Apple at night - good or bad? What will happen if you eat an apple at night

Nutritionists have long been arguing about the effect of eating apples before bedtime on human health. Some experts say that they contain a lot of benefits and their eating will not affect either the figure or the health of a person. Others argue that, despite a bunch of useful substances, there are apples for the night categorically prohibited.

And the matter here is not so much in the opinion of specialists. In our head, the installation has clearly been strengthened, that if a person eats a lot of fruit - he will necessarily be healthy. Remember at least sayings and proverbs that claim the benefits of green fruits. Still, many doubt that the apple is a panacea for all diseases. Of course, how many people, so many opinions, but in this article, we still try to figure out whether the eaten apple will be good or bad for the night.

apple at night benefit or harm

Ingredients of apples

Can I eat apples at night? They have so many useful substances. It's not a secret that apple contains such trace elements: phosphorus, iron, iodine, sodium, zinc, calcium. This is not all useful substances. Also, they contain fiber and pectins, which help the body to adjust the digestive process. Do not forget about the vitamins, which are generously endowed with a green fruit. It contains four important vitamins for the human body: vitamins of group B( B1, B2, B6), C, E and P. Apples are rich in organic acids and biologically active substances: pectin, biotin, carotene and phytoncides. Nutritionists are advised to eat a lot of fruit when losing weight, because the fiber in the fruit slows down the process of digestion and gives the person a feeling of satiety that can last for a long time. Therefore, if you often snack during the day, you can not feel a strong sense of hunger and lose weight.

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can you eat apples at night

Useful properties for the body

Before you find out from apples at night the benefit or harm, it is worth to find out what these fruits are good for the body. They favorably affect the skin condition. The dermis becomes more taut, elastic, fresh and smooth. Antioxidants together with vitamin C fight dangerous radicals and purify the body. Many also believe that useful substances are contained in the pulp, but this is not entirely true. Most of the nutrients are in the hard skin. Unpeeled apples cope well with constipation: they improve intestinal motility and remove harmful minerals from the intestine.

No wonder there is a saying that if you eat an apple a day - you do not have to go to the doctor. It's true. Regular consumption of fruit helps to strengthen immunity. No wonder many doctors advise eating more fruits during illness and drinking freshly squeezed juices. Apple, by the way, is considered one of the most useful.

An apple is a fruit that contains a lot of iron. And as you know, iron must be taken with anemia( a disease accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood).Therefore, it is desirable to include them in your daily diet.

To strengthen teeth, to make them healthy and strong will help fluoride. And phosphorus will help strengthen bones. Well, zinc will make brittle and dull hair strong and silky. All of the above minerals are contained in apples.

what will happen if you eat an apple at night

Features of the body in a dream

So from the eaten apple at night benefit or harm? Our body is very cleverly arranged. In the daytime, when a person needs to work, learn the world, hurry somewhere and lead an active lifestyle, the body also mobilizes and works several times more actively. But at night, when a person falls asleep, the main processes slow down: the pulse becomes less frequent, blood pressure decreases, the digestive system slows down and relaxes. And of course, the intestines do not actively process food. Therefore, we can conclude that you do not need to overeat at night. And it's not just about consuming heavy meal or meat, but about apples too. It turns out that the digestive system does not have a break. At night, she does not rest, but actively digests the newly arrived food in the body.

Harm or benefit of apples overnight

Specialists say that because of the acid contained in these fruits, fermentation can occur in the body. So what happens if you eat an apple at night? This will provoke bloating, and then worsening of the heart, because it is the main load on it and it can not rest in a dream. Abandon the use of green fruit should people with high acidity in the body. For such people, one or two fetuses can lead to an exacerbation of a chronic disease with which they could live peacefully earlier.

It should be mentioned here that different varieties of apples unequally affect the human body. For example, the green variety is more acid saturated than red. Therefore, a green apple can be eaten at night, but it is better to give preference to red. Fresh fruit contains a lot of fiber, and it often causes flatulence: you can wring the stomach.

diet apples at night

But what about dried and canned apples?

It should be added that it is not only about fresh fruits, but also about canned and dried fruits. Such apples, too, will not bring any benefit to man. Eating them at night is not recommended. Contraindicated in their use in food for people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis and ulcer. It is worth adding that if you snack with apples before bedtime is not recommended, then using them after the main meal is very useful. First, it stabilizes the nervous system. Secondly, according to dentists, it helps to clean teeth after eating and prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. Also, apple fruits will be useful when you go on a long distance trip. If there is no possibility to brush your teeth, a hard fruit will easily clean the enamel and will pleasantly refresh your breath. You can eat one big or two small apples after dinner. They will reduce pressure, cholesterol and stress accumulated during the day.

Of course, no one will ever come to eat the peel separately from the fruit. However, doing so is very useful. The skin of green apples helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body, it favors the work of the digestive tract.

But we must not forget that you can not keep a refined fruit for long in the open air. It can liberate alcohol and quickly oxidize, and we do not need it at all. After all, in the morning, harmful bacteria, provoked by oxidation, can multiply in the mouth.

you can not eat apples for the night

How to replace the snack at night

If you can not eat apples at night, then what can you do? Nutrition experts strongly recommend eating before eating one hundred grams of low-calorie cottage cheese. This product consists of easily digestible protein and gives a long sense of satiety. Therefore, you not only satisfy hunger, but do not free the body from unnecessary work. If you ate cottage cheese, but you still have a slight feeling of hunger, you can drink 100-200 ml of 1% kefir.

a green apple at night you can

When you can eat green fruit

Apples, despite the fact that they are not recommended to eat before going to bed, - an excellent snack during the day. They can be eaten even in the evening, but strictly 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. Then the intestine will have time to digest the fruit and useful elements will be absorbed into the blood. It is recommended to eat these fruits to people who adhere to a special diet. Apples at night are optional, but throughout the day from 3 to 5 pieces are recommended. But you can not eat only them alone. Remember that they contain a lot of acids, and our body needs more types of vitamins and microelements.

Can you recover from apples at night?

Instead of afterword

Can I eat apples at night? Many nutritionists are sure that they do not. And yet you should not take their advice literally. If you are intolerably hungry to eat this fruit for the night, do it and do not reproach yourself. Can I recover from apples at night? No. From one little apple with you, nothing will happen. But remember, you should not turn the eating of these fruits into a habit at night. Let your body rest, recover before the next day. Do not load it with extra ballast in the form of food. Then your body will accurately reward you with radiant and healthy skin, strong nails, and most importantly - good health and a wonderful mood.