Vegetable BAD "Sabelnik-Evalar": indications and dosage

Many medicinal plants are presented to humanity by nature itself. One such is a swamp saber. This is a perennial shrub enriched with a number of useful substances( vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, trace elements).Widespread use of the plant found not only the people's Aesculapius.

Modern pharmaceuticals make medicinal preparations from it. The well-known company "Evalar" has put on the market an effective biological supplement called "Sabelnik-Evalar".Its main purpose is to get rid of the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. It helps to strengthen bone joints, eliminate pain syndrome and improve the patient's quality of life. Everyone can choose for himself a convenient dosage form.


The company produces herbal remedies in several variations:

  • tablets "Sabelnik-Evalar" in a convenient package of 60 capsules;
  • packaged tea of ​​20 pieces in a cardboard box;
  • anti-inflammatory cream in small tubes( 50, 100 ml);
  • water-alcohol tincture from the rhizome of the bush in glass bottles( 50, 100 g).
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Each drug is taken after a specialist's consultation and only in conjunction with medications.

Pharmacological action

Herbaceous plant sabelnik, contraindications in which are minimal, since ancient times is famous for its unique healing properties. Preparations on its basis show not only an anti-inflammatory effect, they also have analgesic, resolving, wound-healing and diaphoretic effects. Curative properties are more endowed with roots and shoots. They have long been used by healers in their therapy.

Grass can be used both internally and externally, which is explained by the plant's safety and effective therapeutic qualities. Tincture eliminates pain and swelling in the joints, removes the inflammatory process and helps the removal of salt deposits. In addition, BAA has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, immunity and improves sleep. And all thanks to an amazing medicinal composition that shows regenerating, restorative and antibacterial properties.

Repeatedly, the drug "Sabelnik-Evalar" was clinically tested. Scientists have proved its safety and high effectiveness. This is a completely natural remedy, created for the benefit of a person suffering from joint diseases. Practice has verified that BAA eliminates puffiness, muscle tension, pain and inflammation, without provoking the development of side effects.

Indications for therapy

The herbal preparation "Sabelnik-Evalar"( all forms) is prescribed only by the treating therapist. It should be used in conjunction with medicines that have anti-inflammatory properties. The additive is recommended for patients with rheumatic diseases. The medicine helps to get rid of the disease or significantly improve the condition with gout, arthritis, osteochondrosis and arthrosis.


Alcohol tincture "Sabelnik-Evalar" doctors are advised to use together with a cream of the same firm to achieve a quick positive result. The liquid is allowed to be consumed only by adults, twice a day during meals. In half a glass, drip 50 drops and drink. The course of therapy - up to a month.

Capsules or tablets are taken one per day for twenty days. The maximum period of treatment is a month. After that, a small two-week break is made, and the course is repeated again, but it is forbidden to prescribe therapy independently. It is advisable to use ointment during the treatment.

The cream can be applied up to three times a day with smooth massaging movements. Then turn into a woolen shawl. Apply ointment for about a month. Already after the first day of use, some note the abating pain. The drug from the company "Evalar" - "Sabelnik" will help to restore the elasticity of bone joints.

Contraindications and precautions

The biological supplement is harmless, but still has certain limitations, such as the period of pregnancy and lactation. It is also forbidden to give the drug to children under 12 years of age. Apply gently for bradycardia and hypotension( low blood pressure).It should be borne in mind that at the beginning of admission may exacerbate the disease, but worry about it, and even more, throwing therapy is not worth it, because this is the norm and informs about the beginning of the therapeutic effect.

Contraindicated drug for people with individual intolerance. If during treatment there was an allergy in the form of a rash or itching, then immediately stop taking it. The correct dosage and duration of therapy is indicated by the doctor.

Storage conditions and price

The cost of tablets from 85 rubles., Ointments - from 90 rubles., Tinctures - from 129 rubles., Tea drink - from 60 rubles. In each region the price may be different. When buying, do not forget to look at the date of manufacture and the expiration date of the goods. The medicine is stored in the locker, where there is no direct sunlight and high humidity.

BAB "Sabelnik-Evalar": reviews of ordinary people

After reading the numerous opinions of clients, it can be concluded that the above-described drug has a high therapeutic activity. Patients are happy with the result: after the course, the majority of the patients have an improvement in the musculoskeletal system, strengthen the cartilaginous tissue, and discomfort disappears. Satisfied reviews of people - this is the best gratitude for the company that creates a unique herbal remedy.