How to normalize sleep? What causes lack of sleep? Healthy sleep

Sleep is the first source of well-being and positive mood. No wonder many famous people consider it to be the simplest, but effective medicine. And some ladies are sure that sleep, among other things, is also a source of beauty. This is a vital state of the brain, so it must be healthy and strong. If a person sleeps anxiously, then his brain does not relax, and sleep does not bring the proper benefit. After waking up in the morning, such a person does not want to do anything and spends the whole day waiting for the evening to fall asleep again.

How to normalize sleep

Many complain about insomnia and drink handfuls, normalizing sleep. With them you can fall asleep, but to relax the brain - it is unlikely. So do not get used to such drugs. Moreover, there is an opportunity to make your rest right the natural way. Let's figure out how to normalize the dream and feel the surge of strength again.

Sleep disorder

Scientists have proven that more than a third of people suffer from sleep disorders that interfere with normal rest and recovery of the body. But without a full-fledged replenishment of forces, the possibility of productive activity decreases in the afternoon. Disturbance of sleep is the most important factor that negatively affects human health, especially in our time, when stresses have become habitual for many people. So what does sleep deprivation lead to? The answer to this question is simple - to loss of strength, low efficiency, and then to various diseases.

There are people for whom sleep does not present any problems. They go to bed and wake up when they want. At the same time, they feel cheerful throughout the day. To fall asleep in a train or a hotel is not a problem for them. They even can afford a cup of coffee after dinner. But many, unfortunately, everything is completely different. If a person suffers from insomnia from time to time, then most likely, one day this problem will grow into a daily one. Today we will find out how to conquer insomnia and consolidate healthy habits related to sleep. They will allow you to achieve a healthy night's rest without unnecessary awakening and disturbances.

How much sleep do I need?

Doctors say that an adult should sleep 7-8 hours a day to have a good rest and feel cheerful throughout the day. Nevertheless, some people manage to sleep for 4-5 hours and at the same time fully spend the day.

Healthy sleep

At the same time, there are those who sleep for ten hours and still do not get enough sleep. Therefore, one should approach the question of the duration of sleep individually. In addition, the level of energy obtained after rest, depends not only on the duration of sleep, but also on its quality. Therefore, first of all you need to take care of the quality of sleep.

Why do I need a dream?

Before we figure out how to normalize sleep, let's figure out why it is needed at all. After all, no one wants to lose precious moments of life. Reply to this question will be much easier if you imagine that it will be without sleep. If a person does not get enough sleep today, then tomorrow he can still spend a good day. But if he sleeps badly the second night, then signs of lack of sleep begin to show up: irritability, inattention, severe fatigue. Soon this person begins to fall asleep literally everywhere: in transport, at work, at dinner, and so on. If you continue to live in this spirit, a complete decline in strength begins, difficulties in making decisions, absent-mindedness, apathy. Sometimes people attribute themselves to some kind of disease, not realizing that they just do not get enough sleep. There is even the opinion that one night without sleep takes 5 days of life.

How to defeat insomnia

Lack of sleep for a person is even worse than hunger. Without sleep, a person can hold out for about four days, then he can no longer ransack himself and fall asleep, often even without realizing it. Thus, night rest is the most important physiological process. The body gets vital energy during sleep. It can not be different!

What time do you go to bed?

In a modern, dynamic world, many unwittingly go to bed late. And this, perhaps, is the first problem to be addressed. According to scientists, you should stay up until midnight, preferably between 22 and 23 hours. Some experts say that you need to lie down when a person wants. But here there is another side to the coin: if a person lies down at 19-20 hours, then at 2-3 o'clock in the morning he will wake up and begin to suffer from insomnia. Definitely, this is not a healthy dream.

At about 9 pm, the brain begins to produce serotonin, a sleep hormone. At this time, the body temperature begins to decline, and the body begins to prepare for bed. It relaxes, the nervous system normalizes, and after 22 hours you can safely fall asleep.

Preparing for a sleep

To sleep peacefully, as it was said above, it is worthwhile to prepare competently for rest. By 21 o'clock it is necessary to stop any physical and mental work. If you exercise in the evening, then it is better to finish them up to 20 hours. If you are used to going to bed reading, watching movies, talking on the phone - it is desirable to get rid of these habits.

Means normalizing sleep

Bedroom should set a person solely for relaxation. Making love before bedtime helps to relax and relieve tension. After them, people tend to fall asleep very quickly and sleep soundly.

What should I sleep on?

A healthy sleep largely depends on the properly chosen bed. Surgeons-orthopedists believe that the surface for sleep should be quite rigid, otherwise there is a risk of earning the curvature of the spine. From soft mattresses and huge pillows it is better to refuse. Best of all, when the bed is a thin elastic mattress and a low pillow. It should be of such a height that the head is in line with the body.

It has long been believed that you need to sleep your head to the east. This is the side where the sun rises. Then it will be easy to fall asleep, the dream will be strong, and the dreams pleasant.


When answering a question about how to normalize sleep, it is worth mentioning the problem of nutrition. The last meal should be done 2-3 hours before bedtime. In addition, the sooner you have dinner, the better your body will rest.

Walk before bedtime

If it turned out that the dinner still falls out for a later time, and you can not give it up because of a strong sense of hunger, try not to be too high-calorie and plentiful. Remember that for normal life, the body needs much less food than we "want with our eyes."Before going to bed, this rule is especially important. Therefore, instead of heavy protein food, choose a light carbohydrate. All of us from childhood remember the saying, which says that dinner should be given to the enemy. And this is absolutely the right expression.

Alcohol and caffeine

These substances are not recommended at all, especially at bedtime. Alcohol immediately after the delivery causes sleep and relaxation, but after a while it causes a strong excitement. As for caffeine, it is better to avoid consuming it in the afternoon. It is important to note that caffeine is present not only in coffee. It is also in tea, chocolate, cola and many painkillers. There are people who go to sleep after coffee or tea, but this is a rare exception.

It will be much more useful to drink calming herbal tea before going to bed. For these purposes, such grasses as chamomile, mint, hops, melissa, valerian are excellent. It has long been thought that a glass of warmed milk with a tablespoon of honey dissolved in it helps to sleep well. Maybe it is, but milk is more caloric for eating than for drinks. And what to do with food in the evening, we have already discussed.

A few more tips

Before going to bed it will be very useful to take a warm shower, and preferably a bath. It is important that the water is warm or even slightly hot. Fans of a contrast and cold shower should wait until the morning. Cold water invigorates, and hot calms and adjusts the body to rest.

Head to the east

It is not superfluous to walk before going to bed on fresh air. Walking before going to bed will help to digest the supper faster, to satiate the lungs with oxygen and to make the body tedious. As a result, you will fall asleep quickly, and sleep will be stronger.

The bedroom should be well ventilated. In summer it is generally recommended not to close the window at night. The temperature of the air in the bedroom should be 18-20 degrees.

Positive attitude of

When you are ready for bed and lie down, watch your thoughts. It is important to remove all negative from them. All the bad things that happened today, let it stay in this day. A good, on the contrary, you need to remember and praise yourself for it. Set yourself up positively and set clear goals for the future. Then you will calmly fall asleep and with pleasure wake up to start a new fruitful day.


Understanding how to normalize sleep, you can draw the following conclusions. First, sleep is an extremely important physiological process that can not be neglected. Secondly, the quality of sleep is much more important than quantity. Therefore, for a dream to be healthy, it is important to competently prepare for it. It's not at all difficult, just make some changes to your usual schedule.

What causes lack of sleep

Having done this, you will begin to wake up with pleasure and start a new day cheerfully and cheerfully. You do not need to drink more coffee in the morning and all day off work. That's what makes a healthy dream!