Brukle apparatus: the principle of operation, purpose, manufacture, photo

Abnormal bite, abnormal teeth growth - modern dentistry is able to correct these pathologies. For this, special orthodontic constructions are used, to which the Brukle apparatus belongs.

What does the device look like?

The device is a detachable design, it is worn on the lower jaw and fixed with the help of clasps to the last in the row of chewing teeth. For lower incisors the device is equipped with a vestibular arch, for the upper incisors it is inclined.

abdominal apparatus

If it's hard to imagine how Brukle's device works, the photo will help you get a better idea of ​​this medical design.

What is the device used for, the principle of its operation

The Brukle apparatus is intended for normalization of the teeth position with mesial bite. Such anomaly of the structure is characterized by excessive bulging forward of the lower jaw in relation to the upper one. In this case, there are pronounced external signs: a forward chin, a concave profile of the face, lower teeth when closing, are in front of the upper ones. This bite, in addition to the unaesthetic appearance, also brings physical discomfort: pain, crunching, clicking in the facial joint. To correct this anomaly, Brukle's apparatus is used. It has such elements: an inclined plate, an outer arch, fastenings - clasps and loops, which hold the structure in place. The plate is the base of the apparatus, it is installed on the lower jaw from the inside.

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abdominal apparatus intended

It does not fit tightly to the teeth. The upper teeth are in contact with the outer part of the plate. Compression of loops allows you to adjust its slope. By pressure on the incisors level the bite and bring it to the norm.

Features of the application

The Brukle apparatus is designed to correct a pathological occlusion. Usually used for anomalies, when the teeth of the upper jaw are directed inward, and the lower one is pushed forward. The device is selected strictly individually, for this purpose, a cast of the jaws is made first, because the design should fit the patient accurately, is designed to correct the wrong structure, but not to harm.

abdominal apparatus photo

The Brukle apparatus is used to treat adults with already formed facial bones. Children such a method of correction of bite is not suitable, because for them there are more effective methods. In severe form, the anomaly is used in conjunction with other structures, for example, with elastic traction or chin chin. The use of the design is determined by the orthodontist after the examination.


The Brukle apparatus is contraindicated in certain types of abnormal occlusion, for example, crossover. Its use in this case can cause harm: there will be problems with joints, a jaw shift. Depending on the characteristics of the structure, alignment of either the frontal part or only the upper teeth can be shown. Not recommended for use in childhood.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Brukle's orthodontic device has both pluses and minuses of application. The merits include its combination, the effect on the lower( moves distally), and on the upper( vestibular) jaw. The device is removable, which gives convenience in its use and care for it and the oral cavity. It is made of safe materials, does not cause harm to health, is not toxic. Special care is not required, keeping it clean does not take much time and labor. The device is made to order, individually for each patient. Installation is quick and painless.

apparatus of the belly

An important plus is an affordable price. It consists of several components - consultation of a specialist, the apparatus itself, the installation process, can vary depending on the status of the clinic and the quality of the material used. The shortcomings of the device can be attributed to its narrow spectrum of application - it is suitable only for correcting the mesial occlusion, and sometimes additionally requires the joint use of other structures.

Manufacturing process

After examination of the oral cavity of the patient, the orthodontist sets the degree and appearance of the bite anomaly, then concludes that it is necessary to use the Brukle apparatus. Manufacturing begins with the removal of the wax cast from the jaws. A model of the mandible is created, according to which the principle of the apparatus for this patient is determined. Are calculated zones of the location of the elements of the structure, try out the supposed arcs and clasps. After the successful arrangement of the structure on the working model, its wax base is created, the angle of inclination of the plane is calculated. It should cover the incisors of the lower jaw.

apparatus of the belly is designed to normalize the position

After this, the wax base is applied directly in the patient's mouth, aligned and corrected taking into account the impression of the upper jaw. The angle between the planes should be more than fifty degrees, which contributes to the correct distribution of the force acting on the incisors. After successful fitting, the billet gipsets, the wax is replaced with plastic. During the manufacture of the patient, only a visit to the fitting is required, all the rest is done by specialists.

Installation and Wearing Rules

For pre-installation, pre-fitting, adjustment of the hinges and the arc is carried out. The Brukla apparatus is medicated and then placed in the oral cavity of the patient. The design should sit perfectly, not deliver discomfort, otherwise additional adjustment is carried out. Therefore, it is better to immediately tell about your feelings or inconveniences to the doctor, without leaving his office. If pain or discomfort has appeared after some time after installation, you should immediately rush to a consultation with a specialist to prevent undesirable consequences. During treatment, the device must comply with certain rules:

  • come to see a specialist according to the schedule set by him( you may have to bring with him the means of care, the doctor will necessarily say which ones, if necessary);
  • fulfill all the recommendations of the attending physician;
  • gradually get used to wearing the device( the first time after installation, you do not need to constantly wear it without removing: two hours of wearing alternate with a two-hour rest, and so continue until the complete adaptation to the apparatus has passed);

orthodontic apparatus of the belly

  • , if you have nausea, rinse your mouth with salt water;
  • , when there is pain or redness of the mucosa immediately go to the doctor for correction;
  • rinse the mouth and rinse the device after each meal;
  • do not use chewing sweets and gums while wearing the device;
  • to give up hard food.

The term of wearing is determined by the doctor depending on the complexity of the anomaly, but basically it varies within a year and a half or two.

Care in the process of treatment

The Brukle apparatus requires a careful attitude, constant care and cleanliness. Accumulation of food residues provokes bacterial growth in the oral cavity, which is especially pronounced when wearing medical structures. This leads to inflammation of the gums, disease and tooth decay. To avoid such problems, you must follow the basic rules of care, which soon after installation will become a habit. Brushing your teeth should be done with a paste recommended by your doctor( if there are no recommendations on this, take a remedy for weak gums to avoid bleeding) and a medium hardness brush.

the apparatus of the bruise is used for treatment

Cleaning of the device itself should be done with the help of special tools for orthodontic constructions( they can be purchased at the pharmacy).Use also a brush or brush made for these purposes. A good rule of thumb is to rinse your mouth with rinses for more complete destruction of bacteria, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent inflammation and faster adaptation of the oral cavity to foreign object.