Some Diseases of Human Skin

Diseases of the human skin are very diverse, because the epidermis is the largest organ. As is known, the main function of the skin is to protect the muscles and internal organs. In addition, they regulate body temperature. Any dermatologist will explain to you that the condition of the skin can determine whether a person is healthy, and if not, what kind of diseases it bothers. This article details the most common human skin diseases.

Comedones human skin diseases

This term in cosmetology refers to the so-called black dots, which bring so much trouble to the fair sex. Comedones look, to put it mildly, not very aesthetically - they are pores sealed with sebum. Contrary to common belief, clogged pores can be found not only on the face, but also on the chest, shoulders and even back. Experts associate their occurrence with the broken work of the sebaceous glands. Typically, this problem is widespread among adolescents, but often occurs in mature women( especially those who eat, smoke and do not pay enough attention to caregivers).

Dermatitis Diseases of the human skin photo

When listing human skin diseases, it is impossible not to mention dermatitis, that is, inflammation of the epidermis. The disease is characterized by the appearance of red spots, which are strongly itchy and itch. Such a rash can be caused by a variety of reasons - from allergic reaction to irritation and genetic predisposition. In modern medicine, it is customary to isolate several varieties of dermatitis: atopic, contact, seborrhoeic.


Many diseases of the human skin are accompanied by a symptom such as excessive dryness. Owners of excessively sensitive epidermis know that the over-dried skin reacts sharply to external stimuli: wind, frost, dust - all this provokes peeling. The most vulnerable places are usually the face, hands, shoulders, legs below the knee and feet. In this case, doctors recommend not to abuse active cosmetic means, do not stay in a hot bath and change a hard sponge to a soft sponge.

Wrinkles skin disease

Few people know that facial skin diseases include and banal wrinkles. As a person grows old, his skin loses elasticity, becomes less elastic, fade. Because of the compaction of collagen fibers, the facial tissues are sagging - hence the characteristic folds. Modern cosmetology offers many ways to solve this problem - from special creams and injections to surgical operations.


This is an infectious disease in which the skin becomes covered with small, painful blisters. The infectious agent is a scabby tick - his female is able to lay eggs directly in the epidermis. The incubation period is several weeks;after that the whole body begins to itch. Treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of a physician. Of course, this is not all the diseases of the human skin. Photos only confirm what can lead to careless treatment of their skin.