Generic "Dapoxetine": instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients

Men's health is an eternal problem. With age, it becomes more and more aggravated. And to meet a man who would be completely satisfied with his masculine power is very difficult. Sometimes to maintain potency, you need to use a variety of medications and biological supplements. For example, the generic "Dapoxetine".What do customers and doctors think about it? How to use it? Is it possible to really trust this remedy or is it better to use some other drug? In all this we have to deal with you further. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance! dapoxetine


So, with what do we have to deal? This issue is extremely important. After all, health is not a joke. And it is important to understand what type of drugs will work. Generic "Dapoxetine" is a tasteless tablet with a bluish color. They are designed for oral administration.

What is it? A remedy to restore sexual activity of a man. You can say a good option for treating impotence. Also, as noted by buyers and some doctors, is used to prolong sexual intercourse. Something like "Viagra."But is it worth it to trust this drug? How to use it? Is it effective?

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Composition of

To understand this, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors. For example, what does it say about a drug such as the generic "Dapoxetine", instructions for use? First of all, here you can see the composition of the tool. Already, it is often possible to judge the effectiveness of a medical product.

To be honest, there are no specific features of "Dapoxetine".The composition contains the same substance in the amount of 30 grams( there are 60 tablets).This is just one tablet. There is nothing else. Is that medical glaze.

Dapoxetine is a remedy that is used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. This also includes premature ejaculation. That is, there is every reason to believe that before us is a real and effective remedy that will help improve mens health. The fact that so many are looking for! This is not a biological supplement and is not a vitamin, but a real medical product. In any case, such a conclusion can be made on the basis of the composition of the facility. generic dapoxetine instructions for use

Application of

About a preparation such as the generic "Dapoxetine", the instruction says that you will need to regularly use this drug. Just keep in mind: it acts like "Viagra".That is, the effect will come about in about 30-50 minutes. The drug is intended for immediate results, but over time it is fully capable of curing a man from sexual weakness. That is, first the action is immediate, then - the medical one. And it pleases.

Please note: Generic "Dapoxetine" should be consumed in the amount of 1 tablet at meal time. An empty stomach is not recommended. Do not forget to take a pill with a lot of water. So it is better absorbed. And the result will be on top.

The average course of treatment is about 2-3 months. For immediate effect, you can take 1 tablet of "Dapoxetine" for 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. But the treatment of impotence will require just a regular and daily use of the remedy for several months. In principle, how to apply the generic drug "Dapoxetine", can determine your doctor. generic dapoxetine reviews


Regrettably, our today's drug has a number of contraindications. They are not very many. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing about them. Generic "Dapoxetine" is not recommended for people with increased nervous excitability, as well as with pressure problems.

This also includes cirrhosis, individual intolerance to the drug, kidney failure. Heart problems and a recent stroke( heart attack) are regular contraindications. Of course, at a young age, too, you can not take the described tablets.

This concludes contraindications. In principle, not so many of them. Remember easy and simple. For this generic "Dapoxetine" reviews get positive. After all, there are no special side effects. You can even combine the drug with other tablets to treat impotence.


Separate attention requires such a moment, as the compatibility of the drug with alcohol. The manufacturer claims that it is. But persistently it is not recommended to drink "Dapoxetine" when drunk. Most likely, it will not give any result. generic dapoxetine

Moreover, you can manifest at such times side effects. They, in combination with alcohol, are gaining momentum very quickly. So, if you drank, it is advisable to refrain from "Dapoxetine".Consider this factor.

Side effects of

Like most medicines, "Dapoxetine" suggests in some cases manifestations of various side effects. No one is immune from them. This is not at all a reason to abandon the drug. After all, ideal medicines simply do not happen. So it's important to know what to prepare for.

Generic "Dapoxetine" reviews of doctors and buyers in terms of side effects gets a variety. Someone says that nothing bad will happen. And some argue that after taking the drug they began to have health problems. Not too serious, but they do.

Why prepare yourself and your body? You may have migraines, nausea and even vomiting, as well as upset stomach, insomnia, diarrhea. All this is considered a norm to some extent. If you notice persistent side effects, it is recommended that you stop using the drug. Of course, do not neglect the advice of doctors.

Doctors about

The generic "Dapoxetine" causes a variety of opinions. An important role is played by doctors. After all, they are able to accurately indicate the effectiveness or uselessness of a drug. So this is worth paying attention to. generic dapoxetine instructions

What do doctors think in this area? To be honest, they themselves recommend "Dapoxetine" to their patients to improve potency. Yes, this is not exactly a medicinal preparation, but its effectiveness is proven. Moreover, there is even a certificate of quality. That is, we are dealing not with a simple biological supplement, but with the most real medication.

In other words, you can hope for the effectiveness of the tool. Doctors point out that quickly from impotence Generic "Dapoxetine" will not heal you, but here for short-term action it will fit perfectly. To get rid of erectile dysfunction, we will have to take our current drug for several months. The result will appear, but it is not necessary to strongly hope for it. In any case, "Dapoxetine" is no deception. So many doctors believe.


What do customers think about a product like the generic "Dapoxetine"?Real feedback indicates that this is a fairly high-quality tool. True, it is expensive. For packing, you will have to pay about 1,000 rubles. On the one hand, it is not too expensive for eliminating problems with potency. On the other hand, you can always find a cheaper analog. Nevertheless, the price category of the tool does not cause violent negative emotions. generic drug dapoxetine

What about efficiency? She, definitely, is. And this one, which the producer promises. It's enough just to take one tablet of "Dapoxetine" 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, as you will see the result. And if you regularly use the drug, the word "impotence" in general will be unknown to you. This is emphasized by many buyers.

True, an overdose means or taking it at the time of ailment leads to some unpleasant side effects. The most common is nausea and headaches along with a stomach disorder. It is these effects that are observed in practice. Not too pleasant. Therefore, it is important to follow the advice of doctors about the dosage and duration of treatment with "Dapoxetine".Independently, you can also use this drug. But the slightest side effects - and self-treatment will have to stop.


Where can we find our current tool? It will not be difficult to buy tablets. It is best to purchase generic "Dapoxetine" in pharmacies. For sale tablets without a prescription, and everywhere. However, sometimes you may be required to give a certificate from a doctor. This is an illegal act.

In addition, you have the full right to order "Dapoxetine" in the online store or on any other medical website. Be sure, no fakes will be sent to you. After all, our current drug is impossible to forge. It has a certificate of quality, it is issued without a prescription. And there is simply no need for falsification. It does not have any miraculous properties, nothing special stands out. generic dapoxetine real reviews

Thus, we can say only one thing: "Dapoxetine" is really an affordable and effective tool. You should pay attention to it if you are experiencing problems with erection and potency. It is advisable to consult a doctor before use. After all, sometimes the remedy is selected individually( you can increase the dose).In general, before us really effective means for improving the potency and duration of sexual intercourse.