Russian triple: composition, instruction

About triple of parasites first talked through the research of Dr. H. Clark. She stated that the majority of human diseases are caused by the presence of toxins or parasites.

After all sorts of research, she found a way to get rid of them. The doctor revealed that a three-pronged powder of cloves, wormwood and walnut shells is an excellent remedy for parasites in the human body, as well as for purification from toxins. Russian trochatch

The original composition of the triple

H. Clark's recipe was as follows:

  • powdered fruits and leaves of wormwood;
  • tincture of peeled peel;
  • crushed clove seeds.

The entire course was designed for each ingredient separately.

For example, the prepared tincture of the peel of the nut should be used according to this schedule:

  • the first day - a drop on a glass of water;
  • second day - 2 drops;
  • third day - 3 drops;
  • the fourth day - 4 drops;
  • fifth day - 5 drops;
  • the sixth day - 2 teaspoons.

a remedy for parasites in the human body The liquid must be used exclusively chilled. And to use tincture - after 15 minutes after its preparation.

Wormwood is used powdered for the reason that the entire digestive tract is cleaned up in this way completely, which is why this remedy is used against parasites. In the human body, the tincture does not reach the large intestine, since it is absorbed in the intestine, which means that it is ineffective.

On the first day you need to eat 1/8 teaspoon before eating. Every day you need to double the dose. Russian triplet from parasites

Carnation powder is taken as follows:

  • the first day - 1/5 spoon three times a day;
  • second day - ¼ of a spoon;
  • 3-10th day - one third of the spoon;
  • from the 10th day to 1 spoon once a week.

Russian version of the triad

V. Ivanchenko created the Russian version of the triple. It includes:

  • bitter wormwood;
  • tansy;
  • carnations.

Wormwood acts positively on the work of the digestive tract. Due to its composition, it helps to normalize its work, reduces the risk of stones, increases the outflow of bile.

Tansy is a well-known antiparasitic remedy for a long time. It is used to get rid of worms, as well as the quality of an effective analgesic. bitter wormwood

Carnation is a very strong antiseptic, which also has the property of destroying adult parasites, in addition, their eggs.

Russian triple Ivanchenko has antipyretic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anthelmintic and sokogonnoe properties.

Indications for use

The main indications are:

  • as an antiparasitic prophylactic;
  • someone from a family member had parasites, and the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory tests;
  • with frequent occurrences of tonsillitis, angina, acute respiratory disease, polyps;
  • regular power failure;
  • on the skin a large number of pigment spots, acne, acne;
  • prostate disease and gynecological problems.

How to consume a troch from parasites?

According to Ivanchenko, it is best if the Russian trochlet from parasites is applied in the form of a capsule containing 3 components at once. If there is no such possibility, you can buy all 3 components and use them in the form of powders.

russian trojan and ivanchenka

The scheme of reception looks so:

  • The first day - a capsule for 30 minutes before a meal once a day;
  • The second day - 2 times;
  • 3-7th day - 3 times.

For prevention, the Russian trochatch is taken every 7 days.

Drug instruction contains other recommendations. For example, adults and children after 12 years should be taken three times a day for 0.8 grams at meals. The course of treatment should be at least 1 week.

Russian triad is not recommended for use in women during lactation, pregnant women, patients with erosive gastritis and stomach ulcers. In addition, there may be an individual intolerance to any of the components of this drug.

If any side effects or discomfort are observed, it is recommended to adhere to the following regimen:

  • the first day - 0.8 g once a day;
  • second day - 2 times;
  • 3-7th day - 3 times;
  • 8-14th day - 1 time.

This is the first version of the Russian triple. There is also the second, where a powder of flowers of calendula, caraway of common, roots of ara is applied. Although it is less efficient and is not used so widely.


Among the side effects isolated only individual intolerance of the ingredients that make up the drug.

But the contra-indications of the Russian triad have much more. Among them are gastrointestinal diseases, severe intoxications, immunodeficiency states, senile and children's age.

Russian triplet from parasites

Russian triad is an excellent antiparasitic agent, although it provides a lot of restrictions to use. Since many at the moment have gastrointestinal pathologies, while children are most prone to parasitic diseases, they need to be treated in some other way recommended by your doctor.