Can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst: recommendations

In recent years, the number of diagnosed cases of gynecological neoplasms has been increasing. Some people associate this with ecology. Others believe that much depends on the way of life. The reasons for the appearance of tumors may be mass. Many representatives of the fairer sex raise the question: Can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst? Often, women do not even suspect the presence of such a pathology. It is found only after a survey of infertility. Is it really hopeless? Let's try to figure out whether it's possible to get pregnant with an ovarian cyst and what you need to do for this.

Can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst?

General concept of cyst

Before answering an exciting question, it is necessary to define the pathology. A cyst is a benign( less often malignant) tissue tumor, in this case ovaries. It can be innate and acquired, functional and permanent.

A cyst is a kind of bubble, a chamber that is filled with liquid. Depending on the type of tumor, the internal contents will be different. So, dermoid cysts contain hair, mucus and even nails. Endometriomas have a viscous bloody mucus of brown color and so on. To find out with which cyst you are dealing with, you need to turn to a gynecologist and undergo a survey.

Pregnancy and functional cysts

If a follicular cyst of the right ovary is found, can I get pregnant? This type of tumor is often enough. Normally, several cycles per year in a woman may result in follicular cysts. The reason for their formation is always different: taking medications, diseases, stress, hormonal failure and so on.

The follicular cyst is the same follicle, only in this case it is large. If at the right time the vial does not burst and does not release the egg, it continues to grow for a while. As a result, an ovarian cyst is formed. Most often it happens on the right.

Can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst in this situation? The answer to this question will be rather negative. A large follicle clutters itself with the reproductive organ. Education does not allow growing and maturing new cells. Consequently, ovulation does not occur. While there is a follicular cyst in the ovary, any attempts to conceive a child turn out to be unsuccessful. But do not get frustrated ahead of time. More often such neoplasms pass independently within 2-3 cycles. If this does not happen, the doctor prescribes hormonal therapy, after which the pregnancy occurs in a short time( in the absence of other problems).

Can I get pregnant after an ovarian cyst?

Yellow body cyst

Can I get pregnant with a left ovarian cyst if it is formed due to ovulation? Such a vial is called the yellow body. It appears immediately after the rupture of the follicle and is the source of progesterone. Each pregnant woman in the ovary has a yellow body. At large sizes it is called a cyst. In this there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, such education contributes to the onset of pregnancy.

The yellow body cyst disappears on its own in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the placenta takes care of itself. Whether it is possible to become pregnant with such neoplasm? Of course, yes!

can I get pregnant with a cyst of the left ovary

Endometriosis and cysts

Can I get pregnant with an endometrioid ovarian cyst? Doctors are inclined to believe that the probability of conception in such a pathology tends to zero. Endometriosis is recognized as an insidious disease. In the early stages, this pathology can be asymptomatic. Later, she gives the woman a great discomfort, accompanied by pain, bleeding, the formation of an adhesion process and the growth of cysts. During endometriosis, the mucous membrane of the uterus grows beyond its limits. Often the formation of a cyst in the ovary does not allow the follicles to grow. If ovulation does occur, the pathologically overgrown endometrium knocks the egg out of order and prevents it from descending the fallopian tube into the uterus. At an endometriosis the probability of an ectopic pregnancy is great.

Can I get pregnant with a right ovarian cyst?

Dangerous neoplasms

Can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst( mucinous, carcinoma, dysherminoma, teratoma)?These tumors are considered the most dangerous. There is a high probability of their degeneration into cancer. In the same list, some experts also refer to the endometrioid cyst. But the latter is easier to detect and cure.

Theoretically, pregnancy with the described cysts is possible. But with a large tumor size it will be difficult. In addition, no doctor can predict how the cyst will behave during the gestation period. Perhaps, it will start to grow and there will be a threat to the life of a woman. With the same probability, the cyst may decrease in size. In any case, if dangerous ovarian cysts are detected, doctors recommend that the treatment be carried out, and only after the convalescence proceed with pregnancy planning.

Polycystic ovary

Can I get pregnant with a cyst of the right ovary? As you already know, follicular cysts due to incomprehensible reasons till now are more often formed from this side. Sometimes they are found in large numbers. In this situation it is a question of a polycystosis.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy are almost incompatible. This conclusion is explained as follows. In polycystosis, the ovary cavity is filled with small follicles, which began to grow, but at a certain point they ceased to develop. They can not release an egg and do not let new bubbles form. Over time, the envelope of such an ovary becomes sufficiently dense and turns into a capsule. In this circumstance, pregnancy is simply impossible.

can I get pregnant with an endometrioid ovarian cyst?

Good result: feedback from

Despite all the described situations, there are exceptions to the rules. If you study the reviews of patients, you can find successful results. Such cases can be called happy.

Some women managed to become pregnant with an endometrioid ovarian cyst. At the same time, during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, the disease regresses completely. There are representatives of the weaker sex who endured and gave birth not only with dangerous cysts, but also laboratory confirmed malignant tumors. This is a rather risky decision.

General recommendations

What should I do to get pregnant with an ovarian cyst? The main recommendations of specialists completely depend on the nature of the tumor and its size. If this is a functional cyst in a single specimen, physicians are advised to wait time. If after three cycles it does not disappear, then you need hormonal therapy.

When a dangerous cyst or endometriosis is detected, surgical treatment is strongly recommended. Laparoscopy is often chosen for this purpose. After surgery, the woman is prescribed restorative therapy and hormonal correction. Further recommendations for planning pregnancy are given after receiving the results of histology. With a positive outcome, a child can be conceived for 2-3 cycles.

The dermoid cyst occupies a separate place. This education is innate. If it remains in the same size for several years and does not cause any inconvenience to the woman, then it is possible not to remove it. In this pregnancy is not contraindicated and is quite likely. If there is no positive result during the half-year of planning, the gynecologist reconsiders the question of surgical removal of the dermoid cyst.

the follicular cyst of the right ovary can I get pregnant

Instead of concluding

, you already know whether you can get pregnant after an ovarian cyst or with it. If you have found a tumor, then first you need to find out its appearance and determine the size, behavior. Further individual recommendations will be given to you by a gynecologist. Be healthy!