Chronic atrophic gastritis: symptoms and treatment with folk remedies of chronic atrophic gastritis

Chronic atrophic gastritis is a disease of the stomach. It is characterized by pathological changes in the mucosa. The number of glands secreting gastric juice decreases. Against the background of chronic atrophic gastritis, pathologies often develop which lead to gastric cancer.

The causes of chronic atrophic gastritis are very diverse. Most often, the atrophy of the gastric mucosa is provoked by the rod-shaped bacterium Helicobacter pylori( Helicobacter pylori).The causative agent of an infection causes a superficial gastritis. Inattention to this problem and lack of proper treatment ultimately lead to chronic atrophic gastritis. If there are many lesions, the disease is called multifocal. The further the disease develops, the greater the area of ​​the organ is affected.

chronic atrophic gastritis

Focal atrophic gastritis

Chronic focal atrophic gastritis is one of the types of gastritis. Atrophic foci are formed in the mucous membrane of the stomach. In these foci, the cells and glands responsible for the secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin die off. They are replaced by an epithelial tissue. As a consequence, the secretory function of the stomach decreases, the acidity decreases, the mucosa becomes thinner. This is the initial stage of atrophy. The course of the process is autoimmune, which only worsens the case - the resulting autoantibodies begin to affect their own glands.

Chronic atrophic gastritis: symptoms of

Symptomatic pattern in atrophic gastritis is quite typical. Patients' complaints usually sound like this:

  • stomach does not hurt, but after eating there is a heaviness, a feeling of overcrowding;
  • after each meal there is an eructation with an unpleasant taste, and then heartburn;
  • appetite decreased, stomach rumbles and gurgles;
  • permanent constipation and diarrhea, which alternate with each other.

Chronic atrophic gastritis is not characterized by weight changes in the larger side or its norm. The secretory function of the stomach decreases, and the patient becomes very thin. Problems with absorption of necessary substances lead to a deficiency of vitamins A and C. The skin becomes dry and pale, and vision falls. Gums bleed, hair falls out, fingernails crumble. Sometimes there is sweating, dizziness and weakness after eating, as well as burning in the tongue and paresthesia( a sensitivity disorder).

chronic atrophic gastritis treatment with folk remedies

Analyzes of

Changes in laboratory parameters are not characteristic of chronic gastritis. Only in combination with anemia there is a decrease in hemoglobin, and the color indices of erythrocytes also change.

One of the most reliable methods is endoscopy. This study allows a very careful examination of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. With chronic gastritis, the gastric mucosa is pale gray, with lesions. Because of its thinning, the vascular pattern becomes better visible, the area of ​​the folds is smaller. The final conclusion is made after examining the material taken for a biopsy, which the doctor receives from the gastric mucosa during the procedure.

One of the diagnostic procedures is fecal analysis. In feces of a patient suffering from chronic atrophic gastritis, unchanged muscle fibers are observed, as well as fiber and starch.

Also performed ultrasound of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder for the diagnosis of concomitant pathologies.

for chronic atrophic gastritis is not characteristic

Chronic atrophic gastritis: exacerbation of

In acute atrophic gastritis there is edema of the stomach walls, vasoconstriction, destruction of the epithelium, and sometimes even erosion, as well as infiltration of leukocytes from the vessels outwards. Symptoms are often quite severe: severe pain, indigestion, high fever. Often the consciousness is broken - the patient falls into fainting and may even fall into a coma.

Treatment of

How to treat chronic focal atrophic gastritis? Treatment should be comprehensive. During the exacerbation, drug treatment is needed, which includes anticholinergics acting on the peripheral nervous system. These medications are used to relieve pain. Also, antacids, which regulate the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, are highly effective.

The next point in complex treatment is proper nutrition and control over body weight. This helps prevent the development of stomach cancer.

It is impossible not to pay tribute to the sanatorium treatment, as well as physical exercises and physiotherapy. These components, which for some reason are often underestimated, are simply necessary for proper and full treatment.

chronic focal atrophic gastritis treatment


Is it possible to cure chronic atrophic gastritis? Diet with gastritis allows not only to prevent deterioration, but also to accelerate the process of recovery. First of all you should avoid smoked products, canned and pickled products, refuse from tobacco and alcohol, fried, fatty, salty. Overeating is as dangerous as malnutrition, so the whole day diet should be divided into several meals and eat strictly by the hour.

With lowered acidity, milk, muffins and fresh bread are also excluded, and with increased - fermented milk products, tomatoes, spicy and acidic foods, meat rich soups.


Since gastritis is caused by a specific pathogen, the best prevention is timely treatment for infection. In itself, it lasts one to two weeks and is a course of antibiotics, which the doctor prescribes( independence in this matter can be very harmful, so it is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication).

Important in the prevention of gastritis is proper nutrition. It has long been noted that people with eating disorders are more likely to suffer from stomach damage. Snacking on the run, fast food, lack of a normal schedule and overeating at night lead to frustration, a decrease in immune functions and increase the risk of developing gastritis and ulcers.

folk treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis

Folk methods of treatment

How else can one get rid of such a disease as chronic atrophic gastritis? Treatment with folk remedies is possible, but it is worth remembering that self-medication can only worsen the situation. And although doctors very often prescribe folk remedies, they should be taken only under the direct supervision of a specialist.

Below are the recipes that help alleviate the symptoms and even cure chronic atrophic gastritis.

Tincture from the rhizomes of the ara

What grandmother's methods can heal chronic atrophic gastritis? Treatment with folk remedies can be effective in combination with medications and exclusively under the supervision of a specialist.

Air is a herbaceous evergreen plant. Its root enhances the secretion of gastric juice, reduces the risk of disorders, and improves appetite and assists in the digestion of food. This means - a large number of pluses, it is used not only for gastritis, but for many other diseases( bronchitis, sinusitis, circulatory disorders).A tincture of three ingredients is prepared:

  • 100 grams of honey;
  • 15 grams of crushed rhizomes of calamus;
  • 1 liter of cognac.

The plant is filled with cognac, and then it is infused for 6 weeks. After this, the liquid must be filtered, honey added and left for another month. Ideally, you need to strain the tincture again, pour into bottles and put it in a dark place for another six months. But in principle, you can already start taking the medicine, if there is no way to wait. Dosage - one teaspoon before eating twice a day. Relief will come pretty quickly.

chronic atrophic gastritis


This berry has a beneficial effect on the whole gastrointestinal tract as a whole. For example, it stops diarrhea, prevents colic, relieves the stomach of the causative agent Helicobacter pylori infection and restores a thin mucous membrane. To treat gastritis, only fresh blueberries are used, ground with sugar( one teaspoon in the morning).Jam will not work, because after brewing berries lose almost all of their medicinal properties.


This fruit works as an absorbent and anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, with gastritis, it is recommended to eat bananas daily as a dessert.


Seeds of this plant, cooked for two minutes in boiling water, treat gastritis and relieve unpleasant symptoms. Plus, that this broth can be watered even by small children.


This seasoning is added to soups, salads and second courses. Very effective for the treatment of gastritis are medicinal teas with cumin. A tablespoon of seeds is poured with water, cooked and infused for half an hour. This broth is best to drink in the morning and evening, combining with other folk remedies.

chronic atrophic gastritis symptoms

Chamomile infusion

Folk treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis is possible with the help of chamomile infusion. Everyone knows the soothing properties of chamomile. They also show them in relation to the irritated gastric mucosa. Plus this drink is that you can drink it absolutely to everyone, because it is completely safe for health( exception - allergy to chamomile).Two tablespoons of herbs pour a liter of boiling water, insist, and then filter. You can add honey, lemon or raspberry juice. Together with the right diet and other folk remedies, the chamomile can cope well with gastritis.

Broth of dogrose

The high content of vitamins and trace elements in the dogrose speaks for itself. This plant is useful in all diseases, as it has a general toning effect on the body. In addition, the dog rose also cures gastritis. For four to six weeks it is recommended to drink a decoction cooked according to a certain technology: berries and leaves are mixed in equal proportions, four tablespoons of the mixture are poured with a liter of water. After boiling, the broth is cooked for another 10 minutes, and then it is drunk 3-4 times a day between meals. Often gastritis occurs after the first course, but if this does not happen, you need to take a break, and then heal the broth again.

chronic focal atrophic gastritis


As natural kissels perfectly envelop the digestive tract, they are used in the treatment of gastritis to restore the mucous membrane of the stomach. However, too sweet or too acidic jelly can worsen the already disturbed acidity of the stomach, so the choice of berries and the cooking process must be carefully controlled. For preparation it is better to choose high-quality berries of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

Herbal collection No. 1

The most commonly used folk remedies for the treatment of gastritis are herbal preparations. The first one is considered to be the most effective. The collection includes:

  • 100 grams St. John's wort;
  • 50 grams of plantain;
  • 50 grams of yarrow;
  • 20 grams of flaxseed;
  • 50 grams of peppermint leaves;
  • 20 grams of yarrow herb;
  • 50 grams of angelica root;
  • 50 grams of cumin seed.

All herbs are thoroughly mixed, one spoonful of mixture is poured into a glass of water. You can not mix the mixture, you just need to heat it up a lot. After that, it is infused for 10 minutes. Drink such a broth only hot, one hour before a meal. Treatment with herbal remedy No. 1 continues until the disease completely disappears.

Herbal collection № 2

This mixture of herbs is designed to normalize the activity of the stomach. To make it, you need to take 50 grams:

  • leaves of the triple;
  • leaves of mint;
  • herb wormwood;
  • of fennel seeds;
  • of the sweet clover grass;
  • grass meadow;
  • of sage leaf;
  • of the Angelica root;St. John's wort
  • ;
  • immortelle;
  • rhizome of the aura.

One spoonful of a mixture of herbs is poured into one glass of boiling water. After this, you need to let it brew for three hours, and then drain. Infusion is drunk three times a day for one glass. In order to completely get rid of gastritis, restore the walls of the stomach and improve well-being, herbal collection No. 2 should be drunk for a minimum of two months.