"Ketanov" remedy - instructions for use will keep important information

Of course, pain is a reaction of the body, signaling the possible presence of an inflammatory focus or injury. The appearance of pain indicates the development of a potentially dangerous condition, and it should not be left without attention. Not the best way out of this situation is the uncontrolled use of painkillers - regardless of the group to which the particular remedy belongs, the likelihood of a side effect of the drug is high. The effective preparation "Ketanov", the instruction to which contains all the necessary information about this remedy for relief of pain, appeared in the arsenal of physicians in recent years. He quickly gained popularity among doctors and their patients.

Mechanism of action of the preparation

By its structure the preparation "Ketanov" is a drug from the group of anti-inflammatory drugs of the non-hormonal( nonsteroidal) structure, therefore its effects are caused by the influence on the mediators of pain and inflammation. When ingested, it is well absorbed and absorbed regardless of the route of administration. This drug affects the synthesis of arachidonic acid derivatives( prostaglandins), due to which the vascular reactions in the focus of the inflammatory process are suppressed. In this case, the drug "Ketanov", the instruction for the use of which clearly explains the mechanism of its action, the analgesic effect prevails regardless of the cause of the pain and less pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, this drug affects platelets and changes their physiological properties, which can lead to a slowdown in the processes of blood clotting. That is why the medicine "Ketanov"( the instruction clearly indicates this fact) can provoke the appearance of unwanted bleeding from a postoperative wound or cause internal bleeding - in the presence of pathology of the digestive system( ulcerative lesions of the stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine).This can explain the necessity of taking this rather effective pain medication under the constant supervision of a doctor.

How to prevent complications of

The drug "Ketanov", the instruction for which is necessarily attached to each package of this drug, can be prescribed for pains of different locations, mainly traumatic or postoperative, including postpartum. When prescribing this medicine, you should always remember that the possibility of side effects is directly related to the time( duration) of the admission. That is why, if the medicine is prescribed to reduce acute pain, the duration of treatment should not exceed several days.

In the same cases, when the doctor prescribes to take the patient the drug "Ketanov"( pills), the instruction for use advises to carry out the treatment under constant laboratory control. It is necessary to periodically repeat the clinical analysis of blood with the obligatory control of the level of platelets, to make a coagulogram, to investigate the functional tests of the liver. And even in this case, do not take this remedy for relief of pain for a long time( more than 7 days).

This medication should not be used without special indications in pediatric practice, regardless of the patient's age, and with caution, only in the presence of serious diseases or surgical interventions, be prescribed to women during pregnancy. It must be remembered that the simultaneous intake of any other anesthetic drug from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs many times increases the risk of bleeding or other side effects.