"Sumamed" from what helps?

What is "Sumamed" from? Let's look at this in more detail. The drug is a drug that belongs to a group of antibiotics called azalides and macrolides. It effectively fights with a large number of pathogens. It inhibits the functioning of certain cells in their composition, which are responsible for the production of proteins, and therefore the drug is characterized by bactericidal activity. sumamed from what

So, let's consider what the medicine Sumamed is from.


The preparation is made in the form of round tablets of blue color, biconcave form, with engraving "PLIVA" on one side, and on the opposite - or 125, or 500. The latter depends on the dosage of the main component. At the same time, they are white in the fracture.

Composition of

In this antibiotic, as active ingredient, azithromycin is administered in a dosage of 125 or 500 mg.

As auxiliary substances in the preparation "Sumamed" are presented:

  • anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate;
  • pregelatinized and corn starch;
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  • hypromellose;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose.

The composition of the coating of tablets is formed by such components:

  • polysorbate 80;
  • hypromellosis;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • dye indigocarmine;
  • talcum powder.

The drug is placed in blisters for three and six pieces.

sumamed from what helps

But before we tell you what the Sumamed medications help, it should be mentioned that the drug also has a second dosage form in the form of gelatin capsules No. 1, placed in a blue casing with a blue lid. Inside is either a white powder, or a light yellow dense mass that dissolves fairly easily when pressed.

As active substance acts azithromycin in a dosage of 250 mg. The auxiliary components are as follows:

  • indigocarmine;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • gelatin;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • magnesium stearate.

The medicine is packed in blisters containing six capsules. It is released by prescription. Shelf life is three years.

Another dosage form is a suspension( syrup), sold in 100 ml vials.

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The drug is used for pathologies of an infectious-inflammatory nature, including:

  • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • infections of soft tissues and skin( dermatoses, infected again, impetigo, erysipelas);
  • infectious defects of the genitourinary system, cervicitis, urethritis;
  • defeat of ENT organs.

Speaking of what helps Sumamed, it should be said that it is also used at the initial stage of Lyme disease and with erythema of a migratory nature.

sumamed from what heals

Instructions and dosage details

The preparations in capsules must be swallowed whole without chewing. Take - once a day, which is due to the manifestation of signs of infection. A specialist can prescribe both 250 and 500 mg of the drug. It depends on what "Sumamed" was appointed.

In tablets, the medication is used one to three times a day, it can not be chewed. Dosage of the drug in the pathology of respiration and with defeat of ENT organs, as well as skin covers, is 500 mg per day once for 3 days.

Sumamed with angina: the most effective ways of taking

Doctors and manufacturers recommend using Sumamed in case of having a sore throat on an empty stomach before eating. Thus, the drug will quickly penetrate to the foci of the disease and will begin to act much faster. If you can not drink an antibiotic before eating for some reason, you should do it two hours after eating.

Often it happens that the patient's condition improves significantly, and he forgets about taking the drug, skipping the next dose. However, it must be remembered that even with apparent relief, it is not worth stopping taking the drug, since the pathogenic microflora is still present in the body, and when the treatment is stopped, it can resume its action with greater force.

Regardless of what "Sumamed" treats in each case, this antibiotic is recommended to drink at the same time, because its effect will be accelerated in this way.

sumamed from what helps tablets

Dosage of the drug in the treatment of angina is 500 mg per day( taken once).Standard course for diseases of uncomplicated form - from three to five days. Short reception is due to his ability to accumulate in the human body and act even after the reception is over. Of course, the doctor will prescribe the drug depending on the circumstances and, if necessary, can prolong the treatment or prescribe another( it sometimes happens that due to individual characteristics the patient does not act on the patient).

Side effects of

Negative effects are standard for all antibacterial drugs and have a number of manifestations:

  • intestinal disorders( constipation and diarrhea);
  • flatulence;
  • nausea.

In rare cases, you may have a headache, as well as dizziness and drowsiness. There may not be too much sleep disturbance. These phenomena usually pass on their own after the antibiotic is stopped.

The pathology of the intestinal microflora after the treatment of sore throat by "Sumamed" can not happen in all cases, since its dosage is small, as well as the duration of use( three to five days).However, for prevention, it is recommended to take drugs, which contain bifidobacteria( for example, "Linex" and "Bifidumbacterin").

sumamed from what he


The drug should not be administered to patients who do not tolerate macrolide antibiotics. In addition, hepatic and renal failure are contraindications to the use of this antibiotic.

Telling from what the "Sumamed" tablets should remember that they should be taken cautiously by those who are addicted to allergies, because the drug can provoke hives, itching or skin rashes. If such reactions occur, the medication should be discontinued and inform the attending physician about the event so that it changes the therapeutic course.

Also do not forget that with all positive features this antibiotic is quite strong and can have a serious impact on the patient's immunity. That's why with the sore throat "Sumamed" is not always appointed from the first time, so as not to form the body's habit of it.

Very carefully it is necessary to appoint it and future mothers: this is practiced only when the possible use is much higher than the serious consequences of the disease, in extreme cases. With the same caution to take the drug "Sumamed"( from which he is now known) follows young mothers who are breastfeeding, as part of the drug along with the milk in any case will penetrate into the children's body.

Sumamed tablets from what

Features of children with angina

In case of angina children can also be prescribed antibiotic "Sumamed".However, in this case, a slightly different dosage regimen is being developed.

The required amount of the drug is calculated according to the weight of the small patient: 10 mg per kilogram of weight. The drug can be given to children in a gentle dosage:

  • on the first day - 10 mg;
  • and in the next four days in an amount reduced by half, that is 5 mg each.

If the child is in the older age category and tolerates the drug well, the course can be reduced to three days, but in this case the dose will be the same all the days.

In sore throats, children are often prescribed "Sumamed"( from which these pills are no longer a secret), as they are more often well tolerated and have few side effects. But before reaching the age of six months the child will be treated with other medications. If the parents are afraid that they will encounter difficulties when trying to swallow the baby's pill, then this form of application, such as a suspension, will help them, because the sweetish syrup the baby will drink without disgust and easily.

How to help your body to overcome the sore throat?

With sore throat "Sumamed" is one of the strongest means.

sumamed from what these tablets

But to limit the use of antibiotics, of course, is not worth it. Any doctor in the form of an additional measure will also prescribe a gargle for a complete cleansing of the focus of the infection - the tonsils, so that the disease does not go into a chronic stage.

For this, "Chlorhexidine" or "Hexoral" can be used. In addition, during the reception of antibiotics requires compliance with bed rest, so that the patient does not spend extra effort. It is not recommended to go out without extreme necessity, because even a slight hypothermia can cause a relapse of pathology.

Cheaper analogs of

We found out what Sumamed helps with. And now consider analogues of the drug. Below is a detailed list:

  1. "Ecomed".This drug costs 220 rubles, which is quite advantageous in comparison with other drugs. He has a wide range of action and influence, so the patient's condition improves rapidly with bacterial infection.
  2. "Chemomycin".The price starts from 300 rubles for one packing. Provokes a minimum of side effects, affects the body very quickly.
  3. "Azitrox".With the active ingredient - azithromycin. This tool is successfully used for children and adults. The cost starts from 315 rubles per packing.