Celestoderm should be agreed with a specialist.