When you touch the tooth, it hurts. How to treat?

Toothache is always an unpleasant sensation, which is a symptom of a dental illness. Problems in the oral cavity can be solved only by consulting a doctor. To tighten with medical help is not desirable. Why does it hurt when I touch the tooth? There can be several reasons. It is necessary to understand each of them.

Causes of discomfort

Pain can manifest itself in different ways. By its nature it is possible to determine which ailment develops in the oral cavity. The tooth may whine or itch. In most cases, unpleasant sensations occur suddenly. Sharp pain can be felt when biting an apple, for example. Among the reasons for this trouble can be pulpitis( inflammation of the internal tissue of the tooth).If, after removal of the nerve, the tooth hurts when pressed, it may be that an injury has been previously received.

Prosthetic dentistry can also be accompanied by discomfort. In order to install the crown, the tooth is pre-sharpened. Such manipulations can lead to unpleasant sensations. Pain passes several days after the crown is inserted. Treatment with this is not required.

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Periodontitis is another serious problem. If the tooth is hurt while pressing the seal, an inflammatory process in the bone may develop. In some cases, suppuration can occur in the oral cavity. Chronic periodontitis occurs when the patient's immunity decreases.

Treatment of pulpitis

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the nerve of the tooth, accompanied by noticeable discomfort. If it hurts when you press a tooth, you should immediately contact your dentist. Patients with acute pain doctors usually take no turn. If you constantly take painkillers, the nerve will die by itself. But the problem is not solved. Inflammatory process will move into the deeper layers of the tooth. As a result, not one tooth will suffer, but the whole oral cavity.

Treatment of pulpitis consists in removing the inflamed nerve, cleaning the carious tissue, and also sealing the channels. The procedure takes place in several stages. Do not be afraid that the dentist will cause pain during the treatment. Today, anesthetics are used, which allow you to completely relax in the chair. A tooth without a nerve can last a long time if the patient regularly visits the dentist and conducts proper oral hygiene.

Tooth Injury

Trauma may also be a cause of pain. If it hurts when you press the tooth, there may be a crack. In addition, sensitivity can be felt. Discomfort can be felt by the patient when eating too cold or hot food. The problem is easily eliminated with the help of special pastes that strengthen the enamel. However, only hygienic procedures are indispensable. You should definitely seek help from a dentist.

Filling is also a minor injury. Therefore, do not worry if the root of the tooth hurts when pressed immediately after visiting the dental office. Unpleasant feelings go away in a few days. To relieve the condition, you can take painkillers, such as "Solpadein" or "Ketanov."Before using any medication, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions.

Occurrence of periodontitis

Unslung pulpitis can provoke the development of periodontitis. If the gum is hurting over the tooth when pressed, it is worth immediately contacting the dentist. The cause may be an inflammatory process in the bone. The patient can even feel the staggering of the tooth. Untimely treatment can lead to the development of flux. To solve a problem without application of antibacterial preparations in that case it does not turn out.

If after removal of the nerve the tooth hurts when pressed, the probability of periodontitis increases. In the future, an abscess may develop. The patient rises body temperature, swollen soft tissue. This condition requires immediate treatment in a hospital. In some cases, surgical intervention can not be avoided. The doctor makes an incision to ensure the outflow of pus. Further therapy is performed with the use of antibiotics.

How to relieve the pain?

There are a lot of drugs that can remove the toothache. However, medicines are only a temporary measure that makes it easier to visit the dentist. If the gum is hurting over the tooth when you press, it is necessary to register immediately with a doctor. As an analgesic, it is permissible to use such tablets as "Ketanov", "Analgin", "Solpadein", "Nurofen".

Rinsing with soda solution also helps to cope with the pain. In a glass of warm water it is necessary to pour a teaspoon of powder. This method is especially effective with flux. Soda helps to relieve inflammation and reduces pain.

Folk remedies for toothache

If it hurts when you press a tooth, you can use folk remedies. Remove the inflammation and discomfort is helped by a decoction of chamomile. Dry grass( 1-2 tsp) is poured hot with boiled water( 1 cup).Rinse the mouth cavity until the pain disappears.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but to alleviate the condition helps also. .. crying. Swedish scientists have established that when tears are released, blood pressure in the gums decreases significantly. These just do explain the reduction of pain. A tear can be caused with the help of onions.

To reduce the pain will also help laughter. Positive emotions contribute to the improvement of the general condition. If there are no pain pills at hand, it's worth watching a comedy film. And then - run to the doctor!