Beet juice is an affordable elixir from many diseases

We will discuss right away that one should not be like those traditional healers and sorcerers who plagued the screens of our TV sets and pages of Internet sites, completely refuting all the latest achievements of modern medicine. Our proposals on the use of non-traditional means of treatment of various diseases, including as an invariable component of beet juice, as a curative product widely and universally available, proceed from the basic principle of medicine - do no harm. To regard him as a panacea for all diseases, at least, recklessly, but in combination with other medicines recommended by the attending physician, beet juice can be used without any restrictions.

As a part of beet juice there are numerous useful components, including natural saccharides. In order to ensure high efficiency from the application, it is necessary to prepare beet juice immediately before its use, without additional heat treatment. This will preserve its healing properties. You just have to take care of the origin of the beet and give preference to the grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

In the list of various diseases, getting rid of which contributes to the regular use of beet juice, you can find almost the entire list of medical encyclopedia. Only other components of medicinal juices vary. To get rid of allergies, doctors recommend regular consumption of squeezed carrots, fresh cucumbers and beets in the appropriate volume ratio of 10 /3/ 3. With arteriosclerosis, a drink based on a mixture of juices of carrots, beets and celery is already well served in another ratio: 8 /3/ 5. Below is a listdiseases in which the therapeutic cocktail of juice of carrots, beets and cucumbers in the total volume ratio of parts 10 /3/ 3:

  • infertility is extremely useful;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • bladder disease;
  • liver disease;
  • genital tract disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • prostate disease;
  • hypertension;
  • constipation;
  • obesity;
  • gout.

For the preparation of juice it is recommended to choose beets of dark cherry color, oblong form, on the cut of which there are no light strips, and from the tops the root crop is cut by a third of its length. The dark color of the beetroot is given to the elements of iron and copper contained in it, which perfectly clean the capillary vessels, and the cesium and rubidium that are invisible to the eye are the catalysts of the respiratory processes at the level of the cells of the organism, which facilitates metabolic processes. Healing properties of beets are indispensable for restoring the activity of the liver( thanks to the betaine contained in it).

Beet juice is of particular importance for the normalization of the functioning of the nasal mucosa in the initial stage of the common cold, especially when it comes to toddlers. The fact is that if together with honey in the child's nose to dig in beet juice from the common cold, then the very sensitive mucous membrane of the respiratory tract does not suffer from irritation. Only before using such a tool for a youngster, an adult needs to try it on himself, and if he bakes a lot, dilute a little with water. The falling beet juice in the nose is very effective in combating the bacterial environment without drying the already inflamed mucous and softening the effect of honey. We will repeat only that such a medicine is effective only in the initial stage of the development of the disease.

However, I would not want the reader to have the impression of some universal treatment with beet juice. Everything is an adequate measure, but it should be acknowledged that among the simplest and affordable vegetable drinks in our everyday life, beet juice is a recognized leader!