Calendula from acne

Calendula from acne is an old and tested by many generations means. Many remember how in childhood, injured, resorted to the grandmother, who treated all wounds with the infusion of calendula.

There are a lot of applications for calendula. It is recommended to use in diseases of the stomach, which are accompanied by spasms, liver and gallbladder diseases. In addition, calendula is used in the initial stages of such a disease as hypertension, brewing in the form of tea. To prevent and systematically treat eye diseases, this plant is also used. Helps calendula with gynecological diseases: inflammation, bacterial infections and uterine bleeding. It also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body. Currently, the extract of marigold is a part of anti-cancer drugs, as it helps to fight against malignant tumors.

But still most often use calendula for external use. Perfectly helps calendula from acne, black spots, blackheads, boils, has a healing effect on burns, bedsores, ulcers, lichen. In addition, she copes with the healing and smoothing of scars. Salvage calendula and those who suffer from freckles and age spots, as its juice has a whitening effect. Known medicinal properties of the plant can be listed for hours. It makes alcohol and water infusions, ointments, creams, based on juice make masks and oils.

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Acne and other skin problems cause a lot of anxiety. As a panacea tincture of calendula appears. The instruction for its preparation is simple enough: you need to take a tablespoon of dried inflorescences pour boiling water, insist for half an hour, strain and leave to cool. This tincture is perfect for those who complain of oily and porous skin. In addition, it is possible to make various wadded compresses, which are applied directly to the affected skin areas. For such compresses use a slightly different tincture. For preparation, take a teaspoon of calendula tinctures from the pharmacy, mix with a spoon of honey and pour a little warm water.

Calendula is effective against acne and acne. For this purpose, you need to prepare a lotion. Take two spoons of dried flowers, one quarter of a glass of alcohol or vodka, a third of a glass of ordinary cologne and a half cup of water. All ingredients are mixed, the resulting mixture should be left in a warm place. After the lotion has enough time, add a few grams of boric acid and 3 milligrams of glycerin. This tincture is applied to a cotton pad and rubbed face from morning and evening. Such a lotion will also help in healing wounds, reducing traces from scarring and staining. But in this case, the person should be wiped at least 5 times a day.

For the skin care, prone to fat, use calendula oil. The recipe for its preparation is extremely simple. The flowers are crushed, and the resulting mixture is poured with olive oil. It should be noted that this oil must be stored in a glass jar with a tight lid. The dish should be left for 2 weeks, periodically the contents should be shaken. After the expiry of the term, the oil is filtered, it is advisable to add a little vitamin E.

Prepared calendula from acne can cause some side effects. If you notice reddening and irritation of the face, peeling and drying the skin, allergic rashes, you should consult a beautician. Perhaps you need to reduce the number of applications or completely go to the alcohol-free forms of calendula infusions. In this case, acne will definitely not have any chance, and the skin will shine with purity and health.