Rabies. An anti-rabies vaccine is the only chance to survive.

It's hardly possible today to find so "dark" people that they never heard of such a dangerous disease as rabies. But admit, the knowledge is very, very approximate. Yes, and that, in general, think about it, if rabies, as we think, sick cats and dogs, and then the homeless. Unfortunately, this is a common and very dangerous delusion.

Russia is on the verge of an epidemic of rabies, the disease is registered almost universally. Last year alone, 2,062 cases of fatal disease were registered in animals, one in every six cases was recorded with animal bites inflicted on animals, 11 of them had a fatal outcome. Statistics with posthumous diagnosis of "rabies" in humans would have been much more impressive, if it were not for the invention of the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur - an antirabic vaccine.

But about it a little later. So, more about the prevention of rabies. What are the rules that must be followed so that your knowledge of this disease is purely theoretical?

- First, under no circumstances should not contact wild carnivorous animals. The fact that the main carriers of rabies foxes and raccoon dogs are known to many. But the fact that rabies can get infected from hedgehogs and birds, as a rule, only specialists. The behavior of sick animals changes, they lose a sense of fear, go out to people, flatter or vice versa are aggressive and cause bites quickly and unexpectedly.

- Secondly, the first rule would be nice to observe and in relation to unfamiliar pets, especially the homeless.

- Thirdly, if you have a dog or a cat, they should definitely be vaccinated with an anti-rabies vaccine. Do not neglect this rule, even if your pet walks only on a leash, small and calm in nature.70% of people killed by rabies have contracted it from their pets. And they did not turn in time to doctors for the forced introduction of rabies vaccine because they were sure that there was nowhere to get rabies to their four-legged friends. Inoculations to animals against rabies can only be carried out by a veterinarian.

- The fourth rule is a consequence of neglecting the first three, but it must be performed without any doubt and delay. You or your children were scratched or bitten by any animal, rinse the wound with soap( the virus dies in alkaline environment), treat with a disinfectant and immediately with a doctor. Of course, rabies vaccine is a panacea for infecting rabies, but only in case of timely treatment. The price of being late is life.

The incubation period of the disease, most often short from a week to a month, the closer to the wound are wound, the shorter this period. After the appearance of clinical signs, there is no chance for the patient to survive. Undoubtedly, the rabies vaccine is not vitamins. There are complications, allergic reactions, but no alternatives: either vaccination, or painful and inevitable death. Vaccination is the only chance to survive. Statistics stubbornly states: vaccination saves rabies in 99%, and complications from vaccination occur only in 0.02% of patients. Even recently, the rabies vaccine has been increasingly used, they are much safer, easier to tolerate by the body.

The doctor decides on the vaccination scheme, it depends on the state of health of the bitten animal, on the location, size and severity of the wounds. But it is worth remembering that it is impossible to violate a doctor's schedule.

The vaccine has one more feature that you need to know about, an anti-rabies vaccine and alcohol are incompatible things. At the time of vaccination and no less than six months after the last injection, alcohol, regardless of dose, strength and type of drink is strictly prohibited.

Remember the medical axiom: the disease is easier to prevent than treat. With rabies everything is categorical: only to prevent, it is impossible to treat.