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A woman who first learned about her pregnancy immediately begins to imagine the next months, from the first ultrasound and to the day of birth. Including she thinks about the choice of a woman's consultation and a gynecologist. To go to a familiar specialist or a district doctor? Contact a well-known clinic or one that is closer to home? To be observed under paid insurance or OMS?The answers to these and other questions depend on several factors: the first or repeated births, whether it was easy to get pregnant, whether there are any pathologies, what friends and colleagues advise, what are the financial capabilities of the family. In any case, having made a choice, whatever it is, the expectant mother hopes for qualified and timely medical support during all 9 months of bearing the child, as well as during childbirth and in the first days of the newborn's life.

maternity hospital 1 dzerzhinsk

Why Dzerzhinsky is the hospital number 1?

The moment of birth is a responsible and important one both in the life of the baby and his mother. Doctors of various specialties take part in this. These are therapists, surgeons, anesthetists, pediatricians and, of course, gynecologists. The favorable course and success of labor, as well as the absence of birth injuries, are influenced by the experience of specialists and their ability to provide necessary, comfortable and safe conditions for the mother in labor.

According to the Ministry of Health, maternal mortality in the Nizhny Novgorod region reached 2.6 in 100 thousand births in 2016, infant mortality rate - 6.4 per thousand children born alive. This indicator is close to the average for Russia and twice as much as the region's result in 2007.

Free medical assistance for monitoring pregnancy and during labor is provided to women upon presentation of a compulsory medical insurance policy in the relevant state institutions.

Maternity hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk, also called the perinatal center, is a medical institution that has modern and high-tech equipment. Here, experienced specialists provide qualified assistance to the female population of the Nizhny Novgorod region, in particular, the city of Dzerzhinsk, as well as the Balakhna and Volodarsky districts, and the Zarechny part of Nizhny Novgorod.

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Specialization and financial terms

Roddom 1 in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region re-opened its updated doors for visitors on June 5, 2015.On its territory there are two obstetric units, an outpatient consultation and diagnostic department, a hospital. The latter includes departments of gynecology, a unit for newborns and a remote center.

In Maternity Hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk, diagnose and treat female genital diseases, lead the pregnancy, including its complications, prepare inexperienced expectant mothers for childbirth in special occupations, conduct a caesarean section according to indications and in urgent situations, treat premature babies with insufficientweight and various deviations.

Roddom conducts the policy of compulsory health insurance. Various paid services are also provided, including ultrasound and birth preparation courses. Each lesson in these courses is purchased separately.

maternity hospital 1 dzerzhinsk Nizhny Novgorod region

Additional services

For a particularly comfortable stay and saving the best impressions of the first days with the baby in the hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk, the women in the ward are provided with individual chambers. There is also the possibility of a joint stay with the child right after the birth. At will, the spouse can be present during fights and directly at the moment of the permission from a burden, that is so-called "partner sorts" are spent.

There are eight separate maternity rooms. In each of them there is a special bed on which the patient is in labor, and then childbirth is taken. In the postnatal block - individual toilet and shower are in the room itself or are designed for two wards. Visits to relatives after birth are allowed.

Doctors in the center of

The doctor is an old profession. And one of the most important. It is to them that people trust their health, and it often depends on them how the future life of a person will develop. A special responsibility lies on the shoulders of those who take delivery and accompany the newborn and his mother in their first hours of life together. Such doctors carry an increased burden, because they are in the answer, at least, immediately for two patients.

In 1 maternity home of Dzerzhinsk doctors are experienced, competent specialists, they are always ready to help with advice, explain in detail and morally support. Quiet, friendly, true professionals and experts in their field. Such as Komkova IA, Alexandrova EE, Mishagina Zh. L., Volodaeva SDand others.

1 maternity hospital Dzerzhinsk doctors


On the Internet, women share their experience of staying in the hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk. The feedback they leave speaks volumes. According to yesterday's women in childbirth, the institution employs worthy doctors and nurses. Specialists provide comprehensive support, customize and advise patients how to behave, so that the child quickly appeared. Friendly pediatricians teach young mothers to care for newborns, give valuable recommendations on the development and changes in infants in the early days and months of life. Responsive and cordial nurses quickly come to the rescue.

Of course, they are dissatisfied with maternity hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk. Comments from many such women are dated 2012 and earlier years. Since then, much has changed, in particular, a lot of money was invested from the regional budget in the renovation of buildings and equipment. Some talk about the crowded and large influx of visitors. It must be taken into account that maternity hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk is a free clinic and a popular women's center, which many pregnant women choose for supervision and delivery. It's no wonder that there are many who wish to sign up and come to the reception. To avoid difficulties, it is advised to observe the formalities when visiting doctors, in particular, to bring their coupons and follow the procedures established in a particular medical institution.

1 maternity hospital Dzerzhinsk doctors


For detailed information on how to contact the reception room and the registry of the maternity hospital 1 in Dzerzhinsk by phone, please visit the official website.

Specialists conduct the reception from 8.00 to 19.00.