"Rela Life": instructions for use, feedback

Drugs that help to normalize the intestinal microflora, for sure, each person took. Such drugs can be produced in the form of powder, suspension, drops, tablets or chewable pills. In the effectiveness of drugs that normalize the balance of microorganisms in the digestive tract, many people still doubt. This article will tell you about the drug Rela Life. Instructions for using this medication will be described below. Also you can find out about what kind of reviews this composition has.

Relay Life instructions for use

Kind and form of the medicine

About the medicine "Rela Life" the instruction for use says that the medicine can be in drops and tablets. And the last kind of preparation is intended for chewing. The composition of the drugs differs depending on the form of release.

One tablet "Rela Life" contains up to 10 million CFU useful microorganisms, represented by the class of live lactobacilli. The solution contains 108 colonies of live lactobacilli. This amount falls on 5 drops. Also in the liquid form of the medicine there are additional components represented by vegetable oils - derivatives.

Relay Life drops

How does the drug work and in what cases is it necessary for a person?

What information does the user provide about the Rila Life medication? The abstract says that the above-described remedy is intended to regulate the functioning of the intestine and restore its microflora. The drug contributes to the normalization of the stomach and other organs of the digestive system. Taking medication prevents the development of infections in this area and helps to eliminate toxins. The drug is used in the following situations:

  • with intestinal dysbacteriosis;
  • during antibacterial therapy and use of chemotherapy;
  • for intestinal infection( in complex treatment);
  • while taking antiulcer drugs;
  • with increased flatulence and intestinal colic;
  • as an additive to food in order to improve immunity.

The medicine "Rela Life"( drops or tablets) can be taken alone. However, always follow the instructions for use. Physicians are advised to consult a specialist before performing therapy.

Contraindications and development of adverse reactions

What information does the instructions for use contain about the "Rela Life" medication? The annotation states that the drug should not be taken with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. There are no other contraindications. However, doctors note that the drug "Rela Life"( drops) should not be used by persons during the manifestation of allergic reactions, since this type of medicine contains additional components. The drug in the form of tablets is allowed to treat children only after three years.

There are no official data on adverse reactions to the use of the formulation. However, some consumers still note an increase in flatulence in the first days of therapy. This is due to the colonization of useful microflora in the intestine. This symptom does not require the abolition of treatment - it passes independently for several days.

Rela Life reviews

How to use?

The essence of the drug is quite simple. If you use a liquid form of a medicine, you will need 5 drops per day. When administering chewable tablets, it is enough to take one pill.

The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, but usually does not exceed a month. If necessary, repeated courses of the described drug are carried out with small interruptions.

The drug "Rela Life": feedback from consumers and health workers

Users report that they gave this medication to infants who suffer from colic. In this case, the ease of use is that the drops are allowed to be added to breast milk or an adapted mixture. As a result, the tummies of the kids calmed down. The effect of treatment can be observed already from the first days of therapy - it all depends on the initial state.

Rela Life price

Also, some consumers say that the price is quite high for "Rela Life" medication. Indeed, one bottle with drops will cost you from 780 to 890 rubles. In this case, it will contain 25 doses. This means that this amount of the drug is enough for about one month.

The plus of the drug is that it is not exposed to gastric juice. It works exclusively in the intestine, forming colonies of beneficial microorganisms. The composition does not come into contact with antibiotics, and therefore can be taken simultaneously with them. Drops and tablets "Rela Life" have an antioxidant, immunity-enhancing effect. The drug normalizes digestion and stool. This becomes noticeable after a few days of daily use.

Remember that, despite all the positive qualities, the remedy is still a medicine. Do not abuse doses and apply Rela Life correctly. All the best to you!