Why does everything hurt all the time? Possible causes and consequences

Did you meet people who constantly have something hurts? This is not uncommon at all. Despite the fact that the reasons for this phenomenon may be different, this brings people little joy. It is common to divide somatic diseases and psychosomatics. If the patient month after month persistently asks the doctor why all the time it hurts, but when he does not find any serious deviations in the examination, you can suspect the second option. That is, there are no organic lesions, but a person is still experiencing quite real torment.

Such questions are the most difficult, because the patient does not single out specific complaints. We have to conduct a full examination so that we can draw any conclusion. This requires a huge amount of time, effort and financial investment, because diagnostics are mostly paid. Let's look at the main reasons why everything hurts all the time. why all the time everything hurts

Infectious diseases

Often, pain is the body's reaction to the penetration of various infections. They can be any, but mostly they come down to a common symptomatology: the whole body hurts, the bones break, the restless sleep. And add a significant temperature increase to this. But this is still at best. Then it is understandable, though, why everything hurts all the time. There are situations when the temperature, on the contrary, decreases. The patient experiences weakness and lethargy. Often the need to move causes an increase in discomfort, a person throws into a cold sweat. In a state of rest, the state of health improves, drowsiness helps to relieve unpleasant sensations more easily.

A signal about the problem of

If a person does not get better in a short time, then you need to find out with a specialist why everything is hurting all the time. Do not write off for a moment's weakness or fatigue, which will pass by itself. It happens with such problems as:

  • Serious blood diseases.
  • Malignant tumors. Usually, there are no other symptoms, like a cold or flu, but there is no appetite, a lot of weight is lost, a person suffers from constant weakness.
  • Autoimmune diseases and connective tissue damage. In this case, the pathogenic process inside the joints leads to pain in the adjacent muscles. This explains the pain in the whole body.
  • Food poisoning. why during a month

Each of these diagnoses is too serious to ignore.


Of course, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible and find out why everything hurts all the time. But you can also try to identify the most probable cause of what is happening. Be sure to evaluate the nature of pain, at what time of day it manifests itself most strongly. Is there any additional symptoms, a rash on the skin, a fever or a fever.

Often there is a transition of the disease to the chronic phase. Severe pain is replaced by mild, unpleasant sensations, but there is no improvement in the state of health. Instead, a person is tormented by chronic fatigue, insomnia. The patient is forced to abandon physical activity, he has constant stress and mood swings.

Condition in which all

hurts. Such a disease exists, and is quite common. According to statistics, every tenth inhabitant of the Earth suffers from it. Not in vain painkillers constantly find their customers. The disease is called fibromyalgia, but its causes have not yet been studied. There are no specific tests that can detect this ailment, so you have to rely only on the patient's words. In addition to the main complaint, a person identifies chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances. It is noteworthy that most women suffer from this ailment. And the reasons lie in the violation of the brain, which greatly reduces the threshold of sensitivity. That is, there is no disease, just a touch that would previously cause pleasant sensations, now border on pain. why during sex hurts the bottom of the abdomen

If it is localized

Above we talked about the fact that the cause of such an unpleasant phenomenon can be an infectious disease. But here everything is not so simple. If the ailment passes for a couple of weeks, then this is a classic SARS, but why does the throat all the time? There may be several reasons, today we list only the main ones:

  • Chronic diseases. Very often chronic pain is provoked by chronically ailments, which were not initially treated as intended. This is primarily tonsillitis or pharyngitis. The symptomatology subsides somewhat, in comparison with the first days of development of the disease, but it persists for a long time.
  • Allergic reactions - in this case, there will be seasonality, laryngeal edema and tearing.
  • Dryness of air in the room. In this case, it will be easier to buy an air humidifier.

It's hard to be a woman

Statistically, with problems of regular pain, a woman faces at least five times more often than a man. Therefore, we will talk further about the problems of the beautiful half of mankind. What do they face most often? From adolescence, girls begin to have monthly and accompanying pains. Some have stronger ones, others weaker. Why does my stomach hurt during the months?

This is due to the fact that the uterus is preparing for pregnancy. If it does not take place, then there is a rejection of the endometrium, that is, the inner layer of the uterus. On the first day of menstruation, it begins to contract. This process is repeated and in childbirth, only proceeds more intensively. Now it is clear why during the months of the stomach hurts. Reductions of this muscular organ cause unpleasant sensations. why during the menstrual period it hurts

Tolerant or too painful

In fact, and here everything is not straightforward. In one woman, the stomach only slightly aching before the start of menstruation, the other suffers a lot of pain in the first day - two, but this can be called a normal state of affairs. However, women often turn to doctors with the question of why during the menstrual period the stomach suffers with severe attacks, and these feelings do not subside.

The cause is a hormonal failure. During menstruation, uterine tissues secrete prostaglandin, which provokes contraction. The degree of pain depends on the level of the hormone produced. Its excess can be adjusted by gynecologists-endocrinologists with the help of special preparations.

Why during the monthly hamstrings

On unpleasant sensations in the abdomen all does not end. The second issue, which is often discussed in the women's environment, is the following: why during the menstrual period the lower back hurts. According to statistics, 70% of women face this. The reasons can be many, and all of them should be considered on personal reception at the doctor.

Tinea, aching sensations in this case are not related to diseases of the spine, as is commonly believed. The causes can be stress in the pelvic region, inflammation and swelling of the genitourinary system, hormonal changes. The uterus can be turned back. In this case, it can press on the nerve endings and cause pain. Why are they just for menstruation? Because the hormonal background changes, and the uterus begins to contract. why during an ovulation hurt

Urgent for a doctor

It's one thing if the calendar starts tomorrow critical days, and you feel slight discomfort. And quite another, if they have already ended for several days, and you continue to drink painkillers. It's time to go to the doctor and find out why the loin hurts during menstruation.

This can signal the infection of the urogenital tract, inflammation of the uterus, which leads to infertility, if not treated. Complicating the situation can be intrauterine contraception. Drugs slightly lighten the condition, but not get rid of the problem itself. Therefore, without going to the doctor can not do.

Pain in the middle of the menstrual cycle

Many girls face this phenomenon, but most write off them for monthly ones. Someone for the past, others for the upcoming. In fact, by the middle of the cycle there is an important event, namely the maturation of the egg, or ovulation. At this time, the hormonal background changes, under a favorable scenario, a woman prepares to become a mother. According to statistics, every fifth woman of the fair sex experiences pain during ovulation. They can last from a few seconds to a couple of days, usually from the side of the ovary, in which the egg is ripe.

Most often these symptoms are physiological and do not require special correction. The maximum that can be taken is an anesthetic drug. You should see a doctor if the pain lasts more than three days, and if they are strong. why does the abdomen hurt during pregnancy

Why does the chest hurt during ovulation

It would seem that the processes occurring at this time in the body affect only the ovaries and uterus. But everything is interconnected with us. Certain changes occur not only in those organs that are responsible for the development of the fetus, but also in those that can come in handy after the birth of a crumb. In particular, these are the mammary glands. Why do breast pains occur during ovulation? Everything is quite simple, the mammary gland reacts sharply to the progesterone released in excess of the hormone. Because of this, it swells, with a delay in fluid in the tissues, the pressure on the vessels and nerve endings increases, and the connective tissue can not quickly stretch out in such a short time. Usually, women do not show concern about this, because the pains are not too intense.

Intimate Relations and Pain

Sexual relationships should be fun, but at times women try to evade from fulfilling their marital duty in every way. At the same time, they are embarrassed to admit what the problem is. And in fact, it's high time to go to the doctor and find out why during the sex the lower abdomen hurts.

The most common cause is the inflammatory processes that occur in the pelvic organs. Usually in this case, a woman during sex experiences burning and pain, itching, which testify to this. Depending on the localization of inflammation, pain can be given to the right or left side, in the lower back. Often, the cause may be the entry of bacteria from the intestine into the vagina, which provokes the development of inflammation. We need to start treatment as soon as possible.

But there are a number of reasons why during sex hurts and pulls in the lower abdomen:

  • venous blood stasis;
  • endometriosis;
  • adhesive processes.

If left untreated, the consequences can be quite serious. Running inflammatory processes lead to even infertility. Therefore do not delay with a visit to the doctor. why does the loin hurts during

When the problem is not connected with the female reproductive system

Often, the fair sex representatives turn to their gynecologists with complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, but the survey shows that this part is completely normal. The first recommendation in this case is ultrasound of the abdominal and pelvic organs. Often the problem is found in the liver or pancreas. Diseases of these GIT organs sometimes lead to a feeling of a "lead ball" in the lower abdomen. This is due to problems with the splitting of food, the removal of bile and excessive gassing.

First of all, in this case, a diet is prescribed. Correction of the diet can reduce inflammation and irritation of the affected organs. After this, correction by means of medicinal preparations is already possible. But if this disease becomes chronic, then certain restrictions on nutrition will have to be observed constantly.

Pregnancy and pain

This is the last question that we wanted to consider today. Why it hurts the abdomen during pregnancy is clearly difficult to answer, but let's try to get acquainted with the main reasons.

First of all, they are divided into obstetric and non-obstetric. The first group includes pain that occurs when there is a threat of abortion, ectopic pregnancy, or placental abruption. They are usually strong, so do not go unheeded.

The second group is pregnancy-specific pain that is not dangerous. These include problems with the gastrointestinal tract, stretching of ligaments and muscles, displacement of internal organs. Every doctor who leads a pregnancy will explain why the lower abdomen sometimes hurts.

When to call an ambulance

immediately If severe, traumatic pain occurs during pregnancy, especially if spotting from the vagina is added to it. Without adequate correction, cramping pains occur, bleeding increases, the cervix is ​​shortened and spontaneous abortion occurs. Provoke it can be stress or infection, the pathology of fetal development or physical activity.

Instead of concluding

Today, each of us has the opportunity to resort to anesthetics, but this is not always a good option. Pain is the watchdog of health. If she has appeared, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor and together to find the reason. The more time you delay the diagnosis and treatment, the more difficult it can be to restore the body. Therefore, once you can take an antispasmodic and lie down with a warmer, but if the symptom repeats, then you can not postpone it.