Liquid for electronic cigarettes Odyssey - a proprietary line of mixes from the British company

British production has always guaranteed high quality. This applies to absolutely all spheres. The English liquid for electronic cigarettes Odyssey is an additional confirmation. It has excellent quality. Although this is not surprising, because the process of its production is controlled by a British company with the world name Totally Wicked. Buy the same products from the line Odyssey can be in the digital boutique

Features Odyssey

The liquid for electronic cigarettes from this branded line is different from the rest of the Totally Wicked product. Its main feature is that it does not belong to the premium segment. This has a favorable effect on the cost of the liquid. It can be done by absolutely all vapers. And although this production belongs to the pre-premium segment, it has the highest quality. This combination is ideal for a wide range of steamers.

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The main advantages of

Many vapers want a liquid for electronic cigarettes to buy from this British brand. This is explained by the large number of advantages of this product. These include:

  • an acceptable cost;
  • British production;
  • high quality;
  • presence of aromas simulating alcoholic beverages;
  • availability of classical tobacco flavors.

All this makes the liquid from Odyssey an ideal choice for steamers.

Wealth of flavors

The liquid for electronic cigarettes from the proprietary Odyssey lineup can even surprise an experienced viper with a wealth of all kinds of flavors. It perfectly combines bright and fresh fruit flavors, unusual combinations and classic tobacco flavors. And the main highlight of the line are mixes, which resemble the most popular alcoholic beverages. Some of these tastes deserve special attention.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes from the proprietary Odyssey line

1. Mojito. Perhaps the most popular taste of the entire line of Odyssey. Such a great demand for this fragrance is due to the huge popularity of the cocktail, on the basis of which it was created. This cocktail is appreciated all over the world, including in England. Therefore, it is understandable that the liquid for electronic cigarettes with such a flavor entered this line.

2. Woo Woo. Another popular flavor, created on the basis of the famous German cocktail. An interesting combination of peach schnapps and Morse from cranberries will not appeal to everyone. But lovers will appreciate this taste.

3. Cuba Libre. This liquid for electronic cigarettes Odyssey , which was created on the basis of modern cocktail classics, will be to the liking of absolutely everyone. Inhaling the aroma of Cuba Libre, the wyper will plunge into an atmosphere of freedom and unrestrained energy.

4. Cherry Supreme. The cherry flavor has always been in great demand among the vapers. So his hit in the Odyssey lineup is completely justified.

The presence of such original and interesting flavors makes the liquid for electronic cigarettes from this British line the best choice for a large number of steamers. Especially it will be appreciated by connoisseurs of all kinds of cocktails.