Hyaluronic acid for joints: preparations and reviews about them

Dry figures of statistics show that one in five people suffer from this or that disease of joints on the planet, Russians among them are about twenty million people. Dystrophic articular changes( osteochondrosis, arthrosis and others) are accompanied by dehydration and destruction of the cartilaginous tissue. One of the most important components that make up the connective tissue and contained in human biological fluids is hyaluronic acid. For joints, this natural substance can become a real salvation, as it increases mobility and reduces pain. Hyaluronic acid for joints Absolute replacement of natural synovial fluid in human joints - hyaluronic acid - increases its viscosity, participates in nutrition and restoration of the hyaline cartilage structure, and improves the sliding( even almost destroyed) cartilage structures in the shoulder, hip and knee joints, facilitating human movement. How does this happen?

Healthy and diseased joints: the importance of hyaluronic acid-based drugs

The structure of a healthy joint includes bone surfaces covered with whole hyaline cartilage, a synovial membrane lining the inside of the joint capsule wall, as well as a synovial fluid that lubricates the articular surfaces and, due to viscoelastic properties,movement. The hyaline cartilage covering the bone tissue is fed from the underlying layers, as well as from the synovial fluid. In healthy joints, it has an elastic and dense structure, washing its fluid lubricates the surface and thereby greatly facilitates the sliding of bones inside the joints.

Hyaluronic acid preparations for joints In patients suffering from osteoarthritis, as well as in people over the age of 50, the synovial fluid loses its lubricating and protective properties. Its quantity in articular tissues sharply decreases. Cartilage tissue loses its dense structure, the friction of the articular surfaces intensifies and leads to inflammatory processes in nearby areas and the appearance of pain. Hyaluronic acid for joints performs an identical function as synovial fluid, since it is considered an excellent alternative - "liquid prosthesis" - as doctors call it.

Use of hyaluronic acid preparations for joints

The number of intraarticular injections, due to which drugs with hyaluronate are injected into the cavity next to the affected hyaline cartilage, depends on the severity of the disease, the degree of tissue damage and makes 3-5 injections per course. The courses are repeated as prescribed by the doctor: in six months or a year. Hyaluronic acid preparations for joints are introduced both in hospital and in clinics. If the joints are not severely affected, then the doctors can allow the patient not to change the habitual rhythm of life, but it is advisable to reduce the load on the knee or shoulder joint during the treatment. Hyaluronic acid injection for joints Hyaluronic acid injections in case of symptoms of inflammation of the tissues: swelling, increased skin temperature in the joint area, increased pain and the inability to flex the knee should be postponed until these symptoms are eliminated. This is due to the abundant intra-articular effusion, which hyaluronic acid preparations for joints dilute so much that their effectiveness is markedly reduced. After the inflammatory process, thanks to the course of corticosteroids, will abate, the use of hyaluronic acid can give a more pronounced therapeutic result.

Hyaluronic acid( injections for joints): what is the effect?

Intra-articular administration of preparations based on hyaluronate affects the three main painful processes in the joints: increasing viscosity and quantity of synovial fluid hyaluronic acid helps to reduce the friction of the joint surfaces and increase its cushioning qualities during movement;it enhances the nutrition of chondrocyte cells and provides regeneration of hyaline cartilage;prevents inflammatory processes and reduces the severity of their symptoms. Hyaluronic acid reviews for joints Thus, hyaluronic acid for joints is an excellent means of reducing the symptoms of arthrosis and improving the quality of life. This safe gel implant reduces the load on the joint, nourishes the cartilaginous tissue and forms a natural prosthesis identical to the human synovial fluid.

Varieties of drugs with hyaluronic acid for joints

To treat lesions of a degenerative-degenerative character in the joints of patients with injections of preparations containing hyaluronate, began with the 70-ies of the last century. The drug was called Hyaluronic acid. For the treatment of joints affected by deforming arthrosis, it suited at the right time, because it represented a safe alternative to the operating method and markedly improved the quality of life of patients. Hyaluronic acid for the knee joint The most common drugs in pharmacies today are Ostenil( including Ostenil Mini and Ostenil Plus), as well as Sinocrom and Synocrome Forte from Germany and Austria, Fermatron( Fermatron C andFermatron Plus ") - from the UK," Suplazin "- from Ireland. More rarely you can find such popular drugs as Adant( Japan), ViskoPlus( Sweden), Viskosil( Germany), Gialgan Fidia( Italy), Hyalual Artro( Ukraine), Hyalux andGiruang Plus "(South Korea)," Durallan AS Jay "and" Synvisc "(USA).Of the domestic drugs are allocated "Hyastat"( Tula) and "Intraject Gialuform"( laboratory "Toscani" Moscow).Drugs for replacing the joint fluid, which contain sodium hyaluronate, are solutions that are manufactured in disposable syringes.

The cost of drugs with hyaluronic acid for joints

Most of the above drugs can be purchased at pharmacies. However, judging by the reviews, hyaluronic acid for joints( especially foreign production) - a pleasure not cheap. The price varies from three to five thousand rubles per syringe. A considerable share in this amount is known brand. The cost of Russian drugs in this category is lower by about a third. In addition, the procedure will have to pay an average of 500-1000 rubles( shoulder and knee joints), and for problems with the hip - up to 1500 rubles. So, for example, one intra-articular injection with the preparation "Hyalux" is offered for 4750 rubles. If you consider that such pricks for the course should be done from three to five( depending on the condition of the joints), then the total amount can greatly facilitate the patient's personal or family budget. However, an alternative to such treatment is an expensive and unsafe operation for joint replacement, so many people prefer the timely use of drugs with hyaluronate.

Hyaluronic acid: reviews

For joints liquid implants in the form of hydrogel with hyaluronidase bring significant benefits. Therefore, all opinions and comments from both rheumatologists and ordinary patients on the network are extremely positive. Hyaluronic acid for the treatment of joints Many of them advise not to save on the quality of drugs, because it depends not only on the outcome of the procedure, but also on the health of the joints. Foreign drugs are praised for instant effect. Hyaluronic acid for the knee joint is administered intra-articularly once a week on an outpatient basis. The majority of patients testify to the appearance of a small swelling after the injection, thanks to the introduced volume of hyaluronic acid. Within a day or two, the appearance of the joint acquires a habitual form.


In addition to the quality of the drug, interlocutors in the forums recommend paying attention also to the doctor's qualifications and the reputation of the clinic. After therapy with the drug with hyaluronic acid, in their opinion, prolonged relief of the condition is felt. A full active life with walks, favorite sports and travels again becomes available!